Big ups to my wife Jackson. She is extremely supportive of everyone’s creative endeavors, not just mine. But I am forever grateful and excited that I get to share life so closely with such a smart, thoughtful, funny, insightful and inspiring person. Thank you for all the hard work you put in on this project. Love you!


Shoutout to winebelly_! When I checked out her Instagram I loved everything she was doing. I commissioned her to do a piece for our anniversary. Or it might have been a different holiday. I don’t remember but the piece was super dope. I encourage you to check her out.


Thank you to Charles and Emily for all of our Zoom meetings during lock down.


Thank you again to Charles for holding the bestie spot down in my top eight. For sharing the love of cooking with the world. For being a dope musician, collaborator and for helping train Hazel how to interact with tall, aggressive, intimidating men.


Thank you Lindsay at BlackStar Communications for holding down the marketing and copy expertise. You’ve helped so much with my releases in the last year. It’s great working with you!


Few names: Davis, Stevie Sundae, Lauren, Athena Poetry, DarcYLand, WerkingDad, Charlie Tring, willdeebeats, Nicky Spacebum, Estepax, Julien, Bonafide, Toroweins, MUSALI, D.A.R.E.I.S., Aeons Elevator, Mothbox, Marcel, TrusT, CATZ, Jball, Dirty Redd, Chalk, Majick Beats, vro kid, mthi, Saikoh Beats, Triz Nathaniel, tbriz, sharp_prod, Bjorn Vader, QB Bills, Rory Butler, Curt & Carri, Holly & Dan, Tyler & Sean, Sean & Shiori, Virginia, Sonya, Alison & Andy, Dana, Cedric, Nate, James, Scott, Jesse, Louis, Ryan, Jevon, Brett, Oksana, Tony, Shane, Michael, Chad, and Lin-Manuel Miranda


Thank you to all my colleagues that have supported me.


Thank you to anyone who listens to any of these songs at all or peruses the stats page. I hope you have fun and find some enjoyment out of them. This was a passion project and it took a lot of people to bring it together.