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April 2021

1. Freestyle Friday 4 16

We’re off and this is it…

Package it up and ship it
Package it up and send it
Package it up and send it
Just made my nephew a birthday present
With my wife
We’re both very artistic
I started gifted
Pardon my business
But I get to the heart of the business
Before I started to harvest the sickness
Far in the distance you can see me coming
Cuz I’m roamin
Probably on my phone when I’m away from home ‘n
Rollin tryin to find the ocean
She’s not pregnant but she’s glowin
I know when I go in I’m slow when
I haven’t done this in awhile but that’s what they all say
To save face
Catch me at the park or in the hallway
All day walkin at Belle Isle at the Dossin Museum
I’m awesome and seein people call me appealing
Is really cool
I’ve been a silly fool since the kiddy pool
Dissin school
Never really knew what I was getting to
Still I’m great
Been that way since Will and Grace
Diggin crates kickin tapes
I set the pace
I keep it moving while you standing still
I’m a mix between Cam and Phil
Why don’t you grab a pamphlet
Shake my hand and chill
From the Pampers till I’m chewing on them cancer pills
I demand to build
Like Vanderbuilt I be old as shit
Not that old but I know my shit
I’m so legit
And I don’t quit
I don’t know what that means though
I’m not very good at the language
ABC Yooooo
So far this has been all luck
Watch me hit 75 home runs and get called up
Now I’m on a bus around the country making money
And it’s funny because I never wanted that
I’m a runnin back
On a baseball diamond out of place
Outer space couldn’t even hold me because
I don’t gotta a lotta faith in gravity
Sad to see you’re mad at me
But actually it has to be a casualty
When you try to be attackin me
So just collab with me
We’ll have a feast
Fill up on calories
Then move to the baddest beach
We’ll make a milli then we’ll break the Philly
Sit back and see
Everything that happens when we catch the beast

I’ma stay masked up until I’m vaxed up
Give me my six feet motherfucker back up
You don’t wanna be that whack ass fuck
That wanna get his ass kicked
Hangin with the tall kids
That’s what I do
I gotta buddy that would straight throw you into a wall kid
And that’s the truth
I got protection on the payroll
I break em off with some smoked chicken and eggrolls
I do everything that they say so
And we’re out for the pesos
Case closed
You’re moving slower than a boat with a broken motor
Bring your wife around I’ll fuckin motorboat her
I don’t give a shit how this is going over
I’ll leave you lienin
Like a solar owner
That’s a bit of topical humor
I wouldn’t get that either if I was you
Don’t worry about it
I’m coppin from a boomer in the boonies
Then I’m stopping at Jobbie Nooner
Around noon chompin the boomers
I’m full bloom
A full moon is when I was born
Recently I was torn like “should I do porn?”
All the ladies were like “Yeah for sure you have my support”
Then I picked up the microphone and started to rhyme some more
Driving my Ford down 94
Went in the back door
Laid on the tile floor
Until I surprised the guys in my disguise then applied force
I should try more
This is a lot of fun and what I rhyme for

Huma Lupa…Huma….
We missed it again. We’re gonna do it again.
Huma Lupa Licious on my lips
I’m the shit
Do a little business when I spit
I’m legit and you know it
Tell me just how clear the coast is
Twist up scoliosis and I’m actin like I’m hopeless
But I noticed
Aint never wrote this
Never had no pen or pad and no ghosts kids
I be scary though coming through your stereo
With the hairy flow and the hairy face
I’m already married k?
Just leave me alone run away
I’m done

I could sell Mary K to Mary Kate
There you go that works

We gettin dark and dirty
We gettin dark and dirty
I get it started early
I get it started early

I’m probly watching true crime
I’m super inclined to food time
Draped over my shoulder always is a towel with the blue lines
Whose line is it anyways
Ain’t nobody gonna do it like a do mine
Into a few wines around noon time
Cartoon grind
Stupid unrealistic
Everyone left I’m still in the buildin
Not really relationship driven
Everyone is behind me
As if it’s their favorite position
The dog was like what are you doing?
I said leave me alone because I’m creating shit Blitzen
That’s real silky smooth
It’s what I give to you
It’s just some shit to do
Shit to do
The best at disowning the disowned
The get goin wherever the winds blowin
I get home
Reliving my youth bumping Avenged Sevenfold
Preserving the time like flowers in a resin mold
Money’s all that’s on the schedule
Better work a double shift
Fuck it kid
Double check your bucket list
You don’t wanna come up against this
Thick and hairy
It’s embarrassing
The kind of shit I bury

Uh huh
Horny soldier
Sporting a Stormy Kromer
Over fourty 40 holder
Standing under a warning poster
With a boring story
Waring with the morning sober
I load the car up with some gasoline
On the trailer is a trampoline
I’m in the back relaxing having dreams
Of vast expansive massive NASA magazines
I’m glad to be who I am and that is me
Who? The one who you can’t defeat
Even though you keep challenging
And it seems to be maddening
You when you’re balancing
Everything you have to do and don’t do
Everything you want to do but can’t
I’m into a lot of winnin and wine toastin
They got their hands up like they’re wide open
Now I’ve been known to get it hot quick
Like an Instant Pot, shit
Then I hit the spot, dip
Like I didn’t got, it
Colder than Dippin Dots get
Bumpin the Big and Pac hits
Till my hip is locked shit
You wanna be dissin, not this
Let’s play on the same team
You’re on the payroll
I’m on the same road
You’re on your way home
We’ve got the same goals
We’ve caught the same rope
We’re on the way up
It’s not the same growth
Watch me scrape then break the surface
I slang the turnips if I think it’s worth it
I’m basically a perfect famous person
You’re worthless face it
And you make me work it
I’m great you can’t make me reword it
And I hate everything you say in person
But I stay because the drama is hilarious
It’s probly not worth it
Catch me at the casino
With Matt Reno
Throwing a basket of masks in the back of a black speedboat
That’s action, fashion and the most
Bastion of free hope passion that we know

Big ups to the Queens
Big ups to Jackson
Big ups to Brandon

Growing up not gonna say I had the baddest time
One of my dads was blind and I have a battered spine
We were in the burbs and reclined to pass the time
Never paid my troubles really half a mind
My other dad had a wife
My mamma wasn’t her
Still they came together to see how that love worked
Went pretty well I guess
Mission accomplished
Now she’s got a baby in the tummy
Awe shit
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
Didn’t wanna go and tell his family this surprise kids
About to be out due to his handiwork
So he didn’t tell anybody about me
Not a word
Kept it on the hush
Guess it was the best option
They were religious no abortion so adoption
Funny how they pick and choose different rules
And commandments If they wanna get inside
Each others swimmin suits dammit
That brings me to the blind guy and Marilynn
Who had a spine just like mine
In terrible condition
He couldn’t see a thing
She was all twisted
Still they had compassion and they shared a vision
Brought me home from the foster mother
Moms back was so bad she couldn’t work
Dads got a lot of costs to cover
Went to work
Took the SMART bus there
Woke up early
took his bus fare
Like “what’s fair?”
Definition of perseverance
This persons fearless
They chose to lead
And be everything that we needed near us
Had the shoulders on which they depended
His name is Dennis
Forever grateful I’m able to share the same existence
October 24th 1988
My birthdays in two days
They had started to decorate
My mammas got a doctors appointment in the afternoon
She laid down for a nap
And my grandma gave me some snacks and juice
Went to wake her up when it was time to go
But they couldn’t find a pulse
And for this man who’s never seen anything his whole life
Can’t imagine it getting much darker than that night
Single dad
Blind man
Bologna in the frying pan
I am
Doing every single thing
That I can
Four years old
Helpin him pick out milk from the store
Walkin across Moross in the cold
Still there’s a happy ending to the story
Couple years later he met Donna at a party
They fell in love, they got married, that’s the word
We moved to the burbs then
That’s when we moved to the burbs

2. Get Like Me Prod by Sharp

“A Sharp” out for them C notes
Goin after Bezos with B Holmes
Thanks for the beat yo
Sweet dope all about that Cee Lo Green yo
Whole lotta cheese on this burrito
While you’re at the bar gettin tipsy playing Keno
We be out in Keego Harbor on a speedboat
While you’re watchin stars out on the court out makin free throws
We be with the freak hoes seein if they deep throat
No matter where we are we’re guaranteed to go beast mode
That’s word to my libido driving cars down a ski slope
Stitchin up the flow word to Lilo
We know your resume is thinner than some Philo
I be on that ownership tip never leasehold
Bet I got the speech wrote because I’m the keynote
Welcome to your beach home Tito
Bet that there’s a hurricane as soon as you find the keyhole
Rest in peace Timo
Not talkin bout the rapper
Talkin bout the dog that we know
Like to introduce myself
I go by Benny Holmes or Benny B
I’m good at being better than them at anything and everything
Wearing a wedding ring and never settling
And peddling these lyrics I’m never remembering
I said in things
Ha Yeah
I made it
To the top spot
Where is that?
Right here, where I started at
No, wait a minute
Hold on, is this a gimmick?
What do you mean there’s no freak hoes?
In highschool I was voted most likely to wear free clothes
Sniffin lines of cheap blow
Off of the desk of ociffer Seth
Who would watch us in the lunch room
We were huffin them bus fumes
Challenge a guy to a fight at the end of the street
Until he got there and I realized fighting wasn’t for me

So I stalled
Until Ihit him in the face
With my violin case
Motherfuckers wanna get like me
Motherfuckers wanna get like me

3. Lunch Story Prod by Marcel

Yo let me tell you this story
The story of lunch the other day

So I got a friend her names Claudia
She sent me an email and said
Yo I’m having a really bad day
And I’d like to talk to ya
I said “sure.
Where do you wanna meet?”
She said “how about by the stairs?”
I said “I’ll be there around three”
So we met up
We walked downstairs
I said “what’s goin on?”
She said “I’m just fed up”
We went outside grabbed a couple of chairs
To sit and chat
This and that
I said “Hey, how can I help?
She said “Well, where do I start?
In my class, there’s this guy named Mark
And he’s a bit of an ass. I don’t really care for
How he addressed me.”
I said “over what?”
She said “Well, let’s see.
You know how I study history for a living?
Well he was kinda dissin me.
I shouldn’t let it get to me.
But him and me have some kind of
Tumultuous energy.”
I said “oh no”
She said “Wait. I gotta go warm up my plate”
So she went inside
Two minutes later Mark walked out like “Hi”
Now, Mark’s my man I think he’s cool
I’ve known him from way back he’s my dude
So he walked up said
“Hey Ben, what are you doin?”
I said “Nothin just chewin my food n… you?”
He said “Hey, could I eat with you? I could sit here.”
I said “No this COVID shit is crazy.
Why don’t you pull up a chair. Right over there.”
So he sat

We started having a chat
Chit chattin
Then Claudia came back
And looked me in my eyes like
“What happened?”
Mark spoke up he said
“Claudia’s pissed at me because
I was kinda dissin her history
She thinks I was causing her misery.”
Claudia said “You were! And this isn’t a big mystery.
They argued back and forth for a minute
They disagreed to disagree
And then they both left and I ate lunch by myself
April uh 30th two thousand twenty one
That’s a diary entry
And I’m bout to send this song to both of them right now

May 2021

4. Social Butterfly prod by FrankVapor

Looks like there’s a rapper shortage
A bunch of dads that can’t afford it
A bunch of mothers wishin that they had abortions
Now they mad distorted
Sad and mournin
There’s no comin back from that
It’s that enormous
Sometimes I
Wonder why
I’m such a social butterfly
Flappin my wings
Until I’m done and tired
Gotta go somewhere alone
To recharge
Don’t be mad at me
I’d rate this course about three stars
The battery is low
Feel like I’m floatin
Cuz the gravity is slow
Ain’t nobody holdin out
For the fallacy of hope
When I walk through the door
Gotta tell the truth more
This is how we lose the war
You don’t wanna take a bet
When it’s decided already
You won’t be makin it
It isn’t makin sense
To sit and wait in line for your greatest gift
You’re better off just reachin out and takin it

I wanted it
I wanted to get it
I got it
I did it
Now it’s done (x2)
I wanted to get it
But I didn’t
Now it’s still done
I wanted it
I wanted to get it
I didn’t
It’s in the past

There ain’t no microphones in the past homie
Don’t play so conservative with your hand homie
Wanna get a dance going
Gotta make a move
There on the offensive
While you’re standin still
Like the damn goalie
Can’t train what you can’t teach
Can’t teach class
Can’t be late to class
If you’re trying to teach
I drive a windy street
Until I find a beach
Implant myself in the sand
Until it’s time to leave
Yes it is kind of me
To honor you enough to show up
When we had planned a time to meat
all I ask for in return is honesty
You can be busy as you gotta be
Just talk to me
I get it
Lord knows I get it
You got a lot goin on
But if I spend one more lunchtime
Browsin reddit by myself
When you set a time to meet up
I’m gonna say awe forget
Ya’ll regret it because I’m the one
Think about it
You meant this much to me
And I can still up and leave
I’m a social butterfly don’t fuck with me
I’m a butterfly don’t fuck with me

5. Anger Prod by Mothbox

They always said I had a big heart that was never the issue
Before I could form words I knew that I missed you
Before I could walk I would crawl
Before then I would sit and soak up my surroundings
Wonder who got to take care of it all
Knew when it was my opportunity I would relish it
And hold it close and never harbor selfish sentiments
Be selfless for everybodies development
Then they told me I wasn’t keeping up by how they measure it
That scared mom and dad
They didn’t have to say it I could tell they were sad
By their faces and the way that they would change in their stance
When I would make a mistake and they would say it was okay
But I could tell they were mad
If I could take it back to when things were normally cool
Sometimes I don’t feel totally in control of my mood
I remember the way the days would go before I had to show up to school
Cause when I go in they’re cruel
I can say a joke and they’ll laugh
But I know it’s not the punchline that it’s directed at
I figure that it’s me
Because I’m different and to everybody else here
It’s plain to see
Insecurity knows no age
I just want to stay at home in bed for the whole day
I don’t want friends
The ones I make just go away
For one reason or another
I thought this was gonna be such a dope place
I just gotta get outta my helmet
I’m already outta my element
I’m only seven can
This get better when
It does could I be the first person it benefits
All the things in my vision is scaring me
Everything I do is so embarrassing
I love my family because they’re there for me
From the doctor to occupational therapy
I really dislike the way people stare at me
When I’m out in public I know that they’re hearin me
Cause my words sound different, they sound funny
Why couldn’t I been one that hit the ground running
My empathy is dying and it’s slowly gone
I threw a temper tamper on my homies lawn
His mamma came out told me to beat it
Said don’t make me repeat it
Cause you’re scaring my only son
I have some negative thoughts festering
Sometimes I let my anger get the best of me
But I’m only 17 so
I’ve got a lot of room to grow
Let’s see what happens
When we let it go
I got goals that I set for myself
As I grow older I hope to better myself
Maybe go to college
Where I’ll rent a house
And when I graduate
I’ll find a place to settle down
I’m really hoping that it truly gets better
Cause this weather
Couldn’t get any worse than this ever
It’s good because we only have up to go
I love you all
Keep my vision full of positive thoughts
Positive views
Gotta make moves gotta make due
Until I’m on the move
Your story I’m following you
I’m the proudest of you
And if you can’t tell it
Then it’s something Im gonna do

I love ya’ll

I love ya’ll


6. So Do We Prod by 1bmel

As time moves on
So do we
So do we
As time moves on
So do we
So do we

We spent a lot of time in that room together
We passed a lot of tests we worked to get better
We pursued endeavors that you wouldn’t ever
Have chased on your own
Me neither but it’s whatever
In a second now it’s gone and we’re all happy
Not completely
They call my name and start golf clapping
A moment as sweet as this
I wish I could savor like some salt taffy
Hindsight it looks all candy
But I understand it couldn’t have been
We had to work hard to prepare for such a soft landing
On the other side after we let each other go
Hoping that the other was as comfortable
We’ll be right back
If either one of us has questions
Maybe with an answer
Probably just with a guess
And if it ever gets to the point
Of making suggestions again
Changing the past isn’t something I’d wanna do
Cause it led to me being right here
Right now
And look who I’m talkin to

As time moves on
So do we
So do we
As time moves on
So do we
So do we

7. Reset Prod by TrusT Beats

I like the women with the round booties
They got me feelin like I found jewelry
Five pound boobies
Whatever you want I make it sound soothing
Better believe I hit the ground moving
Now tuning into your favorite station
A thousand movies that you wanna watch
On your day off from the offices
All this is is a littler perseverance and confidence
I got this shit
Jumped off the ship and caught a fish
Bare handed
Shot em with their cannon
Killed em where they’re standin
Nothin but scare tactics
Jumped on a horse and bare backed it
All across the beach
What more do you want from me
Is this what we’re callin free
Majestic, I’ve set this table a thousand times
I’m able to say when it rhymes
And when it doesn’t cousin
Do you wanna bust it
Up in the hives with a bunch of bees buzzin
I’m relaxed when I practice the action
No accents a fraction of time that I’m rappin
They’re clappin
I’m vaxed and back with a mask and a hat
They’re so back when like a fax
When the happened to have it
I happily go halves halves when I have it
I don’t have shit
But when I do it’s because I be on the move
And you just be standin still
Everybodies on a roll when they’re goin down a hill
But I go up it
I’m like fuck it
If you wanna keep it goin I can bust it
Voodoo Ranger what I’m sippin on
Who knew danger’s what you didn’t want
New new gamers what I’m grippin on
New blue flame is what I’m fin to slung
Who knews name is what I’m gettin done
And now it’s over with
I’m so sober it’s
Against the odds
Gimme all your poker chips
What it is what it do
I’m never tellin the truth
When I step in the booth
And then I sell it to you
It’s irrelevant dude
Used to think my shit didn’t stink
Now I guess I’m elephant poop
The smell is prevalent too
I’m so much better than you
Celebate proof
My wife looks just like Penelope Cruz
I’m in a decadent mood
I reckon this set is a lesson for you
My suggestion is it’s better to move
Defacin men
While I’m playin Phase 10 in the basement
Remain patient stop hatin
Bet I’m acin all these tests I’m takin
Never pacin
Dedication instead of vacation
Our celebrations are at different elevations
MCs stick to my nuts like my leg skin
It’s gettin late Ben
Gotta go

8. Grand Rapids With The Queens Prod by Jball

We’re stayin home. My wife has an art show that she’s gonna absolutely kill it at.
So what I did, is I made a little rap about what we would do in Grand Rapids if we were all together. And here it is.

