The Rules

I needed to record at least ONE song before I went to bed on Friday, for a year.

The song could be recorded at 1 AM on Saturday and released at 3 in the morning. As long as I hadn’t gone to sleep on Friday, it counted. I say this in the songs towards the end of the project but to reiterate, I succeeded.

I could only use beats from the current Freestyle Friday thread on Reddit.

I couldn’t go back and chose beats from a previous thread or any other place beats live. Throughout the year, I posted all these releases in the “Freestyle Friday” threads.

If I recorded more than four bars to a song I had to finish the song and release it.

This rule is a little more fluid. It’s intended to prevent me from shelving songs I don’t deem worthy of release for any number of reasons. A habit which has resulted in a giant catalog of unreleased material over the years. Here, I only stopped four or five songs after starting them.

Each song had to be at least two minutes long.

My best friend and frequent collaborator, Charles, gave me the idea for this one. Early on, I was entering into cyphers where I was only allowed to record one 16 bar verse to be judged on. Charly said as soon as he was getting into the vibe of those songs, they were over. Charly’s a LOT taller than me so when he says he wants longer songs, he gets longer songs.

I couldn't allow rap to take over my life and I had to maintain healthy relationships.

This was a learning from past mistakes kind of thing. It’s far harder for me to walk away from the mic and go upstairs than it is to come up with a bunch of silly words to rhyme about.


How long have you been rapping?

I wrote my first ever rap in ’96 and I know that because it was a diss against the Colorado Avalanche hockey team during their rivalry with the Red Wings.

Why aren't you famous?

EXACTLY!. Honestly, I would say something based in fear and lack of ambition/talent.

What is Esidarap? 2nd Kitchen Sounds? 2nd Kitchen Sessions? Hit or Miss?

“2nd Kitchen Sessions” is the collection of songs from this year long project. 2nd Kitchen Sounds is the name of my recording space in the basement. Esidarap is the record label that represents me. I’m also the sole owner and artist on the label. Hit or Miss is the name of my mixing and mastering company. 

What is Spice Droppers?
Spice Droppers is a youtube cooking show I’m a co host of that Charly from Charly And The Tall dreamed up. It’s intended to share our love of cooking with new comers to the home cooking game. When I stopped rapping, I needed something to be creative in. that was cooking. I watched cooking shows with my dad when I was a kid and have always enjoyed learning new flavor combos and eating as exotically as I can.
What does "We do two then we out" mean?
This is the question I get asked most often. It’s something I started saying after I’d reached the two minute song length benchmark my buddy Charly set for me. “Two” in this context refers to a measurement of time and not an amount of songs recorded. Or, it could mean whatever you want.
Did you ever get writers block and if so how did you deal with it?

Short answer, no. Never writers block. I record the lines and build as I go so I only need one small idea to get started. To add, there were only a few times I can think of when Friday rolled around and I wasn’t excited to rap.