This is the story of Charly and Emily
Two best friends and never enemies
In Grand Rapids on a vacay
Livin their best life on weekend play date

First we went to Meijer Gardens
I gotta tell you it was Frederick
The one that had it started
Wanna take time to smell the flowers
That’s the plan
Saw the Devos name
Entered the threshold to Japan
On such a nice day I spent with my true bestie
I couldn’t forget the bull we saw with the huge testes

Next up on our list of things to do
As two queens
You know we hit up the zoo
It was really makin us happy
When we saw the Chimpanzees standing
We started clapping
Couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do instead
We fed the Spider Monkeys little bits of fruits and veg
We saw some penguins that were stayin really cool
And a brown bear that was layin in a pool

I was adamant we had to hit
450 Madison
One of the main reasons that I planned the trip
I was overjoyed I mean boy what a sight
To stumble upon a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Even though we couldn’t go inside today
Gotta say it must have been nice
To be Meyer May
I honestly wish it was my life
Everything would be so bright
With 108 windows and skylights

Of course it wouldn’t be an official Michigan resident
If I failed to stop by the museum of the president
Grand Rapids the city where the star was born
As a hardcore fan of Gerald R Ford
We took our time, no need for a speedy route
Reading up about how he used to be an Eagle Scout
Were on a steady course
Heading towards the wedding for our friends
Afterwards we’ll probly check into the Betty Ford

Honestly, I’ve gotta say that I loved it
At the Grand Rapids museum that’s opened to the public
It was great to find these
Store fronts reconstructed from the 1890’s
It makes me so thankful of this new world
We livin in after hittin up 272 Pearl
I learned a lot about the Anishinabek
Who are natives of the state of Michigan
And lived in the West

Even though it was raised high
We leaping the bar
Leavin the bar
Headed over to the museum of art
1 Monroe Center Northwest
10 dollars gets you admitte no stress
Nowadays you know the Queens
All about goin green
So it was great to see
The building is Gold certified by LEED
If before today you didn’t know what that meant it’s fine
LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

See we are
Cruising in a speedy car
Tires spinnin like a CD-R
Mother nature
Bet I’m pumped like some CPR
1715 Hillburn A-V-E G.R.
I’m not talking your everyday everyday hamster
143 acre property belongs to Blanford
While we’re riding on this big rock as passengers
I’m inspired to live as a wildlife ambassador
Takin in all types of animals and keeping ‘em comfy
Whether they got some broken wings or maybe a bum knee

Speaking of fish ladders
Oh yeah we hit up the fish ladder
It was the talk around the whole town
Big chatter
Over on Grand River
Made our way down
The steps it was perfect
Just in time to see the salmon, trout
and steelhead
reinvent themselves going to spawn
Thank you Joseph Kinnebrew
Your artwork is the bomb
It was gettin late
We hit up Brewery Vivant
Where we dressed up
And took a selfie for our moms
The next day it was the weddin
Have to say it was beautiful what a settin
I’ll never be forgettin it
All the memories
Grand Rapids with the Queens

10. When They Call

I got a three day weekend because I work in an office now
While all my parents want to talk about is when I was droppin out
A lot of people around me think I’m awesome now
Pick it out the queue evaluate it then call it out
I talk professionally when I have to
And when I don’t I’m usually talking at you
That’s the truth
As the news
Comes and goes
How we stay so humble though
That’s the secret to the sauce
How you get those lovers shown
Trust me I’ve had a lot
Of time in this messy mind
To come up with secrets
And memories that I better hide
A lot of people that saw my ego
Got left behind
Makin music
I will never die
Let them down before
More than once or twice
Didn’t listen
When they’d come to give me some advice
Nothins different
And we’re lovin life
Everything is wonderful
And the sun is bright

So when they call me bet I answer like I’m happy
Just to keep em movin just to keep em smilin you know
That when they call me bet I answer like I’m happy
Even if I don’t know what they gonna say yet
And when they call me bet I answer like I’m happy
Just to keep em comin back for more
When they call me bet I answer like I’m happy
I just hope they’re happy I just hope they’re happy

Let’s be honest with each other
I’m a D bag
Uh huh
Walk up in the mall
Shoutin “where my JEANS at?”
I’m so over the feedback
Scrollin through the comments like
Ha I don’t need that
But I do though
It’s true though
I don’t mean that
I’m so relaxed
In my D-O-P-E hat
Just loungin in a bean bag
Got em lookin out for me
Like I’m a speed trap
I need rap
That’s the truth
It’s my release hatch
I showed Jackson the first verse
She said I seemed sad
So I’m turnin it around baby
Look at all this green grass
And it’s on our side this time
Nothin that a little far car ride couldn’t get behind
I’m all about mental health
Mental wealth
Doin whatever it takes to help yourself
Not everyones gonna love your style
Ignore the haters
Be sure to look out for yourself
Before your neighbors
I’ve been places
That I’ve been impressed with
And I’ve got a lot of love in my life that I’m blessed with
I’ve got a lotta love in my heart that I’m left with
Basically I’ve got an overabundance of all the best shit
Is this the precipice
I hope not cuz I got a whole lot left to get
Thank you
For all the messages and well wishes
And I wish you well on this

11. Ancient Cow Prod by 3011

Honestly I cant help if you start to hate it
Its art and basically marketed as shards of faded
Garbage makeshift parchment placed with
Tarnished safe pins
Either it’s flat
Or it’s over carbonated
Carve the playlist
Into your car and take it
To a far and vacant
Bar to play with
Arm the vagrants
With alarms and bass kicks
To start to say shit
To em as if they
Aren’t the latest
Stark adjacent star
In placement to harder
Face hits
Spark the vape kids
Dont listen
Listen to that though
I’ve gotten fat so
This fatso lassoed a grass grown
Brass throne for my ass so
When at home I can go
Back knowing a black hole
Will engulf me as shown
In a portrait by Van Gough
I’m in the last zone
I’m faded now
Still holy like an ancient cow
I wanna see how this one playin out
I’m not profound
You build it bet I come and knock it down
Plus my spit is fresher than Binaca now
You cant see me with binocs around
Uh yeah
I’m rappin in my slippers
I’m fappin to your sister
I’m vapin in the basement
And I’m passion to the pictures
They all wanna snap me I’m the victor
And they know it and you know it too
I grow with you
Like we go way back
You can catch me
Right around ‘98 that
Same rap
8 track mixtape
ADAT recorded the date that
Didn’t know I could say that
Straight facts yo I could ace that
Test or I could get 98 percent
Or I could do anything but fail it
Because it’s unfailable
They ask whats up with me
I said I’m available
I’ma stay in for days
Or I’ma take in the rays
Or I’ma rap some bars
Like Zay in the Cave
Don’t know why I’m behaving this way
Takin it day by day
One day at a time
Creating a wave
Embracin the change
Can’t wait for the wake
Raisin the wage
Layin awake
With my face in a page
Creating is great at erasing the hate
Especially when you’re great at creating
And have taste

12. No No Call No Shows Prod by Pico Panesa

Oh I immediately love this
Hahaha yeah
It feels good
It’s summer time
And we love you
I’m on my two a days
Comin with that new edition
Trust me I’ve got food to make
Back up on my moola mission
I could do the dishes
Or I could be the chef
And you never knew the difference
Did it? Tell the truth
And when it doesn’t hit
It doesn’t get any better than this
And if it did it doesn’t but if it did
It would’ve been gotten round the ship already
Steady with the hand is the way that you hold the sword
Theres more to plan
The more you stay in doors
The more you wanna make it yours
I take the force and make a great debate
For what you’re payin for
I lay the boards
And they just stay divorced
This is my favorite course
Of course I’d say I’d make it yours
Ignore the blatant basic pour
I basically afford the torch
To create it and make the store
I will always hate the stork
I prefer the pace of more
I secure the flavors for
All your tailor made smores
I be on the player court
This is a spectator sport
Disses? Is this how you really wanna go create rapport?
No, it can’t be really
You have to understand me silly
As a chef I’m just givin you somethin to come get
My turn times stupid low on some dumb shit
This is the season
It’s more than a feelin
Can’t stop believin
We havin a party baby
Go put the leaf in
We got a lotta friends
We got a lotta logs
We throw em on the fire
Until we’re knoddin off
Your glasses look a little low
Let me top em off
If you’re not able to wake up in the mornin call your boss (x12)
But don’t go blamin this on us

June 2021

13. #3 Produced by Majick

Majick birthed the beat

And ya’ll about to watch me handle it perfectly

I’m on a roll, you get a brand new verse from me

On Thursday, because Friday 6/4 is my anniversary

We’re all fans of Curren$y in one form or another

I got the pants and shirts on fleek

They’re about to get worn to supper

It’s about to get warm this summer

I’m about to start a war this summer

About to explore this summer

They about to get four in this summer

I can handle it

I told them I can handle it

I’m all that and a bag of chips

Ask me where the rabbit is

The magic tricks are in the hat with the cannabis

I’m the candidate the band’ll get behind

And stand and sit across the campuses

They’re all the fans of his outlandishness

And that’s the plan of his

Back to our lovin relationship

Gotta give love to the one that supports all the basement trips

And the way it is, the belated kisses

And all the late nights when I stay in this

Zone that I’m in

And I say that I’m this and I say that I’m that

And I say that I’m fat

And you stay anyway

And you make me successful

You make me feel great when you’re playin my raps

Even when you can hear every mistake that I’m makin

And take after take when I play it

I take it up stairs and you play it then say that I slayed it

I feel like I made it

It could be you and me alone in the living room and I feel like I’m famous

You’re the greatest

And I want to make every year painless

Everything stainless

Everyday rainless

That’s what my aim is

And you know I aint just sayin this to be sayin it

I love that you’re so creative

You’re the smartest and hardest working artist I know

Watch as we grow

Watch as we go

Watch as we tackle the obstacles

Nights at the hospital, nothing is possible

When I’m with you I feel exactly opposite

I’m so optimistic that we got lots to go

Damn with the stamina

And with the pandemic

Handled it

And with the damages

Managed to bandage ourself out the ambulance

All the advantages fall to the amateurs

And they be readin up

And they be following and they retweetin us


Check out our Instagram

We be eatin stuff


14. Pills prod by Chalk

I’m chemically dependent (x11)

This mornin I woke up with a nosebleed
Nothin different
Probly the third time this whole week
I know the routine
Bent over the sink
Tryin not to wake the wife up
I know what she think
Let me set the scene
Remember 17
Seemed like my whole entire life was ahead of me
Never missed anything we’d watch on MTV
Never fell asleep
But had a whole set of dreams
That’s around the time that this story begins
Felt uncomfortable in my skin
Somebody told me yo buddy there’s a pill for that
I said what and they handed me a silver pack
Trust I was skeptical at first
But anything be better as long as it wasn’t worse
They said believe me yo this’‘ll just calm your nerves
So I popped that lil pill with a gulp of Surge
Have to admit
I was feelin relaxed a bit
Actually sleepy
And I wasn’t a fan of it
I got shit to do today
I got friends that wanna hang
It’s a beautiful Tuesday
On Spring break
I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a nap
I could go out later when we all meet up at Chads
Laid down on the mattress everything faded to black
Woke up in the mornin like what the fuck was that

I’m chemically dependent (x12)
Hi my name is Ben
And I’m chemically dependant
Wanna be my friend

I was around 21 everything was fun
Had a lot of money
And a couple honeys
Sometimes when I left the house I would break them off
Take this put it in your purse until I make the call
But you gotta say that you’re gonna be ready with it
Honestly promise me that I’m never gonna catch you slippin
Cuz when I need it I need it immediately
And if you don’t have it it’s gonna be bad
And go right off the deep end
Outside of a couple close scares
I’ve been able to keep it right by my nasal
For my nose hairs
And I might act like I don’t care
But when I see it I need it
No stoppin me until the cold air

Jesus fucking christ

Now it’s a everyday thing
Need it in my veins thing
Not a plaything
And that’s fucked up
Because the same thing back in the day seemed
Like a daydream now without it can’t get up
I would have to call off work if I didn’t have it
If I couldn’t get anymore then I’d lose my job
Now if that isn’t what you’d call a habit
I don’t know what is but I know that I can’t stop
Life is about balancing
Sometimes when I wake you in the morning
I think you’re mad at me
It’s challenging when battling my allergies
Taking Claritin like heroin for that relief

15. Magic Johnson Gets There Early And Stays Late To Get It

This morning Magic Johnson told me time is a construct
I’d probly believe that if I was him and I was on one
And I was paid to be there as much as he was
We love everything that you’re doin but we don’t get it
I’m sure if we did it
Would be terrific
I’m just tryin to get home
Kickin some big stones all the way there
You’re a clown you’re a big joke
I’m a clown like Fisbo with spray painted gray hair
If you can get it then grab it
If you can’t, throw your tennis racket at it
Throw a temper tantrum and demand it
Has to be delivered back to me
In less than two days
Did you hear Magic today
If ya didn’t gotta pay attention
Time is a construct
If you don’t ride with us your pond scum
If you don’t roll with the keynotes
And get paid C notes
For talkin to people while they get heat stroke
Then you’re nothin and you don’t mean anything to us
If you don’t get it then you ain’t nothin but some dust
If you don’t get it then you ain’t nothin but some fucks
Work harder to get it you fuckin shit heads

16. Outside Prod by Julien

I got a story like a comeback
I’m the one that’s
Been laughin at your dunce cap
Just chillin in my sun hat
Where’s the fun at
They know I like to be where the buzz at
Straight from my tongue shack
Ever since you met me on that one app
We been different forever
And neither of us done that
Gotta lotta love like a Muskrat
I’m from the glove and I love just to bust raps
Here’s some fun facts
They’re some thumb tacks
I’ma hunchback tryin to make his funds back
In a hatchback automatic none of that
You could probly beat me there really if you just run fast
Gotta get that hit that as soon as the blunts passed
Don’t really know the last time I saw a blunt wrap
Taught myself a vision worth stickin to like a gum pack
Found my love early like I was a young dad
Or a runnin back
Runnin right up the middle
With my Forrest Gumpin ass
Thinkin I’ve changed everything
Ain’t done none of that
Still today I’m a rapper turned golfer
Yo show me where the clubs at
You’re the dumb cat
Lookin for somethin to lunge at
We’re the shit buddy
You prolly gotta go plunge that
Pickin at my bus pass
Twirlin up my mustache
We’re nervous a lot
And we like the people who love that

I’d like to stay outside with you
I’d like to stay outside with you some more

I wasn’t always like this
Like this like this
I used to be classic
Un-unlike a Pepsi
I used to be sexier
All the women in the sororities
Were tryin to order me
Like some kind of expensive foreign meat
And that was back back
In the day day
When I used to have have
Bad bad date dates
Now I don’t have
Bad bad day days
Anymore cause everyday is immaculate
Bonfire whole playlist just me
And a little bit of Bun B
Come see somethin hot
Lemonade up in the lunchbox
Lookin like you paid a little visit to the sun god
Really I’m just tryin to share bein free
And book a room at the Dungeon Family AirBnB
And I don’t care who can see
And I don’t care who can not
I’m done bein scared of sharing what is scary to me
I’m out

I’d like to stay outside with you
I’d like to stay outside with you some more

17. Want To Go To The Game Tomorrow prod by Davidamagesu

I already had my chance
This isn’t for no major push
I just make this music on Fridays
To go walk around the neighborhood
With headphones on
At two in the morning and think I’m dope
Like “When is the limousine gunna pull up?”
Huh, I don’t know
Probably any second
Probably any minute
Cuz I wreck every beat that I’m on
And everybody remembers it
Sendin the kids back to latchkey
Happily asking me to rap over their beats again
And then they’re giving dap to me
Actually it’s sad to see
It happens half as much as I thought it would
Back when I was with Ashley
Rapping in the back seat
Rollin Backwoods all up on the back streets
Yeah, peer pressure sucks
Got peer pressured into college
Knowledge doesn’t follow me
Anywhere I go
I have to come up with all of this
All on my own
Supportive, like a grandpa rappin
More than just the last jaw yappin
From Detroit
Never heard me woop woop mother fucker
Got a house
Put a new roof on that mother fucker
Rollin with my dogs
Woof woof mother fucker
If you hate it
It’s du du du du du blucka blucka
Better believe that’s true
No if and when
I can come see it’s you
Dude just can’t win
This is a free to you
Through this cat Ben
Fuck up watch me on an episode of Jim Can’t Swim
Walk around can’t think can’t stare
Wanna cut off all my hair
Can’t wear anything that I want to
Want to go to the game tomorrow?

18. We Went To The Game prod by SickVisionz

The number one takeaway from the game today
Is we gotta create the pace in a major way
Base by base makin away
With the away teams saving grace
Takin names keepin score
Until we shake hands
Face by face plant every other day that
Same flat conversation
Enters into space that
Doesn’t even wanna occupy the same existence
Thank you all for stoppin by but what the fuck is this

I hope your legs grow together
And your dick is replaced with an eggplant
I hope your legs grow together and your dick is replaced with an eggplant
I hope your legs grow together and your dick gets replaced with an eggplant

Foreshadowin she was like don’t call me I’ll call you
That night set us back half a stack to make our dog puke
Let him in the house and then he was walkin around
And then saw the chocolate on the side of the couch and then
Thought it’d be a good idea to scarf it down and when
We found out we immediately called downtown to the emergency vet
Like this is probably a problem
Could you possibly tell me what’s next
And then they do that
He’s fine he lived through that
I knew that because I’m in the future with you
That’s true
They’re all like how does he do what he does
Probably just how you would do it if you were on it bud
With the body of Tommy Lasorda and the face of Matty Matheson
Glad we back again ask a friend
As to when it’s happenin
Probably when you least expect it
Goddamnit Ben
Daddy’s back
Hacky sack
Kickin it into the middle of the closet
Counts as if you lost it
I wanna kick back
And watch CaddyShack
With Daddy Jack
Rest in peace that is that

19. It's Not My Fault pro by Jinto Beats

Got a lot of compliments on my shirt
At work today it was cool
I sit next to a jerk but that’s straight
Cuz we’re new
I know what to do
And he doesn’t really
So I answer his questions when he has them
And he just looks at me dizzy
I talk shit about him at lunch
And with Jackson
Because I’m answerin his questions
And his next action is to ask around
As if he’s second guessin everything I said
That’s exhausting
If I was his boss I’d fire him
And all his offspring
Enough talking about work
I’m off singing and offering
Everything you’ve never lost
See me in the movies no
See me in the movie theater
See me in the streets
When they close the bowling alley
I’ve got nowhere to be with her
Got nothin to do
Except dream
What up Jackson
Me and her
Might turn this night round baby
Right round

It’s all thanks to apple Hatian jazz spelling
And my dad getting mad at me
That sending me into a rage
Rap pressing on the back of every page
Of my math testing
And then that setting every stage
For my hands sweaty knees weak
Arms spaghetti
And I was armed and ready
For every bar they sent me
That was old though
I only burn the boats at both ends that don’t float
Ask me if I work from home
I don’t care how many stickers you put on the sidewalk
As I walk in after my long ass commute
Yo I could battle rap you
I have dreams about it constantly
But I think you and I would have more fun
Coming together to do something positive
I’m almost positive
Still I talk a lot of shit
Like I’m better than anybody on your block at this
Acknowledgement is not what I’m out for
It’s a lotta dollars so you better get up and hollar at this
Actually at this point it’s mostly for acknowledgment
See back in the day
We made a couple of dollars
But it never made a lotta sense
Followin the leader
Swallowin the Kool Aid
Hollerin at anyone who wanted a feature
Imposter syndrome
Wallowin in it until noon stay
In bed then call into the group
And play Newway’s stage
Round ten
That was just a Tuesday
Around then
Back in the new days
The truth is like tooth decay
Movin away
Movin the safe
As soon as I loosen the gate
Lucifer’s loose
And lucid to stay
Anywhere that they want
Inside of my body
Honestly I can’t say I’m sorry
Welcome to the party
Welcome to the place you wanna be at
We don’t really know if we ever gonna be back

So lets wave our hands in the air
Wave our hands in the air
Wave our hands in the air
Wave our hands in the air
Lets not care
Lets not care
Lets overshare
Let’s share with everybody
Except for the guy that I have to be at work with

The other day he told me I should get my shit together
I said brother man that is not even in the real existence that this world is in
Get your own shit together

20. How To Find True Love On The Internet prod by WerkingDad

He left
He left
She said this is never happening to me again
And then it happened twice again
Deep breath
Deep breath
This is the last of all attempts

This is the last weekend
Better let the past go
Might as well
Go ahead and message some asshole
On the app
Lactose intolerant
Answers the door with tabasco all on his hands
Tellin every dad joke
Weaker than a half dose
Anybody that knows anybody that knows
Everybody that close doesn’t really have hope
Doesn’t really have those flash in the pan moments
Don’t sit down yet
Don’t get comfortable
Wait until you hear wonderful
Things about me you can see them
Cuz they’re in front of you
That’s them

He left
He left
She said this is never happening to me again
And then it happened twice again
Deep breath
Deep breath
This is the last of all attempts

She be swimmin through the bullshit
Sick of all the have nots
She be such a cool chick
Put into a bad spot
How long can I do this
Before I’m just that thot
This is getting stupid
Has to be my last shot
Walked up to my door then and knocked
When I answered it
First words out her mouth were
Goddamn you’re thick
Was like I was thinkin the same thing
Why don’t we get to know each other
You can rearrange things in here
We can start with a nightcap
Watch a little stand up comedy for a nice laugh
Got a sense of humor got me thinkin you’re the right path
I’ve been waiting to get tied down like a bike rack
Uh the way you look I really like that
Plus I think you’re cooler than an ice pack
I’m really silly gettin hype that
I think I really wanna wife that

She was on OK Cupid like how bad could it be
Cupid was like girl don’t play stupid
It’s bad as can be
Then she met me
Shit got real
Plenty of fish in the sea
But she picked me
Outta the water
And I’m happy as I can be

21. Outside Prod by Julien

I got a story like a comeback
I’m the one that’s
Been laughin at your dunce cap
Just chillin in my sun hat
Where’s the fun at
They know I like to be where the buzz at
Straight from my tongue shack
Ever since you met me on that one app
We been different forever
And neither of us done that
Gotta lotta love like a Muskrat
I’m from the glove and I love just to bust raps
Here’s some fun facts
They’re some thumb tacks
I’ma hunchback tryin to make his funds back
In a hatchback automatic none of that
You could probly beat me there really if you just run fast
Gotta get that hit that as soon as the blunts passed
Don’t really know the last time I saw a blunt wrap
Taught myself a vision worth stickin to like a gum pack
Found my love early like I was a young dad
Or a runnin back
Runnin right up the middle
With my Forrest Gumpin ass
Thinkin I’ve changed everything
Ain’t done none of that
Still today I’m a rapper turned golfer
Yo show me where the clubs at
You’re the dumb cat
Lookin for somethin to lunge at
We’re the shit buddy
You prolly gotta go plunge that
Pickin at my bus pass
Twirlin up my mustache
We’re nervous a lot
And we like the people who love that

I’d like to stay outside with you
I’d like to stay outside with you some more

I wasn’t always like this
Like this like this
I used to be classic
Un-unlike a Pepsi
I used to be sexier
All the women in the sororities
Were tryin to order me
Like some kind of expensive foreign meat
And that was back back
In the day day
When I used to have have
Bad bad date dates
Now I don’t have
Bad bad day days
Anymore cause everyday is immaculate
Bonfire whole playlist just me
And a little bit of Bun B
Come see somethin hot
Lemonade up in the lunchbox
Lookin like you paid a little visit to the sun god
Really I’m just tryin to share bein free
And book a room at the Dungeon Family AirBnB
And I don’t care who can see
And I don’t care who can not
I’m done bein scared of sharing what is scary to me
I’m out

I’d like to stay outside with you
I’d like to stay outside with you some more

22. C'mon Dog prod by CSPR Beats

I understand the need for higher education
After highschool I couldn’t just sit around waitin
And pacin in the basement
To go and be famous
I had to take it
Upon myself to go and make it
So I decided to go to school for audio engineerin
And if I didn’t make it rappin
At least I could still be near it
And record the people that were sicker than me with rhyme
I didn’t really understand how painful that would be at the time
This school was less of a class and more of a party spot
We’d smoke inside the studio and drink in the parking lot
I made a lot of great friends
And to this day some of them still make music
My name’s Ben
But this story isn’t completely about me
It’s more about a situation I was around see
When I was out and free and they were done schoolin me
They let me go with about zero opportunity
Haha that’s not their fault though I blame my own ears
I just don’t have what it takes and I learned that in my growth years
Wait we’re gettin ahead of ourselves before the story even starts
Like the other day on Instagram I saw Nick is the griddle cook at Karl’s
I came back and I was like yo I can’t find a job
Doin this music mixin shit everyone tells me to stop
Think I’m dumb as fuck
I don’t know how to set up an aux bus
And I never paid attention in class awe fuck
So they were like why don’t you go ahead and get the coffee for the studio
And I was like whoa thanks for this opportunity yo
I’ll never call off a day in my life and I’ll always be here
Promise not to talk to the clients so they don’t think I’m being weird
Did a great job so they promoted me
Started workin for the school and I was throwin things
Around like my weight
I was like wait
I should get paid
A lot for doin this
And they were like yeah well ok
So I got a paycheck now I’m really big timin it
They said go full time with this
And just stop your rhymin kid
I was like that’s straight bein broke is really played out
Plus the schools like five minutes away from my dang house
So I started taking on more responsibility
Around the school and the studio and it was really neat
Got to see a lotta different famous people comin through
Didn’t look em in the eye
Remember rule number two
Rule number one is never let the coffee go dry
Eventually I was promoted
So I had my own guy
To fill the coffee when I would be out on road trips
Oh yeah the road trips
The whole point of this story
Yo yo
So one of my main points was promotion
They’d want me to go in to these highschools
And talk about the motion
The motion of the industry and the secret potion of the school
To get people out and really help them grow
When I went into the schools to find support
And more people to come and learn to sit behind the boards
It was really successful
No that was facetious
It was ridiculous because these kids were all young enough
Before their dreams had been crushed into pieces
Anyways I go out with this guy Nick to talk in front of the whole school
And he pulls out his laptop like here let me show you
Really what it takes to be successful out here
And they’re like dude nobody knows you
Let us go back to homeroom
No (x8)
Put that back I don’t wanna hear your chorus
You didn’t pull up in a Bently I saw you roll up in that Taurus
He hits play
And then the verse starts
It was the worst day of my life
These are the words ya’ll

Yo I fuck yo bitch
I fuck yo bitch
I fuck yo bitch
Fuck her tits
And then I kill that bitch
Oh yeah I shoot that bitch
I shoot that bitch right with my dic
Then I sell her drugs doe
You don’t wanna fuck with me
Because I am a thug bro

And I was like Nick what the fuck
I was mortified
All the teachers lookin at us
Like we’re bout to be on the unemployment line
Nick closes his laptop with a huge grin
Says alright who wants to sign up for school then

Fuckin nobody does
Fuckin nobody does Nick

23. EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ft Tall Charles prod by Charly And The Tall

Quit your teasin ahk
I’ll make your seasons stop
Fuck around and leave you empty like a Cheezit box
I’ll make you bleed in spots
Whether you believe or not
We don’t mess with you because you’re greasy like a pizza box
I see ya talkin homie
But we don’t speak a lot
Then I show up
And leave you nervous like you’ve seen a cop
Tryin to break ya fuckin neck
Watch me speed and stop
Charly’s with me gettin toasted like the pitas hot
We know the beat is hot
That’s because he’s a god
And I’m dope
We go together like some peas in pods
So fuck your evil eyes
And your reasons
We stickin it out
Like Ashley and Anthony
From MAFS season 5
I speed when I drive
I eat with my eyes
I scheme and conive
I keep my reasons disguised
Just leavin behind
Grievances malfeasance and lies
A bunch of people screamin
Please Jesus all I need is a sign
Take the wheel from em
Let em feel somethin
Get their heels bumpin
Word to our best friend


We are family
My brothers and my sisters and me
Yeah we are family
And we’re goin to the party and it’s never gonna stop

Where the shorties at
Where the 40’s at
Oh yeah
Pass me the kitten keep it purrin like a mornin cat
Patterns don’t matter
I’m only gettin fatter
Rippin through all my clothes
Like I’m Bruce Banner
This cow is mooin
Movin to a new pasture
Scoot your hoofs faster
You bastards lose
As these dudes lap ya
Who asked ya fools to answer
Spacin like a moon lander
Endangered unheard of like a blue panda
We couldn’t see ya with a huge camera
You and your boo and your
Crew with the youth with the new stand ups
You’re unfunny with your lose banter
While we keep the party jumpin like a lose badger
Pardon me
I’ll corn the beef
And Charly can go start the beat and guard my seat
My wife is at an art retreat
I’m hardly me I part the sea and then start to spark the B
It’s filled with parsley
It’s hardly ya’ll
When all I need is not to fall asleep
They are the Queens
Life is but a dream
They stay connected and protected
Cuz they’re taller than trees

24. If I Had A Bad Day prod by Sharp

Hi my names Ben
And I work at the Kazoo factory
I’ve got a wife and no kids
And one dog and two cats
But Who gives a shit about that
We’ll get into the story
Somebody came to my store see
And they wanted to buy a lotta kazoos
Let’s say they wanted to buy like $700,000 worth of kazoos
And they said yo are you the dude
That could hook me up with the lot of kazoos
And I said yeah they tell me I’m here to make dreams come true
What’s the plan
He said don’t worry about that damn
Why you so nosey
Just give me my kazoos
I said OK well here’s what we need to get you your kazoos
Why don’t you just sign on the dotted line and everything is cool
They said OK but wait
I’ll be back in a couple of days
Cuz I don’t know about all these clauses in this contract
You’re gettin pretty nosey
Just lookin to buy some kazoos
I go ahead and remove a couple of clauses out of the contract
At their request (oooo)
They call back and I say what’s next
They say hey I’d like to sign
Here on the dotted line
I said wait wait
I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for days and days
It turns out some of those clauses that you wanted cleared
Actually have to be in there that’s why they were there
I apologize but I had to add em back
But I’m glad you’re back
I’d like to
(Noooo. You’re about to NOT be glad I’m back!)
I apologize
(What the FUCK are you talking about)
Well the-the clauses that-
I understand but the clauses have to be-
I understand. We can figure out a solution to-
That’s not what I’m trying to say
I-I just have to- would have to transfer you
(You fucking idiot piece of shit.)
I apologize. I just have to transfer you to someone who can figure out a solution to this problem. It’s my fault.

25. Painter Pt 2 prod by Julien

Neighbors got their house painted
And it’s hard to downplay it
Cause they’re tryin to sell
And we’re tryin to sell as well
Well it’s the same floor plan
They’re right next door man
Looks like we gotta get our house painted
Pain in the ass
Yeah they take an advance
Better make it in cash
And if it rains on the day that they were slated to blast
They could skate and just dash
Ain’t no tellin really what day
They be makin it back
And when they do
They could leave all the spray on the grass
White car in the driveway they painted it tan
Move the garbage cans to the street
Make way for the van
Got that hustle down pat
And I be shakin ya hand
Makin bands makin bands
Everybody makin em
They take advance
Take a chance
Hands they be shakin em
Takin money
Takin money
Makin money
Makin money
Tons of fuckin money
Paint your house all blue
Paint ya garage too
Makin money
Makin money
Paint ya roof
I’ma paint ya fuckin roof
If you break me off with the right amount of change
I can’t paint your sidewalk
Put a mural on it for the guide dogs
Paint it brighter than a flashlight you find in sky mall
Anything at all as long as I can always eyeball
The amount of paint and time it’s gonna take to dry off
Anything at all as long as you pay me and I ball

That’s how it goes
I’ma pay you and you ball out
You do it
I want us all to have fun
I’m havin fun right now
Just what I needed

I really don’t know why I’m complainin
Got a place to stay in when it’s rainin
Wasn’t always this way and
When I was younger had to stay in places
Like dilapidated Days Inns
Wastin time and pacin
Just waitin to make some savins
Now everyday when I wake up it’s just so amazin
I can’t even take it for granted
Because it’s basically blazin in front of me
Sunny breezy
Funny easy
Money needs me
Like I need money
So I make sure they come and see me
I take what I think and then record it
They take what I say and then replay it
It ain’t nothin new but I’m just sayin
Got a lotta people that we’re thankin
We’re bout to go and get our house painted

26. What Is This Pt 1 prod by willdeebeats

What is this
What even is this

I don’t know whether to fight or run
Cry or cum
This is a crash course
Rest in peace Ryan Dunn
Doesn’t matter wherever it is that I am from
Long as you understand that I’m the one that lighting stung
Word to Weezer
Hotter than the island sun
Got the files pilin up and we be filin em
Never been a violent one
But this tracks got me feelin like
I wanna go and fire guns
Hill Dee show me where to wire funds
I’ll be the one to buy the crumbs
I’m kinda numb behind the drums
If you’da told me at 11 I’d be on this beat
Then I would have told you that I had won
My iron lungs don’t invite in drugs
They only be ridin with
The highest nutritional kind of vitamins
They uninvited us
And then they lied to us
Oh this is somethin else
You gotta go and try it once

I don’t even know where to begin
Because you don’t
Know when to stop
Know when to stop

Rappin in my blazer
Attaching a laser to my automatic phaser
That could cause a massive crater
Of a catastrophic nature
Autograph the paper
Then I’m tellin her and her friend
That I’m callin em back later
No need for the three way
I’ve got keepsakes
Back in my MC days
These pages I create
Would sweep babes
Out of their Feejays
Faster than a high speed police chase
On the freeway

I missed the Queens zoom for this because this beats too hot
What yeah that’s the truth that’s the truth what it is what it do

27. What Is This Pt 2 prod by willdeebeats

That’s the truth

What it is what it do 

First of all 

I stand a little more than five feet tall

You try to brawl with me son

I’ll kick you in the balls

No shame takin up both lanes

In a car with the flames on the side 

Like some propane

Watch me roll up

You look just like a ghost came


You look like a bro who sniffs cocaine


You look whiter than Coldplay


You look like a cold bros ghost

Sniffin cocaine


Don’t even worry about it

She was like are you polite do you hold doors

I was like as long as you get me up like a low score

Plus I’m older than a phone cord

Plus I’m going to the phone store

Because I’m rollin in the loans for

What I write likes to rhyme a lot

Nowadays when I rhyme on the mic

I tend to cry a lot

The women are lovin me because I’m cuddly

Even when I ugly cry I’m not ugly

You can’t fuck with me

Aint nobody got it like this


As far as attention I attract and capture hers

With the words I attack and massacre

Didn’t have the nerve

To say since way back

Like African passengers

Riding on the backs 

Of packs of pachyderms


Couldn’t lose winnin

Got a half hour commute with it

Better than tourin musicians

Which is what I used to wanna do with it

Doesn’t make sense till you add a little bit of truth to it

Then it still doesn’t make sense anyways

Back in the D

Adam and Eve

Wouldn’t have scattered when asked just to leave

As for the B

Cats for the V

Wouldn’t have mattered to battle the beast

Happily be when I rap on the beats

Collision calamity casualties

Matters to me like a family tree

An anomaly without a plan of release

Casually but I am in the lead

With no abracadabra or fashion in me

Canceling things

Back in the ring

Challenging biting the hand that it feeds

Sad to see all of the vanishing dreams

Advantage of answers to fans on the scene

Stand with a team and abandon the seat


I’m managing with no one managing me

Yeah I had to do it to em

We’re goin to dinner at Marrow tonight


July 2021

28. Love To Give (We'll Be Here Sunday) Prod by Pariah

I got a whole lotta love to give
I got a work ethic you’d fuckin kill for
I got a lotta love to give
I’ve got a work ethic you’d fuckin kill for

At the beginnin when you’re just learnin and takin baby steps
It feels like it’s the hardest but at least you’re moving towards the target
Even if it’s the farthest away today let’s be honest
We started this because we want it
And we won’t stop until we got it
Until the main event
From the day we met
Until we’re laid to rest
We’ll try to make the best of a bad situation
They say once you create success
It takes a lot to stay the best
Face the facts they await your fall
And they all are impatient

I got a whole lotta love to give
I got a work ethic you’d fuckin kill for
I got a lotta love to give
I’ve got a work ethic you’d fuckin kill for

Some would say the task at hand is hardest right up on that goal line
You know the position we’ve been fighting for this whole time
All the doubts and misconceptions
All the misconstrued perceptions
All the stress and all the lessons
They about to know why
Doubting us has never been a good idea in the first place
Till you finish your research stay the fuck out my workspace
Since my birthday been the worst case
Of stayin committed and never wantin to quit anything in the worst way
As long as it means that we finish strong
I know sometimes we disagree and don’t get along
We’re all getting stronger moving at a heroes pace
As long as I’m first place
You’re ok

29. Teeth Cottage (You Suck) prod by Alphonse

The bigger the light
The bigger the moth
They keep fightin me
And I keep pickin em off
From 100 yards away
As I sit in the moss
Not gettin your calls
No reception for the nonsense
This isn’t a draw
When I win it’s just awe
Watch me break your whole psyche down to its simplest flaw
You’re a liar liar no give em the claw
I mean you lie about things that you isn’t involved in
The rim isn’t tall
The fishes you caught are just small
You isn’t a big hit in the mall at all
And if you feel any different you can give us a call
I don’t have reception up here
Remember you fucking idiot
I hope my words pack a punch with a sting attached
I hope every time you reach for a door
Someone opens it towards you
And it bends the tips of your fingers back
And I hope you think of that
For every door that closes
Another ones about to open
And break your fuckin fingers in half
You’re not a gangster because you grew up middle class
And your parents couldn’t afford to buy you a Ford Ranger
For your 16th birthday you fuckin entitled piece of shit
Talk about the trap house again
Like that isn’t just where you go to pick up Molly
And your dealer makes you stand in the lobby
And your dumbass friends are like we’re gonna be late for the party
You have a face that says I failed out of trade school
You have a look that says I don’t know you but I hate you
You’re so angry no one’ll date you
So you’re so angry
I can’t say that I’ve ever been there so it’s amazing
I’m able to relate to you on this level as if you’re my baby
Honestly you’re not that hard to figure out and I’m lazy
So I take the
Easy way out which happens to be your significant other
Oh brother
Please don’t start another war with these dumb motherfuckers
They could never touch us
The only thing you’re good at is being obnoxious
Go and seal up your teeth cottage
You’re less of a rapper than Hugh Downs
Right on cue now
You’re about to lose a few downs
Take your girl and fuck her in her tooth house

30. How I Met Your Mother (You Still Suck) prod by Ravenous

Alright let’s open up this can of worms I guess

I’m probly out in Colorado Springs
There’s not a lot to do
There’s not a lot to see
There was a woman at the bar hollerin at me
So I bought a lot of drinks
And then she started talkin
She said she wanted my D-I-C-K
I was like k
Hey why don’t you stop runnin up my tab
And we can get the fuck outta here
I’ll get a Lyft don’t call a cab
She was a little bit older
With a dazed look in her eyes
Even before we got drunk she looked confused
I was like aight
Well I don’t really know what’s goin on with this chick
But she started talkin
When we were on the way home
I said shut the fuck up or I’m walkin
She said no I gotta tell you how I feel
I said no you don’t and that’s really real
She said I just split up with my husband
I said oh that’s too bad
She said no I love it
Honestly you have no idea how hard it was raising an idiot
It was super stressful
We’d fight every night and he wasn’t getting it
I legit thought my kid was illiterate
And his father didn’t give a shit
I mean really not even a little bit
Until third grade I said I would buy him a bike
And he said naw mom why don’t you buy me a mic
I was like
Well what do you need that for
And he said mom I’m going to be a rap store
I said what do you mean what you mean rap star
He said mom you’re so silly I’m not a dinosaur
Oh my god
I was worried to death
Very depressed
Every day it was 7:30 to bed
Around that time I told his father I’d leave him if he didn’t stop the drinkin
Spoiler alert he didn’t stop the drinkin
I got to thinkin why’d I just go drop some Lincolns
On a microphone for a 13 year old
Who can’t comprehend Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Then I had the idea maybe he’s some kind of savant
So I listened in when he was rappin with his friends
And he was not

31. Please Don't Go To College prod by bluewolf II


I’m loud as fuck

And you’ll 

Never know all my problems (x4)


Yo we just spent the day spending money

In case anybody was worried about me

Don’t be 

Because everything is sunny


Like Philadelphia 

Goin back to my roots 

Like Illadelph Halflife 


That’s right


Before I made the bread that fed the geese


The memories were made already in the 70’s


I’m rappin in my Crocs

I’m back up on the dock

So I can catch dinner 

Then sell it to you to buy something to eat

It doesn’t even really matter what the problem is

As long as you got a solution 

And you’re innovative with the accomplishment

You’ve got time to break your fall

You’ve got time to take the call

Shout out to Blitzen

It doesn’t really allow a lotta time to stop and sit


I’m loud as fuck

And you’ll 

Never know all my problems (x4)



This weeks been a chore

Tonights a nice night cap

When I said ope my bad

It wasn’t 

It was yours

But I’m just polite like that

Got the fight right back

As if we had lost the signal

They can watch who wins

Or they can watch you wince

It’s abysmal

Either way

Leave or stay

When you were walkin towards me 

You were happy to lead the way

Now you’re yellin P-E-A-C-E

With the tail between your legs

They see me as the challenger

Also the victor

And the only one that remains


Hook me up with a little hand sanitation darlin

Gonna get goin to my lil mans graduation party


Gonna have a good weekend


C’mon let’s get it started

Please don’t go to college


I hope he doesn’t die yet

Because we’re not ready to say goodbye yet (x4)




32. Pic Attached prod by KNB


Let’s be honest

These aren’t my sickest raps

I recorded this one

Just to release the pic attached

I’ve got a lotta game I’m never givin back

And a ghostwriter 

This is Chad’s 

When it comes to emotions I may not keep it real

But I’ma kill a fifth of gin just to kill how I feel

I know it’s not right

But it makes me feel alright

When it comes to emotions I may not keep it real

But I’ma kill a fifth of gin just to kill how I feel

I know it’s not right

But it makes me feel alright

I’ve got a bigger mind

When it comes to kickin rhymes

I’m sober until quittin time

Then it’s get in line

Behind the next person at the liquor store

Behind the counter

They don’t know their name 

But they know mine for sure

Because I help to pay the lease 

What they sell to say the least

Is compelling to my weakness

And it helps to slay the beast

Spirits in my glasses 

Fill it up and pass it 

Isn’t nothin changed

It still makes me feel fantastic

Until the next day

Sleepin until noon

Runnin into walls

What the fuck it do

It ain’t nothin new

It ain’t nothin nice

But this is the truth

It’s my fuckin life

When I wake up 

Nothins a beach to me

So I light up 

Try to escape the scenery

Morning walk

There’s a storm on the horizon

With dark clouds

Tryin positive vibin

Life ain’t palm trees and daiquiris

Feelin down

Come blaze this sack with me

Meet me at my regular watering hole

Few drinks a bong and two bowls

Ready to go

I’m back in the cockpit

The fact is we can’t just stop it 

And that’s obnoxious

Let’s be honest

I drown the pain

It’s not a ghostwriter if I announced his name

That’s Chad


33. It's Us Again Ft Bonnafide and Dirty Redd prod by Julien


Let me tell em how I feel

This is gonna be one of our top hits

Everything on my schedule can get drop kicked

I’m outside eating Chipotle with chopsticks

The flow I chose to adopt is this

Straight off the freeway 

My creates on prime jumbo

Rhymes dumb so the beat tapes are my jungle

Ladies love it 

To see great behind humble

So everyday they were blowin up my Bumble

Used to have the silly weed

Now I have stability

You couldn’t be giving me 

Anything that isn’t free

I’m about to turn em up

And let em go to get degrees

They can look at us differently

As long as they get a seat

It’s gonna be difficult to manage though

And handle those other manifestations

Of animals at abandoned shows

I’ve got a lotta flash backs

Of whack nights

And rap friends from back then

But hey that’s life

Gotta get that hustle on 

I’m livin for more than the weekend

I talked myself into the office

And now I’m never leavin

I want the drive I want the push

I want the hustle man

Julien Bonafide Dirty Redd 

It’s us again

I wouldn’t let it get hit

Before I edited it

It’s Ben in this bitch 

They remember the kicks

They remember the saying 

And they remember the voice

They don’t remember the face

But that was by choice



34. Freestyle Friday prod by Molengy


Yo I don’t really

I don’t really freestyle that often

I always hated freestylin in front of a crowd

Or when you tell someone you’re a rapper 

And they say bust a free

I hate that shit

And I don’t really think anyone 

Wants to hear me do anything 

Completely unprepared


I don’t think that’s what I should do 

But hey guess what we’re about to do

We’re about to spew 

Everything I have to think of 

To you

And when you hear it 

You might fear it 

Or you might say it’s the clearest

You might like the lyrics

Or you’ll probly just bob your head to the beat

Because it’s so sweet and it would be so neat

If you were here and sitting on my knee

And you were a woman

And you happened to be my wife

But now I’m down in the basement

On the microphone

So my wifes alone

Upstairs just watchin her shows

And that’s ok because the love still grows

Inside the heart

And it doesn’t even start

Until you can fart in front of each other

And when you do that you know you’re lovers

And after that then it’s under the covers

Farting under the covers it’s never good 

That’s not a key to the relationship

I was just thinking it would take the hit

To the next level

Take the hit

And put the fuckin fart inside of a joint 

And light it up 

And smoke it and get high as fuck

That’s not the point

Look we started off on the wrong foot

And this beat is very short

So I hope this song gets good

As soon as it can because this is the plan

To be the man and understand 

That I am standing up

I’m not reclined

But if I was 

My rhymes would still be coming out smoother

Than the shape of my spine

And I’m just a man

How to grab

The puzzle pieces 

And put em together

Until I get the muzzle and release it 

Because now

My mouth is hopin

I’m hopin that I’m not chokin





35. Tomorrow prod by Akimbo



Tomorrow could never come fast enough

Cuz I’ve been out here waiting for you (x2)


I feel like a huge tree just fell on my house

There’s an uncovered hole

Where I’m most comfortable

It looks like the solution is so distant

That it isn’t worth movin with no vision

Look at the bright side

We got a skylight

Look up at the stars

When it’s night time

What we lack in electricity

We make up for with rain

It’s been a week

The carpet is dirty and stained

Regarding the work I’m in chains

At the bar after work I’m insane

When they are like it hurts I’m in pain

In human years I’m like 93

You keep goin downstairs rhyming things

Face it you’re miles past a dynasty

You’d be better served spending time with me



Tomorrow could never come fast enough

Cuz I’ve been out here waiting for you (x2)

That’s the truth


Got three yard of broken earth up in the driveway

When we gotta move it it’s my dying day

Feelin light headed in the sunshine

When I didn’t wanna go to bed like it’s a fun time

Doin flips and tricks and summer somersaults 

Yeah we got a lot but we’re never comfortable

Bumpin Thuggish Ruggish Bone

Rollin down your block

Gripped up on my Bug-A-Salt 

Pop pop
Bang bang 

Brr Brr 

Aimin at em 

Even if they came up in they church shirt

The name is Adam

Even if you’re playin with the search words

David had em with the name and candor of the first bird

We were born involved with this

Focused on all that flys

Like an ornithologist

When we get bored of politics

We try to fortify the fort

And that’s sort of all this is 


36. They Say prod by Marcel


Yo real quick

This don’t got nothin to do with the song

But Chad, ghost writer from last week


A tree fell on the man’s house

Him and his fiance

And they’re displaced

So please

Positive vibes

Out their way


They say they home but they really don’t know where to go (x4)


They have no idea

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve been into high fashion

Compliments everywhere that I’m passin

Askin where I’m grabbin my garments

Oh, I got this one from the dope as fuck department

Don’t just fuckin barge in

I told your dumbass sargeant

That his soldiers fuckin starvin

While we lampin

Probably at Chartreuse

Just campin out on the patio

Crispy ass lamb skin

Sliding out the rib bone

I didn’t know you were back in town

How long you been home?


Oh, you know. I just got back from Dallas, you know.


No, I don’t know. That’s why I asked a question. That’s how a conversation works.


They say they home but they really don’t know where to go (x4)


They love the feeling when ya boy is rhyming

There go the county wide warning sirens

Just a little bit of more exciting

Wanna ignore the vibe

Then spend the morning inside

Exploring the timing

Of your deplorable findings

It’s more of a blind thing

Ordered the fourth course

Of course the forks tines sink

Into the belly of the pork

Forcibly mining morsels for dining

We’re the four in the corner find me


They say they home but they really don’t know where to go (x4)

37. Patio prod by Steave Me Beats


Best believe it didn’t come like this

Took a lot of work out in the sun

Like this is a passion project

Past the fastest process

Ask for progress

We’ve planned beyond it

Not taking calls

When I’m stopping the boss

And there’s nothing at all

That could get to me

This is the victory lap

And it’s fitting the

Temperature is 63

With a breeze

And no mystery

There is no misery

Only commiseration

And the faces of friends

With a history

Givin me positive vibes

And uplifting me

Talkin bout raises

And praises and winning things

All of the politics out of it

Doubtin is not in the plot when it

Comment the opposite

I’ma just sit and just sip

38. Wrestling Cypher


Thursday night Smackdown

Fuck if I ain’t tunin in

Switch the channel 

From the Love Is Blind reunion

And it doesn’t get any cooler than this

Just some bros

Watchin the bros use their fists

Yeah this is great


Where’s Triple H

They’re like you’re a bit late

I said hey wait

What about the guy that did the sumo thing 

And put his ass in peoples faces 

Haha Rikishi

He retired in 2008

You’re set to be aged

Just until it gets to eatin ya

My idols as a youth

Have legacy pages on their Wikipedia

I look back at New York as the big picture

I’m a natural born Miz Hipster

I think the facts ’ll support the skin blisters

As I attract a rapport with your big sister

Cause she wears shirts with flames on em

Looks like she got em 

Right outta Guy Fieri’s wardrobe

So we bonded over the Jncos

And wallet chains we both had

Bonded over our angst

When we were so mad

When we met she was like 

Ben what do you know about NWO

I was like probly not a lot
But I know a thing or two 

About puttin on a show for the bros

While I’m drinkin like I’m Stone Cold


Now we close

Like the Dudley Brothers

Instead of bein brothers

We in love and we fuckin each other

We cuddle under the covers 

We smother each other

Until we can’t get enough of each other


39. News Feed prod by Mr Marvelous


Lookin back on when I was roamin alone it seems easier

Now I gotta get a code on my phone

To open the loan for the home that I own

And it seems the meteor could strike at any second

Problems in the news feed

Can’t run a business without it though

Apocalyptic anticipation

Facinated by masturbatin to the next accusation

When they gonna catch it

Set the scene as even

Even if it wasn’t you can dream it

When it was it wasn’t even 

For you to believe in

They stack the deck

Then they demand respect

We take the stress 

While they cash the checks

Our choice is made

While they have the rest

We voice complaints

While they pass as deaf

I’m a far cry from the ones

That like to watch the cars drive

Down Woodward Avenue 

And take seats at the bar like

Yo look at that paint job

I’d rather watch paint dry

I’ma take the day off

And facetime my fame live

I’ma paint my face 

And state my case

As if it’s gametime

More often than not

You and I are livin the same lives

Four hots and a cot

We might have committed the same crime

Fuck the boss and the cops

We’re stayin alive


40. I Could Do Better Than That prod by Young Trav

“Really thrilled to be here because uh The Comedy Store is very special to me. You know when I uh, when I was a teenager I used to watch people like Richard Pryor and Robin Williams on television and think…pff I can do that.” – Jim Carey


That was a great way to get us started

Yeah kick us off

Better than starin at a brick in the wall

Or fightin a wall of bricks if at all

When a tall

It’s assault then it gets annulled

In a fog

Slip and fall

Ain’t nobody ever wanna get involved

When it’s y’all

When it’s me

Everybody wanna be the one to pitch the ball

Like they knew him

And he wouldn’t get a hit at all

Overconfident and stupid

About little flaws

So he overcompensated 

And it pissed em off

Then he was better than em

Every time he’d get the call

Set a minimum of any kind of intervals

Hit the gym and get him any kind of interviews

Instead of givin him anything that’s dependable

Put him up on an intertube 

And start feeding him dinner food

Why don’t you leave it and focus on just rowin the boat

There was no reason for you to ever know when to vote

There was no reason for you to ever know we’re remote

There’s no easy way to say that you’re bein a joke

I’m the first one to show up

And the last one to load up

Hold up

Better act like you know us




Cause we know it’s bogus

We also know

That our packs on the path to disown us

I’m bad to the bone with my rapper persona

Then I sit down they all grab the controllers

They wanna play with me

But I promise that that shit is over



I can do I can do I can do 

Better than that

Better than that (x5)


Better believe it

Took his time to develop a thesis

While they were yellin for jesus

Up in the bleachers

When they see this

No relief is 

Comin so he goes and helps them

Pick up the pieces 

Pick up the pace

Pick up the bass

Figurative stakes 

Are in the middle of the bigger debate

Give it away

Hit em and break

This is bigger than the system ‘ll save

Set to receive the better diseases

In a digital way

Never hittin the breaks

Drivin like he’s gotta get to his wake

Hand up out the window

While he’s got a widow to make

It’s a bit overplayed

Tell me how I was supposed to be takin it

Holdin the ladies in total amazement

Blowin the flows up all over the basement

I am a dope homosapien

Pass me a dose of the Molson Canadian

And we can toast to the boast

The we don’t have to date again

Makin it better when stayin in place

So when it doesn’t rain it’s as safe as they say it is

My season is basic bitch

And I’ve been a player since



I can do I can do I can do 

Better than that

Better than that (x4)


August 2021

41. Journey Cypher Prod by AmAFlowOfficial

Right after I turned seven I was givin my cape and wand
They said son you’re gonna go on to make everyone’s favorite songs
I said alright what kind of perks do I get
They said you’ll never have to worry about a math test again that’s it
I said sick
Where do I sign up
Accepted my spot in the lineup
And headed out to start rhymin stuff
Learnin the secret arts of how to livin up any conversation
By finding common ground so they’d confide in us
And when they did I could take some bits of they stories
And tell it to other people so when they hear it’s defined as love
The first time I was offered a sexual favor for a musical performance I was 17
On the way home from a show
She was like you were great which ones were you again
I said the high pitched ones to the left of the conductor
She was like oh
The older I get
The colder I grow
The less that I know
People who are goin to shows
The less that I miss
People who are goin to shows
I miss the Misses and moments that you won’t ever know
I’ve grown as vulnerable as a loner could go
Now I’m rollin in dough
But still I hope for alone
I’ve got those that I show love to
That I know that are close
And I’m happiest most that I never sold you my soul
It’s the code of the slope
The boulder it rolls
I’m outgrowin my cloak
But we still know that I’m dope

42. We Were Supposed To Love Us prod by Skibble

You you
Tell me what you want from me
Cause it’s lose lose
We’re movin at different speeds
Why don’t you you (x2)

Pay attention when they ask for help
Instead of walkin away
And leavin them by themselves
Communication is the first step to profits being
Sky high
Put that on my resume
Look where it’s gotten me
Nine lives
At the same place
I’m on a merry go round of a career
Just trying to save face
I never thought for you and me it’d be so hard to do
We started smooth and through the harpoon to the stars and moon
When it fell short I was accused of being smart with you
If I knew I was alone I wouldn’t have picked Korean BBQ
It wasn’t hard to chose
It was the smartest move
For either one of us to leave
And start anew

You you
Tell me what you want from me
Cause it’s lose lose
We’re movin at different speeds
Why don’t you you (x2)

Understand the dreams of one
Can toxify a whole relationship deplete the funds
You said you wanted me to be myself
I thought it was sweet as hell
But then I needed help
And it was me myself and I
Not sure if that’s what you meant
It’s when I realized
This is not comin back
It’s already broken
You’re the champ I guess
I hope they have your T-Shirt sized
Put it on the front page
Watch everyone run away
Not out of fear
But out of anger of the smothered flames
A lot of cheer
A lot of makeup
And a lot of waste
There’s a hundred ways
You could give us back a summer day
No doubt about it
They got around it
Then thought about it
They want the power
They wanna hear people talk about it
I’d rather fly than try and grovel
GIve me a call when you decide to follow
More of a hybrid model

You you
Tell me what you want from me
Cause it’s lose lose
We’re movin at different speeds
Why don’t you you (x2)

43. Off Topic


****** ***** mother 

Is a trashy blonde trucker banshee

And she huffs duster

And eats candy out of dumpsters 


She stinks like a loose possum

And often 

She drinks out of used condoms

No topic it’s what we’ve all been dreamin of

I read we were topicless my brain was seizin up

I hope I get a lot of votes this week and uh win

Unlike ****** ***** sad battle with leukemia

You don’t wanna mess with me because

I was better than you 

When we were still printing CDs up

Time to go

You done stepped up on the lions toe

Kinda slow

You ain’t got a lot of rhymes to flow

So you behind a troll

That’s kinda gross

And you got a face that says 

I failed the class to drive a hi lo yo

This is the third time

I’ve eviscerated you with my word rhymes

When it comes to people on the internet

You’re the worst kind

Yo this is all super petty


44. All My Friends prod by Skibble


Just got back from a barbeque after stupid work

It was super perf 

Just what I needed

All my friends were there

Adam was on seven beers

Charly was off seven feet

Beth was on the music tip 

And Steve brought the conversation

Now I’m waitin

For the next time we can kick it 

Cause we’re all amazin

When we’re in our element

It’s never been better

Than settlin in and rememberin

The sentiments

When we feed off each others evidence

It’s story time

We organize

Another get together

When Emily’s in the border lines

Freestyle never kick a boring rhyme

Stevie Sundae on the mizzy mic

And he gets it hype

Every single time

Cause that is his life

Tell me what is it like

To be so sick at cypherin

That you get up in the middle of the night

To recite these lines with the eyesight

And precision the vision

When persistent

Doesn’t give in 

To anything but winnin

And when it does that

You know you got a good thing goin on

And when they come back

You know you gotta keep it goin strong


I love

The way you hung the lights on the deck

I love

How well behaved your dog is

I love

The good tunes that were playin

I love

My friends


Honestly the concept is the simplest

Maybe you haven’t been able to kick it with em in a little bit

Ya get to missin em and then ya givin em a call

Sometimes they’re too busy to answer and you’re like awe

But you’re friends they’ll hit ya back when they get a sec

And you can start talkin like you’ve never missed a step

It’s the best yeah

To have people in your corner

That you can talk to 

And you know they want the best for ya

And when you do 

It feels like you got the stress quartered

Everything’s cool

And you got the next order in the bag

Already before it’s ever been ordered


That’s a friendship

That’s until the end shit

Ain’t nobody fresher than my clique

I’d like to shout out all the friends that have been with me

Whether you’re still here 

Or you live in my memory

Some of them are dead

Others we ruined the energy

I’m accountable now and I can see the way you centered me

And everything you did for me
That’s real

You helped develop my pedigree

Oh yeah

That’s just the kind of friends I need


I love all my friends (x6)

I love all


45. Growth Prod by Tired Old Shoes



This feels like

We’re on our way into a brighter situation

This feels like home

This feels like

We’re out and headed to a better destination

This feels like growth


They want us divisive

They plotted division

They spotted the differences

And then guided the mission

Don’t let em tell you different

Just because you got dirty dishes

Doesn’t mean you gotta go and remodel the kitchen

The top position I would envision when I was seven

Would be for them to stop and listen

We got it look at how I’m livin

The younger me would be so proud of me right now

You’re doin a bang up job bravo lights out

Learned how to fly and the nest was left behind

Worked overtime till the rest were stressed and tired

Overcame a long way

The road is paved with song names

Born last night

But we’ve been at it all day

Makin up for lost time

Takin up the goal line

Wait get up

They’re wastin us

Evasive with their slow grind

I’m finally perfect

Divinely interpret it 

Give me a call 

When you can find someone to work with this 




They’re gonna come with a plan to defeat us

Cause we’re the baddest and meanest

With the balances of bala-ra-rinas 

Packin arenas

Stackin loads of golden Sacajaweas

No one asked if they needed us

Passion it leads us

Now we’re fashionable 

And we can actually eat enough

Everywhere we go we know demand is keepin up

It’s a February show in snow but damn we heat it up

When the band is leading us

There’s no abandoning the rush you get 

When you speak your mind

And people are standing up

They’ve clapped and jumped for me

When I’ve acted out in my baddest of slumps

And that’s been enough for me to come back askin what’s up

Pokin my nose in the local scene

I’ve been growing a lot

Hopefully they still know it’s me




46. Medical Insurance Prod by willdeebeats

Start Rhyming! 


Look who isn’t new in town

I’m the one that they couldn’t do without

On my first birthday

I freestyle rapped to the candle

And blew it out

All my Queens deserve the hugest crown

We threw you down through the ground

I’m on that cow manure style

Lookin for a newer sewer to pile up

All the shit I’m spewin out

Human Yahoo News account

I’m stupid now

Because I be off of the newest bounce


Come through with me ya get dizzy

If you wanna get up with willdee gotta have the skill

Or you just gotta have a reddit account and that’s for real

That’s for free

This is for me

Thanks to you

I listen to myself on repeat

I hate my job more than I hate rappers hatin

All I do is fuck and stop at the gas station

On the way to the corporation

Where I’m stuffed in my desk chair

And reminded that the morgue is waitin

Watch me ignore the basics

You were behind on your mortgage payment

Before they pour the basement

And I’m just sort of faceless

And I’m just sort of nameless

And nobody knows that I exist

So it’s sort of painless

Your foreclosure case is

In the back of my mind

While I’m in line for the Asics 

Honestly Onitsuka Tigers are my favorite

I was trained to just be brain dead

And aimless

As long as we stickin to whatever the play is

Nobody say shit

Nobody gettin work done

Copyin answers

And fuckin round ti’ll the worst come

The next emotion 

Is marketed as the best promotion

Go out with the team after work

Drink the rest of the potion


But they got free hot dogs

What are you doing for this company

Ehhhh I’m working hard a lot boss

Keep em embarrassed and timid

Until they’re scared to envision

Anything outside of this shared prison



But we got free pop though (x4)

Medical insurance (x2)

But we got free pop though

And coffee



47. Salted Grass prod by nodrive


If I was a baller 

I’d call her

Fly her to New Orleans 

Eat a pound of crawfish

I get laughs and applause 

Because I’m honest

Rappin my ass off

Because I’m on this

When I’m saying something

I’m always playing dummy

People try to take it from me 

And they think it’s funny

That I hang out by the trash cans

Behind the cash advance building

Teachin a gymnastics class

Doin handstands

If this is your last chance

To go and attract fans

Ya gotta play it cool

*Voop* bust out the rap hand

They’re not gonna know what it means at first

Or the significance

Until you start feedin em verses 

For them to eat but it works

Now when

I would wanna be 

The statue of a samurai with a lion

Thats pouncin inside of a fountain

Money on the ground that’s all around em

And when people come to get it out

I’d drown em

I don’t know

There’s just something about it 

I’m as cold as ice is 

Not the ones that chop the heads off

I’m talkin what’s inside your Long Island

I don’t resort to violence

I don’t see the point

I just got diamonds installed 

On the insides of my eyelids

Ever since I bought a gun I’ve been so fuckin shitty

Now I can shoot anyone who doesn’t agree with me

Mostly it’s just flies and bugs

Then I go hide from the fuzz

When I’m high on drugs

I’m paranoid they think I’m a thug

And they gonna climb the ladder

Up into my tree house

Every since I bought a gun

We always smokin speed now

I be out

In the forest

With the bears and bees now

Don’t freak out

I’ma cut you down 

So we can reroute

Instead of gettin creeped out

Hittin redial

Why don’t you just let me

Put some honey in your teeth house

Castin a wide net

Catchin all the dolphins

You wanted to come and try it

You’d have to go and call in

You’d have to know what offense

You’re up against 

It’s paramount

Unless you wanna go 

And throw in on a bolted coffin

I’m out votin often

Ever since I bought a gun

I’ve found I got a lotta smoke in Boston

I don’t know the boss

And I haven’t been around in awhile

But I’m quoted often

So I’m drownin in smiles

They reimburssin for gas

I’ma hit up the grocery story

And round up the miles


Punchin in ain’t authentic 

Awe bet it is

Instead of

Fuckin with the short end

Of the short ended stick

Throwin out a long winded song

That is shit

Just take some time

To find the rhymes

You can augment it with


48. Bloody Stumps Prod by Russel Flex


Battle for your god 

I’ll beat her

Bet I’m leadin all the cattle 

Right into the slaughter feeder 

Took a lot up outta me to

Not be just a bottom feeder

You’da thought of me to be a

Bet I stay strapped

Like a California water heater

Enough of the appraisal jokes

I’m bakin loafs

I’m so sophisticated though

I’m playin notes

I’m sayin quotes

They takin notes

They layin low

I’m undereducated

Underestimated both

They fake as though

I’m not their favorite so

I’m walkin in my naked clothes


In the forest like big grizzlys

Because of my choruses

They all wanna dic kiss me

Wanted to dismiss me

And that is just shitty


When nobody can fuck with this city

It is not mystery

It isn’t his theory

They’ve gotta come up with synonyms

For them just cheering

I’m in the airport eatin honey buns

Countin money dumps

Until my fingertips are bloody stumps

What it do what it does

C’mon man fuck him up

I’d rather just leave him alone

And then go cut a rug

I do not dance though

This is a rap show

If you give me some beats

Bet I will enhance those


Everyone and their dad knows

You’re in last place

According to fan votes

I am a damn pro

Rest in peace to your career 

C’mon everybody

Let’s go light a candle

I’m in my sandals

Drinkin on a Faygo pop

With both my hands full

Buildin a potato clock

Aimin to cancel 

All the ones that take your spot


Ya’ll be softer than a play-doh rock

Or a rock of play-doh

I don’t got a lot to say though

808’s ‘ll keep on pumpin

And I serve em with a lotta queso

I’m feelin cheesy as fuck

But if I listen to me 

On repeat

In a week 

I can see I really beat it up

My biggest fear

Is hittin the booth and then freezin up

It hasn’t happened

Whether I’m sober or feelin buzzed

I just keep doin I

In between the weekends

I dress up in a suit and tie

And then it’s do or die


49. Though Prod by H.T. Kid


Yo it’s a hot one

Out on the block like when the cops come

You’re seven inches from a shotgun

Facial expression says I’m not fun

Never fun you better run

Because I’ve dropped em

Don’t know what they’d done or had not done

Discretion is not part of the job son

When I graduated I was top one

The top one


Well would you look at that

Crooked back

Get em into push a badge

Better get em back to bookin fast

If they lookin mad

The art of war is to start the war if you’ve got a lawyer

And if you don’t you gotta shut up like it’s your employer

Holy moses their morals got scoliosis and they hold explosives

Nobody notices what the dosage is of feelin the most important

Egomaniacal evil and wild so eager to trip that it’s leavin us hopeless

Hands up don’t shoot

That should

Be some rudimentary

You were sent for peace not a fast fuck

Hands up don’t shoot

That should 

Be some rudimentary

Why are you defending the enemy

It’s not that every tomato up in the shop is rotten

Imagine the scenario where someone has gotten

A tomato that has made contact

With one that has gone bad

And when they eat it

Instead of getting sick they get shot at

That’s kinda what we’re up against

Doesn’t make no fuckin sense

Climbin up a hundred fences 

While they rubberneck

And try to cover up expensive disasters

The masters

Have pitted you against us

With a perimeter set up

Driven to resent us 

Like Piggy with glasses

Don’t forget to mention

You don’t take any ya own advice

For half the room you’re glorified

Other half you’re the one no one likes

I’m sure it’s difficult but hey

You chose this right

Watchin Cops on the reruns

Way before the calls we should defund

They tryin to play the victim the jury and the judge

Mind on guilty trigger finger on speed run


Fuck that

Fuck you

Fuck me?

Fuck you

And that’s the problem


September 2021

50. HELP ME prod by VARO Beats


I can’t tell if this is hell

For you and I 

Or healthy

I don’t know 

How far this road

Can go 

Until you help me


I’ve been an awesome friend

I’ve also been a huge ass hole

Sometimes it’s just as much a hustle

As it is a hassle 

Other times you get sold a bill of goods

They try to slip past you

Gotta keep your guard up 100

Cause we don’t live in a vacuum

I don’t crucify myself

For the mistakes I make anymore

They kept cuttin our wages 

In ways that we couldn’t afford any boards

This situation is basically vacant

I’m thinkin like who would endorse

This game that we’re playin is painful

Whos idea was this

Oh yeah it was yours

I’m pointin my thumbs in directions

Away from my body cause I can do that

I’m also accepting responsibility 

For all the choices I made in advance

The separate lesson is you made suggestions

With all of the best of intentions

It didn’t work out and it didn’t go well

But that shouldn’t mean death of a friendship


51. Barred prod by dru

I’m the shit

I always knew I was legit

Got a stuffed lion at the crib  

I won at the state fair when I was six

That’s about when it started 

You can ask about when an artist

Get’s passion out of the heart it’s 

A little bit different than this

This wasn’t given no road to take

Magnificent vision and photo face

Driven to listen to cultivate

Still in the position to motivate

Never forgettin to hold a base

Can’t get out that shoddy flow

After the body blows

I gotta go

Like adios

Where’s the hospital

I don’t know probly close

Got a lot in common with those that have won the lotto though

Cause we’re lucky as fuck and also there’s not a lot of those

Not a lot of us gotta go and ride the bus

On the way home from the school

Where they taught us to bottle up

Emotions and the true feeling

Don’t know the new meaning 

After the body blows they all feel like Houdini

I chose to move freely

And boost the views easy

Adding to the list

Of those people that do need me

I’ve mastered my topic of art

According to Jane 

Who explained my astrological chart

Not bad for a shot in the dark

Stoppin the heart

Of the darkest of sharks

Posted to chew on humans

A possible farce

Only assumin it’s not in the cards

Do what you’re doin

But not in my bar

Topic is topically soft and it’s scarred

Stoppin into to Aubrey’s barbeque

We’ve gotten this card for you

Happy birth day

It’s not as far as you might image

Cause I’ve been loyal since the jump 

Like Manu Ginobli

I’ve been doin this a ton

I thought you’d a known me

I’ve never lost

I’ve never won

The coolest trophy

Shouts to my fam in Japan

Sean and Shiori

Now we on the come up again

Cause of the lose baggage

Bout to do damage

Get you fucked up 

Like a soup sandwich

Who stands in for you

When you lose standin

With the truth and it

Doesn’t make any sense

For you not to use campus

As a huge bandage 

To rejuvenate the youth action

When you knew fashion

What do you do for a living

Whos askin

By day I feel like I’m cool drownin

At night I move mountains

Truly amused by my music 

I listen to it often

And other shit too

Bumpin Bo Jackson

Rollin down North Gratiot

Back where I used to stay

When I was on them two a days

Talk about music

Also about the abusive state 

I was in when I was living on Cushing

And working out at the school to save

Money with the scuba face


So nothing had made it to the safe

At my lowest like a tuba plays

Uh huh

Now I’m at your Lois’

Like I’m superman


I’m out

I do love you though

You’re doing a great job

Everything you’re doing is awesome


That’s real 

And that’s love

And that’s 100

Above it


Pick it up Chuck


52. Labor Day 2021 prod by Hidden Dragon

We’ll live forever

And never miss out

And we’ll live forever

And never slow down


Now I get hit up by all the producers 

On the low low low low low

Sayin how much would it cost for you to 

Flow flow flow flow flow

Over this beat beat beat beat beat 

Be be be because you are dope

I say sweet take the beat

Rework it and then sell it online like it’s me



And they get fleeced completely 



I’m just kidding you idiot 

What do you think that this is I’m professional

I’ve been doin this for a long time

And still haven’t performed at a festival

I’m a little bit jaded about that

We takin it putin it on my eventual

Calendar centerfold

Back with a package of magical edibles

And with the testicles

And with the plan to advance

And enhance the vernaculars

Accurate measurables



I don’t wanna go fast anymore 

I wanna go slow 

I don’t wanna go fast anymore

I wanna go slow


Check me one two on the beat

Like a blue mic

Used to freestyle 

I still do but it’s new like

Smooth with the groove

But the music is true life

Cruise in the booth

With the usual crew hype

Ben Holmes

Headed home


Download myself to my cell phone


Let’s go

Been dope

Since those

Basement tapes with Resto

Before that forget those

This is my set goal

That was my tenth goal

As a goalie in a soccer match

Out on the pitch I was perfect


Never toppin that

I’m bout to be a lobbyist

I’m the snobbiest

Don’t even ask me what my hobby is

Out of hobbyists in my hobby

I’m the hottest commodity yet


I’ve been a vet

No ones toppin or stoppin me

Fuck a Hobby Lobby 

I be obviously against all the hate

This resort is all inclusive

And it’s great

You can sit wherever you want

Amongst the creatives and stay

As long as you have

Until you finish your break

We can go listen to Drake

Or paint pictures of lakes

Or make paper mache

Or scribble lyrics to say

Whatever tickles your taint

Or brings your pickles to plate

It doesn’t really take a lot 

For you to mix up the day

When the position is skate

An the condition is safe

To clear away 

And steer the sleigh 

Into a simpler place



I’m almost 35 guys

A bit of a disappointment

To the people that want to define mine

Sippin a Mai Tai

Tryin to watch Grind Time 

On Wi Fi

But I’m I can’t open my eyes high

I mean why lie


And I want you to keep having fun

No matter what happens

It doesn’t matter what happens

Because you’re having fun

And THAT’S a requirement




53. Empty prod by Frank Vapor

I’m goin to the mall in my Better Call Saul sweater

I’m hot in the cold like I’m Daunte Culpepper

Chillin by the pool with my two pet snow leopards

Y’all thought you were cool didn’t you

You should know better

All the biscuits are sourced from the disco

They got in town we headed straight for the dispo

Eatin a Monte Cristo

Fried it up in Crisco

Openin the windows

Sometimes life is simple

Hangin out doin damage

Writin a recipe for a quiche 

That tastes like a Cuban sandwich

Bet I got them follows

Roll up on the cat 

WIth a water bottle right by the grotto

What’s good

Not tomorrow

Everything I play they sing along

So I make sure I say what I need to

Like a Mayer song

John not Hawthorne

I’ve been on since a sophomore

It’s big ups like a bra store

If you front you’re a goner

I’ll put drugs in your locker

You’re so done we could call mourges 

I’m so motherfuckin cool

I could thaw more

That man damn

Grandstands he should rap again

No look catch stopped the grand slam from happenin

That’s that highlight reel

My life’s real

Phil Dunphy at the festival

Sneakin the magic in

Get it past security

Inspect a dab for purity

Ingest it and then hurriedly

Accept the massive world of peace

That doesn’t exist at all 

Let’s turn it up and twist it off

Next time you’re in Michigan

You can eat my whole dic and balls

I’ve been dope since Biggie was on Diddy beats

Now we watch a lot of Dave

And this sounds like a Dicky beat

This is all their giving me

Nothing but their history

I’m all about consistency

Ray Crock Mceedees

Lightweight shoe game crucial

Blue sandals with the trim color of Metamucil

Eatin out at Zingermans

Standin right where Obama stood

If you didn’t understand it 

Damnit I bet your mamma would


Whoa for the longest time

Whoa for the longest time

This is where we put all the extra shit that we couldn’t fit in before

I’m livin the dream there’s no way that this could go better

My wife loves me to death like I’m Thomas Culpepper



54. Sue Me prod by. vrdyn


Shout out my homie Sue

Shout out my man Caterpillar 7

Shout out my clique

Neighboorhood Watch


Allowed Noise



I got a whole list of goals

And  checklist to check off

Bout to tell all my bosses to get lost

Stressed up to my neck with the next call

Bout to go lay in bed with my pet dog

Hit the road and I’m gone like peace out

It’s Friday Night I’m bout to freestyle

Got a foot up out the door I’m gone and meanwhile

They’re talkin about the quota said I couldn’t leave now

What the fuck you mean
That’s your commitment

Don’t look at me I don’t own the business

I wasn’t the one that oversold them this shit

If it was up to me I would have told em get this

We are professionals we make mistakes

Set realistic expectations

Exhibit some minimal patience

If you can’t you don’t got what it takes


Thems are the breaks

Couldn’t explain in a simpler way

At the end of the day

None of this matters

It all goes away

Flows down the drain

I don’t care what you tell all your subordinates

This job is not that important kids

How bout supportiveness

I know my life is worth more than these mortgages


There’s a lot I gotta do 

A lot I gotta get through

But I’m not doin any of it 

So you can sue me (x4)


Leave me alone 

We be closed

Small thoughts from a weak keynote

Big balls on the CEO

Cheap cost for the free freak show

Givin two weeks notice don’t 

Just focus on the weekly goals

Burnin PTO 

Got me feeling so 

Sweet sweet oh

We be little people

So we belittle people

Till we’re given equal time

And space in the mind 

And respect

We be livin evil

This is combat

It isn’t peaceful

I thought that they wanted me

So I signed a non-compete

Now look at the economy

I’m bout to be on the street


I’m still employed by the bad man

I threw all of my trophies in trash cans

Pick me up ya have the chance

Signing bonus cash advance

I’m so worth it baby

You see the way I work it’s crazy

This song is a bad example

Respect me and I wont be an asshole


There’s a lot I gotta do 

A lot I gotta get through

But I’m not doin any of it 

So you can sue me (x4)


55. Privilege Of Passion prod by WerkingDad


I’m hummin on my way across the train tracks

Yeah ok ugh

On my way across the train tracks

I’m hummin on my way across the train tracks (x8)



I’m Stevie Yzerman in the winter

Mixed with a Heisman winner

Tryin to define the rhymes I deliver

Would leave your spine disfigured

And your mind blistered

Like some kind of science picture

Design the finest fixture of a violent victor

Behind the kicker I could hide all kind elixirs

I’m a mascot for dad bods

Stack dropped on the laptop

Have not in the past tense

Meaning I have been

But I am not


RIP Norm

Start my free course

So far I seem bored

Guitar like three chords

Car bike seahorse

I don’t care how you get here

Red light means record

Now why’s that bird wanna go learn to sing

They’ve always been the first to think the worst of things

Wonder what kind of rain all these worms’ll bring

Wonder what kind of sun’ll come up after worshiping

Went from bangin on pots and pans pans and pots

To fillin a van with a lot of contraband

Roll it across the land

Now they wanna dance

Happened upon the chance

To smack her butt like a bongo and 

I go nuts I go ham

Like I’m jammin out

I’m so done I’m so high

That I can’t get down

I’m so fun I’m so fire

That I fan it now

I’m so sprung 

I don’t even have to plan it out

We took different paths in

This is the privilege of passion

No one in the village isn’t laughin

When we get it past em

They didn’t get a seat 

And said we didn’t ask em


Here’s your invite

How long have you and I been tight

The history I then write

All I hear is Ben’s nice

Stay on top of minds like some head lice

I get distracted at work

Wanna go and write wraps

When I go to write I get distracted from that

Livin life couple minutes at a time

By the time I give it to you 

I want you to give it back

Pimpin aint easy

Trickin aint either

Don’t quit your day job

And don’t make the T-shirts

Won’t take the pilgrimage

Donate the privilege 

Can’t take the heat of the breech

Don’t go feet first

So now we’re divin in with both hands

Did I mention we have no plan

Or a way to exit this

Someone please remind me what the lesson is

Someone please advise me what the levels are

Ain’t nobody shootin for a settled star

That man’s half amazing half minotaur

Hit me with your best shot

Pat Benatar

I rhyme over harder beats with better bars

And that’s how I compete with these men at war

We tell better stories about lesser scars

I’m gonna go get the car




56. Escobar's Hippos prod by Mothbox


I’m a little bit late to post and I don’t mean to boast

But I spent most of my Friday night out on a boat

In the Detroit River

It had six sails

I drank liquor and ate like a big whale

This is most of what the trip entailed

I picked anchovies outta the water by their fishtails

And slapped em on a Nicoise salad then ate that

Then came home jacked off and started to rap to you

Face the fact kid

You gotta face that says I own a Budweiser racing jacket

And I wear it to the grocery store

Where I hold hands with my pregnant girlfriend

And we share a cigarette before we go in

That’s a blatant ass kick

So vivid no glasses

Flows on full grown Bull Mastiff

No Petito no Go Pro

I go coast to coast though

I’m Joe Sakic 

Mixed with Bo Jackson

Got the whole match lit

The whole class is askin 

Who the fuck is he

I’m me and I do it comfortably

You’d love to be somebody who’s in love me

Don’t cross this Animal pal I’m plantin my money trees

That’s a Switch bar

Toby I love this bar

It’s hard to hide

Like walkin round when my dics hard

I’m flyer than the pigs are

She gets animated like some Pixar

But I can tell she’s fake just by her tit scars

This star is the center of the Wheel constellation

That’s a Michigan only constellation

I learned that on the boat today

Everybody go away

I just wanna make sure

That I make sure that I hold my weight

I have no eraser 

It’s invasive that I wrote this way

I get so complacent on the day to day and throw away

Everything that I create to chase away the snow and rain

Why would you debase the basic nature of your growing pains

I don’t know but that’s what I tend to do on the usual

Re-enacting the Crucible from inside of a cubicle

Look at that whole school full of people I’ve been there

Buildin up the boundaries tearin down my cuticles

Oh how cute of you

Yeah that’s me in the picture and I’m beautiful

It’s not that unusual to love myself 

Like I deserve to be loved

You should love yourself

Because you deserve to be loved


I should have sent the card kiddo

Now I’m on the loose like I’m Escobar’s hippos

They thought it was a breakthrough

Really they just keep on dentin our windows


Cocky fuck

Sloppy drunk

Cooler than a hockey puck

Ain’t nobody stopping us

Lock me up for being dope

And then go and copy us

It’s so obvious


And I love you

I do

I love you for a lot of reasons

These are a few

Your patience 

You’re always so patient with me

Your appreciation

You always appreciate me

And your understanding

You always understand me

No matter what I say

Or how I say it


57. DEMO prod by Marcel


Blowin up

Can you believe it


Back when Ben was Benny Holmes 

Quinn was an Eskimo

Couldn’t find a better time to round em up and let em go

Left alone 

Stepped upon as if a stepping stone

Tryin to bring my set up home 

And hit the phone as if they’re meant to show

Incredibly leveraging festivities at a festival

Fruitless venture getting longevity out of vegetables

Benny in some dock slippers

Chopsticks potstickers

What I’m on is not liquor

Ridin with the hot sister

You don’t know the whole story like a Russian dash cam

Standin in a background lonely at the last dance

Only advice I have for you is a laugh track

Maybe that’ll move it better in line with the Stan Stans

Somewhere in between Breakin and Flashdance

Benny is a lit Bic

Marcel is a gas can

Hundred thousand million trillion demos in the trash can

Hundred thousand million trillion demos in the trash can


Hundred thousand million trillion demos in the trash can (x4)


Yeah that’s carnivorous 

Bad start but it’ll get 

Better as time goes on 

And you think  about how lit it is

More into perseverating precipitous situations

They don’t understand it so they dance around the clitoris

Unsatisfied unlike unfollow it

I’m like hey quick question for ya 

She’s like I’ll swallow it

Put it in my mouth then get it all wet and polish it

Hollow it out and then go kiss everything around of it

Uh that sounds fun but I gotta pass on the passion

I’m flattered but I was just askin for napkins

B Holmes dope here we go

Crashin the wedding like I’m Pete Holmes

Serve creole by the kilo

We know Doritos Cheetos I’m crispy

Sharin the lead roll with Jared Leto nifty

This beat is sick as fuck

Good thing I’m vaccinated 

At every booking they seem fascinated

Had to say it 

Grab a track and lacerate it 

And degrade it and replay it 

and replay it and replay it and replay it and replay it and

I’m somewhere in between Tito and the Beatles (x 11)


58. Break From My Head Prod by willdeebeats


The gears keep spinning in my mind behind my eyes

All these weird things I find after years I thought I could hide from em

Just when I’m comfortable enough A-OK 

Try to go to bed it’s like hey remember 8th grade

ha ha

My lack of education is as embarrassing as it gets

I’m trying to read what’s on her shirt

She thinks I’m just staring at her tits

The menu said the pickled peppers come with the calamari

So I ordered the calamari and there’s no pickled peppers

I didn’t even get an apology

What did that cop think when I didn’t make eye contact

Did he think I’m high on drugs or drunk

Or I’m a pacifist rollin with Kaepernick

If someone is trying to kill me 

I hope that same cop is in back of this 

Blowin her ass to bits

But I hope no ones tryin to kill me though


oh shit


I need a break from my head 

I need a break from head 

A break from my head

I need a break from my head

Need a break from my head

I need a break from my head

A break from my head

I need a break from my head


I talk to myself when I’m drivin

I talk to myself when I’m walkin around

I talk to myself while you’re talkin

About what you’re talkin about

It’d be more interesting if it was me

Or if it was you when you were with me

If it isn’t either one of those

Then I’m already at maximum capacity

I sing to myself in the shower

I sing to myself in the car

I sing under my breath at the office

I hope they know I’m a star

I’m the best at karaoke

Tonight at my home bar

But I can’t drink

So it’s gonna be so hard


I need a break from my head 

I need a break from head 

A break from my head

I need a break from my head

Need a break from my head

I need a break from my head

A break from my head

I need a break from my head


I was workin in the office of a recording school

Showin off this freestyle I had done 

Thought it was cool

Someone took the time to make a video for it 

And this was the debut

Our instructor came in 

Sat down listened to a couple bars

Then told us to turn it off because it was garbage

Then he asked if I was retarted

Wasn’t the fact that he asked in front of everyone

That has me feelin like hell

When I played this in my mind a thousand times

It’s the fact that I never stuck up for myself

I just nervous laughed

And looked back at him and said no

What I should have said is 

You silly motherfucker

know you’re talkin to a lil young Ben Holmes?


I need a break from my head 

I need a break from head 

A break from my head

I need a break from my head

Need a break from my head

I need a break from my head

A break from my head

I need a break from my head

59. Very Unaffordable prod by nwm


Benny Holmes

Allowed Noise


Hit Or Miss

Neighborhood Watch


This is take four

I guarantee you’ll get what you paid for

And this is free

So I don’t owe you anything

The only thing I’m devoted to is my wedding ring

Everything else is mostly just upsetting me


Like the concrete they’re bout to pour in 

The backyard rat wall 24 inch

You know the deal

Overkill as long as we hold the bill

They phone to build

We do it like no one will

Bonfire in a charcoal chimney

Any means necessary 

Start your bitching

Microphone cordless

Pro Tools records this

One house

No mortgage 

Two chicks

Four tits

The type of life I’m livin’s

Like a villains

I incite the feelins 

When I write at night

I’m grindin

I don’t write I’m kiddin

I’m lyin 


Don’t believe anything I tell you 

Promise me

I don’t believe anything you say to me either

Orange Stormy Kromer green tshirt

Really I’m rappin naked

Pass the affidavit

Pen and pad adjacent

Half the basement’s 

Taken up with trash replacement

Find a faster way

To vaccinate the hands I’m shakin

Not enough time 

I only got a week of damn vacation

Not much I can do with that

Now look who’s complainin

About choosin favorites

The grass is always greener on the side I’m not on

My thoughts exactly

Spot on

I don’t know what else I have to give to y’all 

I could either get applause or piss em off

It’s a ball

You’re dead if you get involved

Watch your head 

Swell up redder than a cricket ball

We’re the ones that kick it off

Your quarterback drops back

First pass of the game we pick it off

The best defense is a strong offense

So fuck you

All your thoughts are nonsense

You thought I was stuck up before I did this

While you were ridin the bench

What’s the difference between us

We could start at the penis

Or we could both say we’re dope rappers

And see who believes it

I started this to have fun

Now I’m stressin 

Cause my plays are down 300

From last month

A year ago I wouldn’t get 300 plays a year

I don’t know why I’m trippin

I’m still here

Kill deer to eat

Pullin em out the cooler chest

I’ma be successful

Whether I talk to you or jet


Flyer than the air force is

Microphone cordless


One house

Four mortgages 

How unaffordable is this


60. Dance Song prod by Fiori DS


This ya copilot Benny Holmes

I’d like to give a big shout out to Fiori DS 

For providing us with this musical accompaniment

For our journey today

Feel free to unfasten your safety belt

Get up in the isle

And dance



They want a dance song

Because they be feelin the vibe

It’s been a long day

Gonna be one hell of a night

They want a dance song

Yeah because they’re feelin alright

They hit the dance floor 

Gonna be one hell of a ride


Yeah that’s the feelin

Everybody put their hands to the ceilin

Ain’t nobody gotta damage a villain

When the bands in the buildin

With the bands that we gettin


Grown and sexy

Only the besties

Roll with the friendlies

Nice body 

Hold it against me

Smooth with the game

Like they threw me an ESPY


I don’t know you but I

Feel as if I want to

Spend some time together

Out under a full moon

Look up at those stars now

Woo you look so gorgeous

You gon make this boy blush

Be the Queen in the middle of my royal flush


Oh I love to see where this goes

Oh I love to see where this goes

What time is it (x3)

Doesn’t matter (x7)

What time is it (x4)

Doesn’t matter (x7)


Time is a construct 

Time is a construct

When I saw you I was awestruck

Time is a construct

Time is a construct

When I saw you I was all sprung


They want a dance song

Gonna be one hell of a night

They want a dance song

Yeah because they’re feelin alright

They hit the dance floor 

Gonna be one hell of a ride

They want a dance song

They be feelin the vibes

It’s been a long day

Gonna be one hell of a night

They want a dance song

Yeah Because they’re feelin alright

It’s been a long day

Gonna be one hell of a ride

They want a dance song


October 2021

61. The Day I Quit My Job Freestyle Prod by Dylan Samarasena


You’re gonna forget me yeah (x4)


I don’t mean no disrespect though

But I don’t have 

Any kind of confidence in your intellect so

If you wanna try

To get all intercosmically 

Intertwined with me

It’s gonna be a problem

Because you got a lotta Kool Aid in your mouth

You’re sippin through a straw

And that is now against the law

I am not payin attention to any of your discombobulated thoughts

At all

I know you have a lot to say 

And you think about a ton

But I don’t wanna hear any of it

You better run 


Hit the hills

I don’t have any skills

 Developed for the way you make me wanna kill

So I gotta tell you goodbye now


Get the water and put your fire out

I gotta make sure it’s never gonna light again

Cause I’m goin inside and turnin off the lights

It’s Ben


You’re gonna forget me yeah (x3)

Ugh it’s not a bad thing

I just didn’t think you deserved the best parts of my personality


I know you gotta say your pleasantries please save em

For someone besides Benny because I take em

And throw em in the trash can anyway

So if you wanna waste my time 

Why don’t you chose any other day

To do it on

You is wrong

And I’m in the right

And everybody knows except for you 

And that’s the fight

That we’re in until the end

And that’s the end

Cause we’re no longer friends
So none of this even makes sense


You’re gonna forget me yeah 

I promise

You’re gonna forget me yeah (x3)


I’m on to better things

Watch this motherfuckin butterfly spread it’s wings

Watch me leave you in the past

Watch me move myself to greener grass

I won’t remember you or anything

You said 

So I’m not offended you don’t remember me


Excuse me 

What’s your name

Oh I’m sorry

We do-we do-we did work together

I’m sorry 

I’m sorry 

What’s your name?
I’m bad with faces

I’m also bad with names

I’m also bad at remembering 

Boring fucking people


62. We've Got Everything We Need pt 2 Prod By Nicky Spacebum


Last Friday I was quitting my job

They weren’t giving me praise

They weren’t giving me props

They weren’t giving me pay

They weren’t giving me guap

I said I gotta go 

They said wait no stop

Haha I’m kidding

No one tried to hold me back 

They walked me out the door

Said turn in your badge

And I threw it right on the floor

It was an accident actually

I was aimin for the desk

They weren’t payin attention

So I tossed it casually 

In their direction and it slid

Across the top and landed three

Feet away from their feet 

They said I had to leave

They looked up mad at me 

And thought I did it on purpose

It’s understandable but I laughed

And said you’re not worth it

I don’t feel bad for the ones I left on the inside

I can only try to help I’m only livin this life

I wish they could realize they’re valuable and in line

To do bigger things than to be undervalued within life

But hey that’s the kind of cross they’re dragon

My tails waggin I’m off the wagon

I’m off the island I’m off and smilin

I’m off and I’m often lost when I’m drivin

I’m spendin my time off rhymin

I’ve been offered 

Lots of different kinds of compensation packages

Since I’ve been shackles


Watch it unravel


We’ve got everything we need (x3)


I spent last Friday quitting my job

Drivin away bumpin Freedom by Niki Minaj

The road ahead of me looked like a living mirage

The kind of life I’m livin’s softer than a titty massage

I swear to god

I wouldn’t trade my office hands 

For a small advancement

Without ever knowing they’re callin back

With a large offer of olive branches

Yeah it’s half full

But look how small your glass is

My cup runneth over nicely 

Nightly I see my dreams might be

Attainable with a little believe it when I speak

You could live however you want 

I’m livin life free


I do two then I’m out (x3)


63. She Lived Downtown Prod by Malcom Yeti


(Hook 1 x2)


She lived downtown


If I didn’t have the gas to get there I would steal the money

Out my parents bottom drawer it made me feel disgusting

But then I got butterflies deep down in my stomach

As soon as I filled up the tank and knew that I was coming to you

Do you remember the way we used to be so funny together

The summer days it never rained it was sunny forever

Either way we knew we would weather the storm so it’s whatever

When it got cold I gave you my sweater

When it would overheat you gave me rides to work

I’d hook you and your friends up with ice cream ‘n you and I would flirt

Ignoring the camera lens, laughing at the customers

It’s been a long time since back when them summers were

Spent mostly going


(Hook x2)


I’m gonna hang out with my lady


I’m gonna hang out with my girl


You were the first one to show me the weed smoke

Where did 17 through 23 go

Take it back, start from zero

You and I were just some different kind of people at the time

I never claimed to be nobodies hero

Like you didn’t set out to be anybodies B roll

We played the parts we were given and then we rewrote

The ending, to fit in with “every things a ski slope”

But because puppy love is a part of coming up

Nothing was as complicated as it is until it was

Without warning it happened

In a glorious fashion

With rose colored glasses I still take it back sometimes

When we were


64. Forensic Files Pt 1 prod by BakzBeats


(Hook x2)

He’s livin a double life

He don’t know what he should do

He has so much fun with you

But he don’t know who he should choose

He has so much fun with her

She has so much fun with him

He doesn’t know who to pick 

Because they both in love with him


Cocked loaded first to fire


Like the Clipse in the 90s

Or that chick that was dancin on Urban Meyer

Until you’re retired just turn the wire

Don’t speak on things that concern the buyer

Just churn the butter

Just turn the tires

Don’t work to suffer

Don’t burn desire

That emphasis is his favorite

All the sentences are basic

All the references are dated

In remembrance of takin it

To vengeance and then hatred

When forensics sends it’s tapes in

They remembered every playlist

Like some sentimental face kick


(Hook x2)


Brrrr pop pop du du du du du

Nooo stop stop don’t shoot shoot shoot shoot

Turnin real life to a game of Clue

Before he turn around they gon aim at you

Before you hit the ground they escape the suits

No you’re unfound and it makes the news

Daddy ain’t around and they hate it’s you

Mommy’s in a gown that would break the rules

Tryin to be runnin round and be datin dudes

While he was chasin down every babe with boobs


Infidelity is dangerous if only why

Because if you be runnin round

And don’t know they have guns and knives

And then you take the opportunity 

To fuck husbands and wives

And they find out about it 

They try anything to makes you die


65. Robot Santa Prod By DarcYLand

I quit two jobs every three weeks

I know I’m not all that dreamy

We know it’s almost over



Santa is a robot

Read about it in a magazine

He could give you everything you dreamed of

Once upon a time

Now he’s washed up and tired

They replaced him with a machine (x2)


Used to have the answers

Used to be your number one

Now we’re heated

Like the kitchen with the oven on

Now we’re chilly

Like the winter when the heat is broke

We’re not even speakin

Any depleted emotions

We can say the full circle has been met

Since you met Ben

It’s been best friends

And then yes

Jet set to the next mess you make

Today I will carry you through the death threats

It’s a dangerous journey

We’ve given a lot of thanks for you

Without ever tasting a turkey

I’m begging for mercy

Hoping a lot of us come out alive

And If we don’t them I’ma wait for eternity


Hook (x2)


I’m not a star

Somebody lied

Got a puppy in the car

Now everybody likes me

They walkin by me

Tryin to figure why the

Guy keeps crying

Looking in the high beams

Eyes on the prize

And I’m grinding

Sliding behind

As I’m riding the bindings

Defining “decline” in the findings

I came inside to decide if you’re dying


Looks ok to me

But I’ve had my eyes closed

Since I’ve been afraid of grief

I’ma take a week

Off to play the beat

You can go and be the judge

And I’ma play the thief

I don’t wanna take your life

Just like you never wanted to take anything from me

I don’t wanna take your life

Just like you don’t wanna eat dinner on time

I don’t wanna take your life

Like you never wanted to take anything from me

I don’t wanna take your life

But it looks like that’s the only option that I see


66. Sub Prime prod by marvbeats


You’re sure you’re able to help me?

My credits abhorrent

I had to declare bankruptcy right after the divorce

And everywhere I’ve been I’m too much of a risk for em

They tell me to come back when my FICO isn’t piss poor

And it doesn’t make any sense, what do you see that they’re ignorin

I never would have stopped but the rent is due in the mornin

And I don’t know how I’m gonna pay it

I get a check, the next checks spent before I make it

All I need is some relief for the time being

And all you need is proof of income and my ID?

Shit I got both those right here

Let’s go baby

I can pay the rent and the lights and the phone maybe

Now I don’t want to go crazy

Tell me if I’m in the red

But I’m trying to hook myself up with some internet

At the apartment

We can do that? Yes please

I’m bout to pay this loan off next week

Livin less than check to check sign the paperwork

Takin all the steps necessary to make it work

Soon as I get back on my feet we’re gonna stay secure

This is another chance. Watch our graces flourish

In the past I felt that stupid is as stupid does

And I was stupid not making back what I’m using up

I don’t know why the harder I work to get out of it

Creates opportunities that I seem to be screwing up

Just need a buck eighty three to make the week

Evade the fees that they collect to reconnect the power

Never unplugged anything

Don’t understand it

It’s tarnished my trust in humanity

And all the damage it’s done

To me and my family damnit

It’s hard to get out from under the thumb I’m under

I wonder which of the pressures I’m under will I succumb to

In other news I’ve begun to refer to em as the suckers

The ones that offer comfort only then to make us suffer

Doesn’t take a big scientist to know the game is rigged

I am just a pawn in a way that they wanna make it rich

My bank takes a hit now I’m below zero

interest rate triple digits how the fuck I pay for this

I’ve never been financially sound

Cause I wasn’t fortunate to grow with money around

With a smile in my face they say they’re dumbing it down

And then they steal all the funds out of my fucking account


67. Flaws prod by Louie Devaulo


Today’s the day that I’ve been waitin for 

Now it’s right in front of me

I’ve been takin it so slow 

It’s been so long that now I see

Today’s the day that I’ve created 

I’m gon make it work for me

I’m gonna save this place I feel

If it’s not flawless just wait and see


Backstrokin through an ocean of sentences

Knowin this love is both for your perfect and your blemishes

Hold you close in the winter when December hits

And only told the stories as the victors remembered it

Buy a pass go and pick through the memberships

Life ain’t nothin but persistence and leverage

It doesn’t cost nothing to be forgiving

And know we’ve all slipped up since the beginning


Lookin like a weird goblin 

Walk into the biergarten

With a face full of cheddar cheese beard pollen

We’re often 

On the same page

Then we veered off when

They raised the steaks

I said today’s the day

I would ace

Every test I’m givin 

Now I’m feelin like



Now I’m feelin like




Yeah todays the day and I love it

Feels like I’m rich feels like I got a puppy

Everything is script

Everything except the drum beat

Everybodies offbeat but the beat keeps coming

This is the type of song

That I was afraid to write

Less than a year ago

Now I feel as if I’m takin flight

Yeah they still don’t know what it feels like to save a life

Every mistake is sacred paste it when they gave advice

We find imperfection in the littlest things

Or we could flip the script and give the winning it’s team

Or we could flip the script and just start living the dream

Or we could go and flip over the vending machine


Todays the day and I love it

Feel like I’m right feel like I got a puppy


Todays the day and I love it

Feels like if I slipped up then you got me

This is the closest that I’ve ever been to perfect

I’ve been writin notes practicing my cursive

You got me feelin like 

Ba da da da da da da da da da

This is the closest that it’s ever been to worth it 


I’ve been writin notes practicing my cursive

You got me feelin like 

Ba da da da da da da




68. Birthed Day Bars prod by Nicky Spacebum


It’s 12:10 in the mornin

You know that Ben’s in the zone

My birthday ended just like 10 minutes ago

You know I’m fit with a bow

I know my chick is the dopest

She went to bed but I was like

Yup I’m finnin to flow

They want to hang with us?

I say yo well give em a rope

I’m stayin up baby

As if I was swimmin with floats

My raps beginnin to slow

My back was hittin the ropes

But everytime they passed the ball

I would kick it in the goal

I’m coppin bud and stockin up on guac for the gringos

Shout to El Tienda we nosh tacos by the cinco

I’ve had a sink full of rhymes since we were still droppin ringtones

And I’m still hot like a mother fucking flock of flamingos

Check the etymology

Don’t wait up for Ben’s apology

I’m a box of Oxycontin

In Michael Keaton’s biography

Not done yet

Some said it would have happened a long time ago

I’ma grow to namaste when I can flow the rhyme alone

I’ma grow the pyro show until their ***** hairs sizzle

Stormy Kromer in the forest like I’m bear grizzle

Any grizzly bear would fair well against your scared pistol

While every line I write is like a surface to air missile

Light the night

I write to cite the plight

And ignite the fight for rights

They lie, I lie, we all lie

Despite advices

I never write this

I like to recite whenever in sight of the mic devices

Poetic license I hold it

Strobin the lights with the glow sticks

Broken a Vicodin open

Molson’s on ice when I hold it

No ones on Vicodin posted

We don’t drink Molson

We’re holdin Short’s brew

Til we’re leanin over like some scoliosis

That’s sad

Ass hole

Broker with the fast pass

Sober off the dad grass

Rope em into last laugh

Dope to have the band back

Social with the mans man

Yellin at the T ball coach

With the hat back

Words are what I work with

When they’re perfect

And the verse is

What comes out

Of this dumb mouth

From right between my pursed lips

Her hips are cursive

But worthless with this cursed dic

You threw out the worst first pitch

It’s my first kiss



Better peddle faster

Hotter than a bed of coals in a Weber Kettle bastard

Ben has been a disaster

Sparking a Backwoods holdin a can of Ghetto Blaster

Playin like it’s the fall

The way I always set em backward

In a backyard setting

I’m Roseanne Bar heavy

Charly grab the guitar

They’re getting our Hollywood star ready

Emily lit the cigar in the bar cuz we are friendly

Cargo khakis, Carhart jacket and a dark venti

Somewhere in between Ray Marciano

And a caramel macchiato

Or Guy Fietti mixed with an Irish model

I will follow any model citizen

Until the entire bottles hollow

Wallow in it and then watch em do it all again tomorrow

Ben’s a fuckin winner

Mabel Gray pre fixe breakfast, lunch and dinner

Meal plannin it’s the real deal and it can’t be ever stopped

Even if you were runnin up on his heels dammit

Doesn’t feel damaged

You can peel bandages

Back and reveal that it

Doesn’t even need bandages

It doesn’t bleed dammit

And as soon as he lanced it

He could go and breathe

Happily and then stampeded

Into the traffic

That’s the beginnin of it

The middle and the end

I’m Benny and we can be friends

Everyday’s the weekend

We send nothin but love out into the deep end

Shout to Jackson

With the G Pen in her She Shed

69. Bone Density prod by munck

We don’t know

What it is

That you want from us (x2)


Now I got companies mailin me laptops 

Settin me up real proper

I’m no longer stressed as a shopper

I don’t even look before I cop it 

Because I know I got it

I’m gettin launched like a shot put

Hundred thousand interviews

Now I’m blowin up like the game is an intertube

Two years ago I bet I woulda been a person

You’d like to be introduced to 

But I was into food at the time

So we  didn’t cross paths

It’s been a long track

Not saying I’m all that 

But here I am on track

Here I am on rap

Here I am ongoing 

Outgoing on tap

I understand we’re all trying to beat each other 

In a weird way to defeat the other we need each other

All these dogs 

Tryin to bit each other

Like some kongs

Filled with peanut butter



I’m locked in and prepared to launch

Ready to interrupt

Any Sex In The City marathon that’s goin on

Don’t you understand it 

This is grassroots damnit

I’ve been bad news

Since I was listenin in to Papoose

When he was new

Bending the truth 

Is when I do what I do best

Taking the training wheels off was too stressful

So we kept em on and ate our fruits and vegetables

Got their number so we could catch up at the festival

Ain’t nothin different but the bone density

If you love somethin dang gon set it free

If you don’t love it very much you gotta breathe

In and out before you go and punch it in it’s teeth

Count to three 


70. Haven't Even Heard The Beat Yet Freestyle prod. by Marcel

I haven’t even heard the beat yet (x6)

Well I heard it about 20 minutes ago

When I downloaded it 

Now I’m all over it 


Friday night

And the mic is not cordless

I’m about to record all over this 

Everybody knows that I’m still sober 

This is song number one

Number two 

Will get a little more flew

Number three 

I’ll probly be droolin all on my shoes

Number four by song number four

I’ll be on the floor

By song number five

I’m lucky to be alive


Cuz I’m on kush I’m faded

Rappin in my butchers apron

Charly got it for my birthday 

Damn I’m famous

Only write under nice summer trees

We’re bout to start a spice company

That was a lot

To come up with off the top

And I know that I got it 

Cause it doesn’t stop

I shit shower shave then get into the booth

And say everything I have to say to you

And woo


I haven’t heard the beat yet (x7)

But I’m still singin to you


I love you

That’s the one truth

That I want to always

Come through

There is no other above you

No one could ever do it better than you

You’re the best

You own your own situation

Everybodies waitin and we’ve been patient

You’re the best can I re-say it 

Can you rewind it

Just to replay it 


You can listen all day

You can get a room at the Days Inn 

Always stay down the hallway 

From me this is a long take

C’mon let the song breathe

Like I’m Fabolous

Let the song break

I’m never on break

I be lovin it baby if you want me

That’s a pick up line

It’s other lines too

But it’s also one of Pick Up’s lines



I haven’t even heard the beat yet (x7)

But I think this is gonna go alright


Rotten brown avocado

Liquor store deodorant

I’m unknown

So every show’s a covert trip


Still writin bout the older chick

We broke up fuckin 15 years ago

I’m over it 


Let me down nicely 


71. Falsified Prod by Funk Seoul Brother Beats




Don’t know where we’ve gone 

And why

It’s written on their faces


Every minutes falsified 

Then how far can we take this 


What’s a little lie

What’s a little bit of spin

To cover up and hide

Something that you wouldn’t like

If you heard it first from me 

What other kind of sight 

Would you have seen 

Or would we still be 

Stuck inside this fight

The same one 

From day one

Everyday the rain comes

Everytime I think you beat a demon out me 

They won

Everytime I think we leavin even I be dagone

Cause nothins ever peaceful

The conflicts tendin to drag on

Every single sentence you’re speakin is so belligerent

I wouldn’t wanna listen even if I was indifferent

I’m not

Now I’m stuck in a position to get hit with everything you got

C’mon take another shot

I don’t understand where you’re comin from anymore

Let’s take drugs

Go and have some fake fun


Let’s go and smile for the instie 

Even though I know you got a wrap sheet 

A mile long against me




Whats a little truth

Every little bit’ll do 

Every single move

Every little thing I do for you

Every little bit 

Every single thing I do for us

If you’re tryin to live it up

Why isn’t this enough

I couldn’t ask another question

I couldn’t ask a better question

I couldn’t ask another better question

Couldn’t think of a response

Left guessin

Didn’t get anything we wanted

And that’s a lesson

Wait until it sets in

When you’re stepped on it feels the same 

Whether Sketchers or Stetsons

Immediate pain

You’re salty enough to peel the paint


When we’re in the middle 

Of some frigid winter games

I’m workin overtime 

I’m workin when I can 

I’m workin from home 

I remind myself it’s a scam


My job is not my family

My job is not my home (x14)




November 2021

72. What happens next? Prod by M K X on Everything


I can tell you that it’s never been this fun before

And you know that I’ve been on this road a long time

They can see that there’s a feelin we’ve been fightin for

Come along and we can run away from this life



They felt the wind in their faces 

As they sprinted away just

With the simplistic basics

It’s all that they took

It’s all that they needed

The air that their breathin

The grass that their feet’ll touch

It would be so uh nice 

If all we received from life

Was enough

Without being so concentrated

On what they all need from us

It’s headline and deadline

And deadline and headline

It’s work and then fuck and then bedtime

There’s no destination

And nobody makes it to set time

The set time is better luck next time

And everybodies runnin into the red line

The red eye the pays low the rents high

The pesos are spent by

Sometimes I feel as if they do it

So no one has time to stand up for the dead guy


I went to college and then I came home

He went to college and that’s all she wrote

Woulda cost a thousand dollars just to stop the growth

And we had it

But sometimes that’s just how things go


Hope it’s happiness

I hope it’s happiness

I don’t know what’s up next

Hope it’s happiness

I hope it’s happiness

I hope it’s happiness


When they moved in 

With a car too nice for this neighborhood

I couldn’t for the life of me 

Understand how they ended up stayin for good

Intimidated as a rabbit

Caught inside a backyard

When the fence is too high


In the eyes

Like I guess this

Is when I’m gonna die


Pick it up 

Dust it of again

Run around and take the summer off

Comin around the bend in a somersault 

Feelin wonderful with nothin but a pulse

What a fall it’s been

What a winter we’re headed towards 

What a spring we’re gonna have

And then summer afterwards



Hazel’s here

Blitzen’s here

Sally’s here

Chicken’s here

Jackie’s here



I can tell you that it’s never been this fun before

And you know that I’ve been on this road a long time

They can see that there’s a feelin we’ve been fightin for

Come along and we can run away from this life





73. Matching Sweatshirts Prod by perja beats


I think it’s safe to say I’m a tall and they’re little

The price I’d pay for all your shit is just a fair nickel

I’m in the crib kickin it practicin my air dribble

If you wanna chill come and hang like a bears nipple

That felt great to get off my chest like a breast reduction

What’s that scent? I love it. I sense seduction. It’s been abundant.

Let me clue you in on a little bit of this true life

Watching 90s movies for the first time tonight

Ever since decision day it’s been real dream come true like

Marinade the chicken and then grill it under moonlight

Doesn’t matter who we had at dinner

All the other data doesn’t add up

All the chatter banter blabber

Batter batter doesn’t that annoy you

When they yell it like they galavaters

Round the bases

And the chance of that

Is just a scattered laughter

Silly with they sweet teas

They just watch the game from the cheap seats

Or yell your name at the TV

Eat and eat until they need a c pap machine to go to sleep

Knee deep in the middle management of relief

Growin weed trees in their daughters room

Family go to Disney Land as soon as all the flowers bloom

Sweet treat

Findin pictures to retweet of the retreat

As keepsakes to debrief the deep freeze

When we leave

If you ever get stuck it’s a good idea

To remind yourself that none of this is even real

When I woke up this mornin I was yawnin had a feelin that I’m ready to go

So I done got myself dressed in a minute and then I headed right out of the door

When I looked up into the sky the sun was shinin it was shinin right down on my face

Had a thought in that moment that I know that this is gonna be a wonderful day

Take a bet on the three legged horse and lose all your money

I just think it would be too funny

To watch you coming through running through something

Do nothing knew nothing

Screwed cuz the suits coming

Afternoon huffing glue must have blew something loose honey

In your honey dew running like a new puppy

Tooth bumping loose coming

Truth hunting news dumping

If you’re ever too grumpy

Just remind yourself it’s not real


74. New Day prod by WerkingDad

Ten thousand big ups 

To WerkingDad

For the weird ass

Dope ass beats


If you comment nice things about my mouth sounds

I’ll do a deep dive on your Soundcloud

Rap over every beat

And let my vocals get drowned out

And it’s like that

I was feelin pretty discouraged a minute ago

But I’m right back

I feel like that 

On the regular

So I’m used to it but I don’t like that

Look at how Ben’s livin

Why’d they sit me at the kids table on friendsgiving

That’s a diss that’s a real diss

That’s cold that’s ice cold that’s steel nips

Can’t even get a real grip of the situation

Because it’s so cold

It done went and froze up all my fingertips

I could walk into the party with a party with a smile

And walk out with a seniors hip

And a stinger slipped deep into my heart

And it hurts though

It really does yo

So I try to ease everything with the worst jokes

And it doesn’t go well

They tell me to go to hell

I ask if anyone wants to come

They say go by yourself

So I got a mic

I talk to the mic

Everythings easier when I don’t gotta get it right

On the first try

Ctrl+Z From the birds eye


Is all they see

Until I damage the


I understand it’s hard to handle a 


 But if you haven’t enough stamina 


I think it’s easier for both of us 

If we understand the per capita is bleak

They don’t make that many of this kinda dude

If they did 

A lot of things be kinda ruined

They don’t make that many of this kinda guy

If they did they’d have to define the reasons why

Nothins gettin done

No ones makin funds

Everything is easy

Everything is fun

It’s all make me beats or pay me please

It’s all give me sex or high ABV

It’s all ADD


DTI too high

It’s at 83

The BMI is on break the seat

Sometimes I feel like I hate being me

And that’s real

But I woke up in the mornin already

So I might as well enjoy it

And I got a lotta people in my corner

And I got a microphone so when I go record it

I can thank em all for being so supportive

No matter the size of my impact on them

To me theirs is so enormous

Gotta thank Emily for the birthday present I adore it

And Charly every input on the companies so important

And everybody knows I love Jackson more than anybody

And Brandon thanks for the hook up on the job we gotta party

And Davis thanks for sittin next to me when we gotta talk 

We got a lotta topics every time we do we get it started

And I gotta say when we do what we do we do it well

That’s talkin to y’all as much as I am myself

I gotta remind myself sometimes

That I deserve a lot of sunshine


You’re worth it

You deserve it 

You’re doing alright

You’re here

This songs on the internet

You have the internet

That’s huge

You’re doin great

I would encourage you to keep going

In whatever venture you’re seeking

And I’ma keep doin my thing

And we’re all gonna be ok


75. Waves Prod by Hidden Dragon


Don’t hurt me 

Don’t hurt me 

No more


You take the lead 

And I’ll follow

Wherever you go

It’s a dream when we’re on the same team

I said

You take my place

And then stay for the save

It’s a way better wave when we’re on the same page

I said 

You take the lead 

And I’ll follow

Wherever you go

It’s a dream when we’re on the same team

You take my place

And then stay for the save

It’s a way better wave when we’re on the same page


It’s been a hell of a day

We set up the base

Since you’ve been pent up and gray

Tempted to take every cent of the severance pay

I’ve resented the scent of this place

Remember the evidence sent and displayed

To distemper the members when pent up and caged

They said it was for our own benefit 

And I know that because I remember it

Like an elephant

I can tell that it’s nothing but lies

And it’s all but irrelevant

They developed it 

Had us sellin it

Falsified all of the messages

Sought to hide the cost of the rhetoric

We’ll give you nothing and that’s all you’ll ever get

I want a little bit more than that for my work

I know my worth

I’ve been in the dirt

You’d replace me first

The value of our contribution 

Is not to be diluted or misconstrued

And it doesn’t make any sense

If you hadn’t pursued it 

Then they wouldn’t be able to do this

I guess that it’s all just water under the bridge

Callin it what it is

I’ma get what I give

I make a lot 

And I take a lot

I play the spot

And I break the lock

I create a lot

And I shake the box

And I came to win

And I came to pop


I wish we could be on the same team like we were before

But that isn’t happenin anymore


And that’s your fault


You take the lead 

And I’ll follow

Wherever you go

It’s a dream when we’re on the same team

I said

You take my place

And then stay for the save

It’s a way better wave when we’re on the same page

I said 

You take the lead 

And I’ll follow

Wherever you go

It’s a dream when we’re on the same team

You take my place

And then stay for the save

It’s a way better wave when we’re on the same page


76. Adoption prod by Rory Butler Music


Benny Holmes (x2)

That person

Big ups to that person


I’m rappin for the bag now

Who let the cats out

I’m in a bath house

With the lead singer of Smash Mouth

Freestyle rap to make my dad proud

Push the gas down

Until I pass out

She got her boobs and her ass out

Then she give me head with that bass mouth


That’s a recycled bar

From my old shit

I can do that cause I’ve been focused

So long back when I was on show trips

Before ‘06 nobody noticed

Holy moses

What do we do with our hands

How do we hold it

If you wanna look up Benny Holmes vs P Team

On youtube you can see me 

Beat two dudes in a rap battle

Woo hoo

Even with the dirty feet Ben’s ok

Only raps his dic off when Mercury’s in retrograde

I don’t even know what that means really

It seems silly

But I can’t get my levels straight on this beat really

So it’s gonna be a little choppy


People on the mat as if Adam’s into Karate

Opponents step and get they tooth pulled

I’ma cool bull

Hand feeding two wolves

Go and Google anything you want about me

You can find anything you wanna find’s already doodled

In these rap notebooks I have saved

And take

Very careful care of 

In the middle of the damn basement

Handmade crayon tastes just like a bandaid 

Shut the fuck up whenever the band plays

I’m the one talkin 

One walkin towards the sun often

Doesn’t negotiate anything except for fun off em

Rest in peace Dolph whose awesome

And any other dolphin caught when

They were tossin wide nets without caution

My parents haven’t called in

I don’t know how long

Probly since the adoption

Was the last time they stopped in

Ain’t no sweat off my back

I wanna say hi dad

Since you left I’m livin high class

I hope you smile back

My chicks awesome

My chick says the dicks awesome

I’m the one Tom Clancy based Rainbow 6 off of

The Don Dadda

On propper

Takin the seven train to throw batteries at John Rocker

I’m a bastard

In the grandstands grandstandin

Hatchin a plan with Shannahan

Till every ambulance in the areas

Packed with Avalanche cadavers



Landed the dagger

Right in the middle of the midsection

They want me to record my recording process

For kids lessons

It’s a blessin

It’s a gift

It’s stressful

Takin names and kickin dicks


Never needin more lotion

Catch me chillin in a warm ocean

Pissin on a rollercoaster

Shittin with the door open

We’ve been everything that you’re hopin



77. Driveway Prod by poorboy612


Oh we gon’ rap about that

Oh we rappin about that one

Oh we rappin about that one

Oh we have to

That was a problem

Check this one out


I went to a house party 

And arrived around five

I walked inside the door

And everybody said hi

I brought a bunch of food

And the homies did too

Had a little hard liquor

And a lotta good brew

Some people had their cider

And some people had their wine

We all just relaxin and havin a good time

At this point in the evenin

We’re warmin up our plates

Connectin with each other 

And everythings goin great

The circle of friends I run with consider ourselves some chefs

So you know we had to show up and put out a good spread

We had options of quesadillas 

The fixins we’re regarded

We had meatballs made with venison

Bought from the farmers market

We had sliders we had cake

And we had chicken we had steak

We had the dish I had invented 

Just earlier in the day

There was a joint goin around I didn’t hit it and passed it 

Cause I knew at some point I wanted to get back home to Jackson

And it was cool just relaxin

Some people we’re gettin after it

Which was fine with me 

But I wasn’t tryin to get in the action

Holdin one beer chillin I’m not tryin to drink and drive

I’ve done a lot of stupid shit but have never been that kind of guy

It’s at this point in time I start to realize

That people that came up after me had blocked me in the driveway

So I vocalize I’m not tryin to be here all night

And I would like it if I was able to leave around nine k?

Everything’s straight they all call me a pussy

But a lot of em are drunk

And I don’t mind cause they’re joking

Some of them I haven’t seen in awhile and miss bein around em

The speech is gettin slurry the music is gettin louder

And it’s creepin up on nine we’re on the couch playin games

I looked at my phone and see that I’m probably stayin late

That’s ok cause hey we’re havin fun livin life

It was at this point I remind everybody bout the driveway


9:35 situations gettin dier

When I remind everybody I’m gettin tired

It falls on deaf ears

Ain’t nobody bein cool

I’m tallkin to my buddy

Cause he’s tryin to leave to

We’re packing our belongings

And we’re cleanin up our messes

We’re standin by the door

Just hopin they get the message

But they don’t and never did 

So I’m startin to get pissed

I look at my phone

It’s 9:56

I walk into the living room and say I’d move they car for em

But they wouldn’t listen and most of em tall ignored it 

Now I’ma stay respectful and tell em how fun it’s been

But also convey the fact that I’m at my wits end

I’m feelin really disrespected by my best friends

And I’ve seen the way this party goes when I was Lil Ben

But now I’m much older and my patience gets thin

I’m under 5’ 7” and he’s probly 6’ 10”

Incoherent and blarin music doin the air guitar

I tell him this isn’t fun anymore and to move his car

He said that he’s gotta piss

I tell him I’m gettin pissed

We standin in the kitchen just waitin for him to finish

He comes out and I say great

Now I must be on my way

I’m lookin him in the eyes

And he’s laughin right in my face

He said he doesn’t understand what the big hurry is

I’m furious

I get my wife on the phone I’m for sure distressed

I tell her she might just have to come up and get me 

From a house party in my 30’s as if I was still 16

I’m raisin my voice at these people until it’s a yellin match

He’s blockin the fuckin driveway

Could somebody else tell him that

I wake her up outta be and tell her I’m really sorry

I honestly never thought that I’d be at this kind of party

At this point in our lives I thought that we could all do it better

Gotta say Jackie I’m happy that we didn’t go together

So I’m walkin down the block and I’m tellin her bout my problems

And while I was outside inside I guess they all resolved it 

Cause he came out the house and tried to give me a bear hug

I said shut the fuck up 

I’m outta here bud 


And then I was able to back up out the driveway (x4)


78. Turkey Day prod by Poorboy612

Bout to fuck around and make a whole Thanksgiving EP

Give you something to eat eat

Poorboy612 on the beat beat


I’m a bad dude I swear I’m a bad dude

Shoppin PETCO shelves for the most expensive cat food

And that’s per ounce

You turn up I’ll burn it down

Just existing till I come home and then get these words out

First down

For the away team

No ones cheering bro

Here he goes again when someone tells him he’s not lyrical

I’m about this

And they’re not about shit

I got the kind of vibe that says I’m the guy to match his mask to his outfit


This is what we stay up all night for

This is why we store the sharpies in the knife drawer

Light four sticks of incense and extend six tenths of an inch

Even though it’s bent it’s been fun to keep up with the Joneses

It’s Ben at his wits end extending all the graciousness he can

Even when they wanna be shit friends

I don’t know everything

You don’t know shit though

Watch me use your whole nose

As a pogo stick yo

You don’t have the mind or the time to be mad at me

When the back of your head is a trampoline

And your fingertips are what I use to grab my cleats


I’m in tune with the rhythmless

I’m off beat with the perfect pitch

Hit or miss

I named my company after that

I had potential

I don’t give a shit

I started all of this to get a kiss


If it fits it fits

If it doesn’t then I’ll keep chuggin along

And you can suck a dick


I appreciate the feedback homie

I think you’ve got real potential

I think we all got potential

And I think it’s instrumental 

That I keep bangin the instrumental


All these beats were provided

And produced by Poorboy612

Big ups to Poorboy


I want a girl

Who will laugh for no one else

When I’m away 

She puts her makeup on the shelf

When I’m away

She never leaves the house 

I wanna girl 

Who laughs for no one else

No one else



I already got that typa woman

She at the crib bout to give me some good lovin

I’m trying to be Adam Levining 


Everynight I wanna keep her comin


Maroon 5 on the trizzy

Mixed with Weezer and Benny keep em dizzy

Uh yeah

Poorboy612 and myself say happy Thanksgiving

Cancel that happy Indegenious people today

I’ma go listen to Weezer and play

Everything that I wanted to say 



This is what you call a three in one (x3)

This is what ya

This is what ya


I’m about to be done

I’m about to be able to hit the stop button

But first I gotta do somethin


Gotta show you

What I’m tryin to avoid

Listen up

Every girl and boy


I’m a lyrical miracle animal 

And ya don’t

Want a full handful

Because I be Benny B

As soon as I come up

Against all my enemies 

They be droppin

And they be like fleas

And they be like some flies

They be just like flies

And they be like me gettin denied

And they be like a lyrical spiritual animal

Everybody know that they gotta die

I’m a lyrical miracle spherical animal

Meaning I’m round

It’s meaning I’m fat

It’s meaning I gained some pounds

And then I never grew back

To my original size

I’m a lyrical miracle spiritual animal

Everybody wanna get a candle full of the wick

But they’re full of some shit

That’s what I’m trying to avoid


I don’t wanna go that fast

I’m just a man

That can rap
I’ve already had my chance

I’m not tryin to chase it 


You could erase this


But hey holmes

You do give some really good feedback though

Thank you


Read the room


Uh I gotta go lay down


I don’t know how old

It’s like this

It’s right here

I don’t know how old you think I am 

But I’m so flattered by your misconception (round)


Poorboy612 killin them beats though

Poorboy612 killin them beats though



79. Sous Chef prod by Poorboy612

I’ve been doin this awhile

I’m more than a beginner

Bout to call my parents

Tell em I’m not able to make it to dinner

For the 52nd holiday in a row

Cause I’m workin I’m workin

They hate it but I don’t deserve it

I’m makin everything that I can

I’m takin every opportunity

To make a lot of currency

To make you and mom proud of me

And if you’re not now

Then I guess you never will be

I’m a drop out that’s successful

Love or kill me

Cause I can’t take both

I hate those double standards

You place hold

You’ve never been in the same boat

Talk in front of a crowd

About how proud you are of raising me

Next sentence saying I’m basically lazy and crazy

I’m old enough to know you’re playin me

Take is back to ‘93

Take it back to 94 and Moross

I’ve been patiently waiting 

To see any kind of praise

For the great in me

I’ve been plating things

And making connections

Every day faithfully

Tuning every plate that I’m using

I’m a union rep now

You don’t care

The only story you’d share 

Is if I stepped down

Negative you’re only negative

And negatives never give the full picture

You’ve gotta develop what you set to snip

I’m positive everyday I’m so positive

Disaster comes my way full strength

But everyday there’s tickets that I gotta flip

And get away from negatives 

And everything you said I did 

I bet I get a text

I’m not returning any messages

You pay attention to everything around you

As long as it’s about you

If it doesn’t fit your narrative

You’re scared as shit

Cause you don’t know a response

Unless you prepared for it

It’s like we live in an alternate reality

I don’t have time to stop and sit

And for that you get really mad at me

This is a real life cats in the cradle situation

You never paid attention 

And lost me like Harry Chapin


Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy grew to the man on the moon

When you comin home son I don’t know when

But we’ll get together then


You know we’ll have a good time then


80. Unconditional Love Prod by TastYMo$$


I don’t need no promotion

I don’t want special treatment

Just give me that

Just give me that

Unconditional love

Most of the time

I know better than the notes that are lined

Up in the rows that I rhyme over with

Flows that I find up in the grocery line

Emotionless time

Holdin my own until opponents ‘ll die

I make believe a lot

I leave a lot out

When I make believe

To stop my self

From chipping away

At the blocks I need to bring

To build it up

I build it up

And every time I do

It’s you that’s there

To tear me down again

Sometimes I swear

That’s all you do


Hook x2


Hurt people hurt people

I’m on a warpath motherfucker

We’ll never be equals

It doesn’t matter how much

You wanna put into the change drawer

You’re still surrounded

By the same four you paid for

The walls are closing in

My mind is playing tricks on me

It’s no wonder why we get no sleep

Don’t you get lonely

When there is no me

You ain’t gotta kick me out again

Bitch I’m gonna leave


Hook x2


81. 10 Year Plan Prod by Luffi


How often the lyrics have predicted the future isn’t fair

We gotta start rhymin about bein millionaires 

The amount of time the lyrics have predicted the future still isn’t clear

We should probably start rhyming about being billionaires

Just in case


Same house

Fiftyseven pairs of shoes

Four stories

We paid off the mayor to

Let us do whatever we wanted

For a hundred thousand bucks

Then we bought out 

Every neighboring property surrounding us

Installed a moat a drawbridge and a koi pond

From the outside in you’d think the boy’s god

Picket signs at city hall

Their motive is stoppin us

Because we’ve been fuckin the whole cities 

Real estate market up

Big time

I’m big time I know

Now these problems are no longer mine alone

It’s hard to worry though

When I wake up early to orgasm

And have a cold brew and a croissant

Made with turkey and horseradish

The floorplan is palatial in every estate to say the least

Big windows big doors indoor skating rink

Barcade arcade who’s got next

Stargazing from the jacuzzi on the rooftop deck

Three bowling alleys

And I don’t even bowl

The garden came with a gardener

I don’t even know

We employ a full time staff of carpenters

That stay hard at work

Building rain hail sleet or snow

Got a scholarship at Harvard for Danni and Owen

It’s been hard to articulate how outstanding it’s goin

Let me take a shot and try to encapsulate it 

It’s fuckin dope

I can’t imagine if we hadn’t made it

They always told me it was lonely at the top

We got so much money

That we don’t even need jobs

We got all our homies and that’s all we need to have

Everyones together and nobodies ever sad

Not a moment passes by when I don’t feel lucky

Life has been so beautiful I forget how to see ugly

We’ve got no complaints

Everything is lovely 

And to think it all started 

With that beat made by Luffi


82. Three Blind Mice Prod by jball

Didn’t have the foresight
Nor the benefit of hindsight
Just gettin by like
Three blind mice (x4)

It was a father mouse
A mother mouse
And a baby mouse
All three of em blind
It made for quite a crazy house
A spectacle to those passin by
Quite an enigma
Never wore the dark spectacles
Didn’t believe in the stigma
Raised the little one to demand equality
And that’s for certain
Wanted to be treated
Just like all the other vermain
Challenges were to be sought after
And never escaped from
No shame in defeat
As long as you had overcame some
Tribulations are gonna come and go
You believe that
Never took twenty twenty vision
For us to see that
It’s ok to ask for help
Whenever you need that
Just be sure not to take advantage
Of when you receive that
As long as we all stay inside for the winter
We’ll all be fine
And avoid becoming dinner
For one of these felines
We don’t even need to see the street signs
Home is where the heart is
And if you’re ever in trouble just make a B-line
Back to the nest
We’ll gladly protect
Any member of this family
If they’re scared and gaspin for breath
Down and out for any reason
Every season
We gotta grow together
And help each other
As long as we’re breathin
Early on they realized they’re stronger as a unit
Livin laughin gettin by
That’s all they’re doin

And that’s everywhere
And that’s everyone

December 2021

83. Bye Bye By Guys Prod by willdeebeats



Oh shit

Back again

And you probably don’t know who it is


Let me let you know

It’s Will Dee on the beat yo

And B Holmes

You’re about to see those

Two beasts go

Into feast mode

Eat slow

Street clothes is what I’m wearin

Best to get back quick

When I’m rappin in my Midwest Kids jacket

That just came today

When I opened the package

I was so excited

They collabed with Adidas

I have it

Now I’m stompin my foot 

On the cement floor when I rhymin

It meant score 

When I’m double timin

I sent more than four

Headless horsemen to find em

Hustlin behind em 

Watch em run and hide 

And I’ve been

Comfortably disguised as an island

Now I’m not gonna say I did all of this in one take

But I only get an hour for my lunch break

You compute that

Here’s proof that I’m more of a topical spitter

I woke up today and listened to the Cordae song Sinister

Featuring Lil Wayne

One of my all time faves

The rapper not the song

But the song was OK


I go by Benny Holmes

Or just Pied Pipe

Hittin the notes the blind mice

Follow for eyesight

Dope rapper is a clue used for me in I-Spy

I’m fly

Like the ball that’s used in Jai Alai

I’m fast as fuck boy

My mind is sci fi

I’m high on the couch watchin Grind Time

Tryin to rebind my controller in Rocket League

So I can fly high

And air dribble bye bye by guys

Season five I’m sleep deprived

Now that it’s been legalized 

The weed is aight

I’ve gotta find somethin to eat alive

I’m a beast capiche rewind

Will Dee is a beast and finds

Different ways to grease the wheels 

Of all these sickenin beats I ride

You gotta keep it comin

Never let up

Never let em get up

Never let em get set up

And if they do 

You gotta knock it down immediately

And as soon as you do that 

You gotta look down on em like a deity

And show em it was easily done

And you can do it again whenever 

Never let em think they’re better 

Than you or whatever

Never set em up on a precipice

They can not be on the canopy 

Cause that’s where you reside

Truth be told it’s not do or die


Honestly it’s just a fun game

Easy for me to say 

They remember my dumb name

So you’re in the market for some recognition


You can have all you want 

Just not while Ben is spittin

I love when I refer to myself in the third person

I’m a fuckin egomaniac 

As long as the words workin

I twistin I’m turnin

I’m pissin out verbs

I’m shittin up verses

I’m pitchin I’m servin

I hit em I hurt em

The chickens are squirmin

They wanna see my chicklets in person

I forget about em 

Because I got a chick and she’s perfect already 

Benny ‘ll send you back to the clouds where you came from 

We’ve been the same ones since day one

Say somethin


Thank you Will Dee again

For bringin that sick heat

Will Dee on the track

Everytime it kills me



84. They Don't Really Got It Like Us Prod by VARO Beats

The gummies are kickin in

I think that the gummies are kickin in (x3)



They droppin guap on that tshirt


They got that watch you would prefer


They got that life that you research


But you know that they don’t really got it like us


They got that guap for that tshirt


They got that spot on that feature


They got that squad you would prefer


But you know that they don’t really got it like


They wanted it quickly 

They wanted it all put together

They wanted it fast and cheap and easygoing

Oh yeah?

Name one of them

We wanted to 

Be one of them

Be one their friends

Be what it is 

See what the need of it is

See what it’s like

Rollin the dice

Swear to god 

It’s gotta be one of the dopest of lives


Now when they come around they only wanna talk about themselves

And no one else


And when they come around they never wanna listen to the words





You probly should have seen this comin 

I don’t know how you didn’t 

I wasn’t kiddin 

They prolly should have seen this comin

But they didn’t 

Bud I wasn’t kiddin

You shoulda been runnin from the beginnin 


That’s two and I’m out


They droppin guap on that tshirt

They got that watch you would prefer

They got that life that you research


85. Live prod by BRAYD

Feelin supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

New to balance and holistic send me back to focus

Who’d imagine that complicit Benny has a motive

Winnie Cooper had me act a misfit telling gals I’m hopeless

Got a lotta space storage in my brain mortgage

I never write the verse down

Rap to save the rainforest

Take by take


Line by line


Step by step

By my design

I grind

You grind

We grind

We’re busy

Gotta keep up with e

Because Benny’s gettin dizzy

As if he’s 

Full of liquor 

Call me Alec Baldwin


Cause I can kill em without pullin the trigger


It doesn’t make sense

I know it doesn’t make sense

But sometimes you gotta break friendships

To go make friends

You gotta take steps

It’s more than great sex

Fifty percent of the time
You’re gonna hate how that date ends

It’s a new day

New game

Play till we got thirty goals

All this drip on me 

Shoe game still on nursing home

I look ok in silver

Look more pretty in gold

Wouldn’t change a thing

The fan base filled with thirty year olds

I make the raps

I break the beats

My mind can do amazing things

I major in the alphabet

Your maitre d from A to Z

We’re slaying things and paying fees

To basically remain this free

Taking names and breaking knees

The one that they all hate to see

Ha just playin

No one’s got a problem with the way that I do this

We’re makin music

And sometimes what we say is stupid

Sometimes it helps us get through it 

Sometimes it doesn’t 

Sometimes it did 

But by the time it makes it to you

We’re like what of it

I’m too fuckin productive

I cannibalize my market

I need a manager to help me slow it down a bit 

Fuck it 

I don’t want t a manager I don’t want any kids

I don’t want responsibilities I just wanna live

I’m out 


86. Stormy Kromer prod by WerkingDad


Welcome to Tuesday


Haven’t wore my new jacket since Saturday

There’s a lot of animal hair in the house 

And I am afraid that it’d get ruined

Some would say that’s a waste

That’s ok the amount of patience I have obtained

And displayed back in the day 

When my dad wore a cape

Call the radio make a suggestion

Then match the play up

To save it and distribute the database

Out to the friends to show off like the aftershave

Not a lot has changed

Still the same person

Still tryin to show off

So the pains worth it

Still workin the same circuit

To remain perfect

Searchin for the cut

Like we’re paid surgeons

Just got back from the vet

Everythings great

Hazel’s got less puppy teeth in her head

Than she did before

Like the amount of rappers

In the freestyle Friday thread

Meanwhile Blitzen’s like I’ll play dead

I say don’t

He says yes

I say eat

He says no

I say please

He says I’ma go to college

I say why can’t you wait til after the holidays

I’m a little bit selfish

I’ma do this for myself

Cause I don’t feel like cryin today

But there’s a tribute song comin around the way

This beat sounds like it could be in a Jaws movie

One two or three

I’ve never held the controller while playing Call Of Duty

I’ve watched it played though

I was raised off

Pay phones

Tryin to make it home

Before dark

And stay at home

Today I’ve got the same goals

Lookin to add a couple pesos

To the bankroll

Increase the case load

Up the queso

You know 

Add a few extra shrimp to the eggroll

Course shiftin in that rollie coaster movie

Short’s sippin in a Stormy Kromer koozie

Welcome to the next day

Fell asleep after I said goals

Now it’s Wednesday

Ben Holmes still the sensei

Workin on puttin’ his best leg forward

Still sittin on his nest egg

Golden goose

I’ve never told the truth to you

I’m cold as soup

I hold the booth in contempt

Aimin at your nose to shoot

Emboldened over loops 

And dope to boot

Watch the monitors get commondered 

By the guy with the beard

Who’s flow over this one is kinda weird

Gotta admit

A lot of it is

Appreciation of the bottom

And the realization that I don’t know shit

Been great since I ate nipple to mouth

Run upstairs every eight minutes 

To wiggle the mouse

Gotta get paid

Gotta get laid 

In different amounts

They can trigger me 

And try to figure me out

Both times they’ll be wrong doe

I’m just singin my song go

Workin out with WerkingDad

And I can rap to a lawn mower

The beats are intrinsically artistic

That’s a Daisy line

And you know that we are gifted

Had to pause it for a minute 

To go to my meeting at twelve

Now it’s one 

I’m bout to bounce this shit

And I’m out

I do two then I’m out

I do two then I’m out 

Big ups to WerkingDad



87. Two Then Im Out prod by Dannet Beats


Either early or we’re late

Doesn’t matter anyway

When we’re workin every day

To keep it up

Now we got a lotta news

That we haven’t shared with you

Cause there isn’t any way

To make you stop

It’s never been here

They want to not wait for it

They want it now 

They’re willing to pay for it

Just put a label and date on it

Then we’ll get it and complain bout it 


I’ve heard a couple times

The word up on the line

Is tellin me the reviews

Are not that good

The deliveries been late

The relationship is strained

The festivity is rain

It’s all backwards

Still they want not to wait for it

They need it today

They’re willin to pay for it

There’s no other way

They say that they want it

It’s always late

It’s the same story


I’ve heard a couple times

The word up on the line

Is that everything is fine

And we’re ok

Nothing is out of place

Everythings be arranged 

Nothing would ever change

Cause it’s so great

But we know that’s not the truth

Talk just you and I 

I can never make it right

I just hope you’re well

After after all that we’ve been through

And everything that we’ve seen

I hope you delete my number and go to hell

When you die

Hope you don’t die soon

When you do 

I hope it’s a whole typhoon

Fire and brimstone and all that shit

And when it happens

I’ma laugh like yeah I called that shit


Check it

I do two then I’m out 

I do two then I’m out

I’ve been out since

I do two then I’m out



88. Fun Time Lunch Rap Prod By Bleak Neon

This is a hot one


I don’t plan on doing freestyle Friday for the rest of my life

I wanna get high and sit on the couch with my wife

In the meantime I like to rhyme what I write

But I don’t write anything down so I’m never right

I’m always wrong in every song that I make

Everything I think of comes out and then breaks

Everything I say is so fake

And I did that whole intro in one take

Attach my cell phone to my bug gun and go hunt things

Is everybody a dope fuckin rapper 

Or is it just me

I’ve been havin a hard time adjusting 

To Blitzen havin a hard time adjusting

To Hazel bein on the couch when he’s sleepin

How come it’s never convenient

To lay down when I wanna

And get outta bed when I wanna leave it

Everyones got an agenda

They’re all revolutionaries 

Walkin around the city 

With sets of boots to bury in the sand 

Barley carrying the load they wanna cherry pick

Every story’s gotta get out before the embarrassment 

Every banner holds a story of valor and candor

That could never be matched by any opponent in battle

The point of it all is to have fun

That’s the hardest part

When they’re steadily aimed at my heart with starter darts

Up under a lift takin the car apart

With my blind dad

This is the story arch of art

And it all seems so simple

Probably because at the time we were civil

I’ve taken breaks from the communication

But somehow the communications broke down on it’s own now

And we don’t know where to go how

Are we gonna do anything that we need to bring it back together

There’s no band aid for a grown mans bad fate

You can’t write it down in a song or talk to band mates

There’s no amount of talkin that could resolve anything 

If nobody is listening and dad is in his last days

Make believe the memories that stay

Leave you with a back pat and a hand shake

And that’s all I can muster up

From the beginning we never really knew what was up

It’s all so silly just thinkin back on a dozen plus

Years we wasted holding grudges and fuckin up


89. Michael Milani prod by perja beats

Big ups to Perja Beats
This is sick
This is sick though
My haat accidentally went through the washer
But it didn’t get to the drier so I think we’re alright
I pulled it
But it has a leather strap
It’s a problem


I’m rappin while Micahel Milani is lookin down on me
Smilin big like I just found money
Friday night and I’m out sound hunting
Everybody always wanna talk about something
I listen to your mixtape when I’m thinkin that I ain’t shit
And I reminded that everyone of my songs is like the greatest hits
Compared to yours
But I don’t compare to yours anymore
We’re on different floors
And we suffer different flaws
And we all get down the same way when we’re all alone
From where ever I am
To where you’re callin home
It’s gonna go around the globe eventually
You don’t have to send the police in
And go befriend a bully
You’re lookin for any reason to leave it
But leavin isn’t an option
Because you eat sleep and breathe it
You need it immediately
And when you see it coming you get so greedy
You keep it to yourself and never let anyone peep it
It’s not a issue I’m just statin facts
I wish that I could be with you when you played this back
But I can’t be
It’s a damn stampede out here
And my heart’s beating so fast
That I can’t see
Listen to this goddamn beat
Listen to me on this goddamn beat
I look like shit
I smell like shit
I sound like shit
Therefore I’m the shit
Uh huh
I wouldn’t wanna be ya
You look bad
Ya can’t act
And you rap like Jon Cena
It’s gonna be a no from me dog
Flow so weak
Sounds like you pissed the beat off
Young boy
School boy
Smokin outta Coke cans
I’m so old
I done went and started a folk band
I grab that sword and I turn into Conan
Kind of
Sort of
Not really
Oh man
You have no chance
I done skipped the romance
And slow dances
Requested a blowjob with no hands
And I’ve grown fans
Since back in the day
When I started
And my pants were saggy
Like your old aunt
This has been the whole plan
The whole time
Takin over this whole plant
Line by line
Day by day
Until I’m great
And go and make my escape
With Mat Reno
Throwin a basket of masks
In the back of a black speedboat
Goin up to the casino
Yeah tryin to cash some C-notes
Tell me everything we know
We already know it
So that makes zero sense
I’m B Holmes
Or you could call me your hero
How many poems do these men hog
She could call me Adam
You could call me Ben dog
Watch me give this beat a proper send off
We don’t fuck with Founder’s
And we don’t fuck with Kellog
And I’m out
I do two then I’m out
I do two then I’m out

90. Fantastic prod by JayP Music

Ya’ll know Ben’s legit

Gettin shit face wasted off Creme De Mint

Like Vernon

Not Mike Vernon

You’re The Worst version

Everything I say leave the mic burnin

Everybody know that I got it with the flow

Photo at the finish said it wasn’t even close

Aint nobody missed it so he doesn’t need to boast

Middle of the winter and he doesn’t need a coat

Cause he’s hot so hot new pot new stove shit

New pot new doc new dosage

New doc to watch at home quick

Tryin to work at the zoo as a dosent

I’ve been eatin the meat and the bones and

I be taking a week home alone and 

I’ve been trainin the animals so hard you watch me flip off of the nose of a dolphin

That’s talented, above average 

Stand with the way he handles the rappin tip

And with the drip of a candle stick

At the same time packaged in immaculate packagin

Baskin in ass kickin as if it was an action fig-ure

Sir were you gunna say something

I hope at some point you get to run it

Cause it’s great

Feels F-A-N-T-

A-S-T-I-C we free range

Two at the same time yeah, that’s balancin

We full, eatin anybody that’s challengin

Seaguls fly through the sky they “say damn it’s him”

When they least expect it

We bulls, we trample them

They had that shit figured out since back in the beginning 

As soon as it drop out they go back and get it 

That’s how they knew it was gun’ be hot when it

First started playin the verse was delicious

Sliced it up and put it on my fork chewed it and burped it out

New show on Youtube called Spice Drop the merch is out

We’re cookin on camera makin recipes for your house

I think it’s safe to say the play I made is worth it now

This beats been so dope I hate acostin it

My wife’s upstairs bein a boss not lady bossin shit

I’m gettin started, I’m taking off I’m creatin all the hits

While you keep gettin stood up at that Sadie Hawkins shit


91. Rainbow Bridge Prod by Nicky Spacebum

This is the end of the line 



I love you

Mom loves you


We’ve said goodbye

Said goodbye

We’ve done all there is to do

We’ve cried

All there is to cry

Now the rests on you


He lived down in Ohio in an abusive relationship

Only wanted love but all his roommates hated him

Still kept a smile on him even when they didn’t

Never understood why they turned that house into a prison

After a number of years he was so fed up he booked it

There wasn’t much to pack so he snuck out when they weren’t lookin

The streets were cold and lonely sometimes he’d doubt his decision

But each hour that would pass he grew to learn the systems

Where the food would be thrown out at different times of day

He scouted out some spots to sleep in that were out the way

The winter months were rollin in the leaves were turnin when

A concerned citizen must have spotted him and turned him in

When they came to get him he was underweight and messy

Brought him back to where they stayed to feed him and get ready

For the new family to take him in with love and warmth and care

Not like his last arrangement when nobody knew he was there

A couple months of waiting and recuperating then

The door swung open one afternoon and there stood a young woman

Looked like she was from the city which was great he loved it

Because where he had come from was a little shitty and Rustic

She picked him up and held him and the instant bond was formed

He felt comfortable around her and her aura was so warm

She told him with a smile she’s takin him home

to Michigan. Didn’t know where that was but they hit the road

While she drove he slept and was comforted by the sound

Of the tires on the pavement and he dreamed of this new house

He pranced inside when they arrived behind his mother

Around the corner came bounding a surprise. He has a brother

This is the kind of set up that he always wanted

Someone to hang out with and now he’s got it

They go to the park together and spend time playin round

Until they got tired out and came home and laid on the couch

Mom was there to feed em and look after all their care

Give em baths and cut their nails and their hair

He grew up and he grew stronger and more confident

Other family members would stop by and talk a bit

No complaints from him he was embraced wholeheartedly

Everybody made him feel so welcome at the party see

The food was good the TV worked and the heat would keep them warm

The neighborhood they stayed in was safe and he felt reborn

But mamma had some boyfriends that would come and go as well

Sometimes they would fight and she would cry when they would yell

He would sit with her on the bathroom floor

And say mamma I’ma love you til you don’t hurt no more

You’ve done so much for us I owe you this for sure

As far as takin care of me you’ve got a perfect score

And everything we do as a family I love to my core

Look outside the sun is shining let’s go sit on the porch

One man started coming around more than the others

He could tell this one was nicer to his mother

So he approved of the relationship

They were a whole family unit now

In the summers they would go takin trips

He always got the best damn gifts

And the best snack chips

Some of y’all know how them stepdads get

He honestly couldn’t think of a better life

Sometimes it feels as if he got to live it twice

Never the smartest

He’d take a class and not ace it

Still they’d pat him on the head and say

“We love you. You did great kid.”

That kind of support is all that he had ever wanted

Pretty soon he was a teenager

And it was time for him to go to college

He didn’t take a favorite pillow or chair to relax in

Learned early on not to form material attachments

Wish we had more time

This isn’t fair

Love you

We’re gonna miss you Blitzen Bear


92. Rappin On My Lunch Break prod by ESTEPAX

Think I’m bout to make it a thing

I think I’m bout to make it a thing

Yeah yeah

I think I’m bout to make it a thing

Uh huh

I think I’m bout to go and make it a thing 



Rappin on my lunch break

Tell me how my tongue tastes

Uh yeah

Cause it’s all up in your mouth hole

Watch me knock you out cold

Cold like the South pole

As soon as I bounce whole


They pass the lyrics round the household

I know about those

Sessions because every day they tell me I got flow

And they wanna keep in touch with me and then to download

Everything I’m sayin and then everything I’m doin

They email and say hey do you want producin

And I always do when I’m prolific as fuck on em

Then they send me over beats and I dunk on em

They got it they got it bad

When they call my phone

I hang up and they call right back

They don’t understand 

They don’t understand

It’s been a hell of a week

And I’m way off track

Gettin back

Gettin back

Yeah yeah we got it honey

We got that you could spit out all the olives money

Honestly I’m really sorry buddy

But we got that yeah I’m bout to send a dog to college money

Uh huh

It’s never stressin in the wallet

Only stressin out my head

And everytime I go to call him

And everytime I played video games instead of spendin time with him

And everytime I’d come down to rap instead of spend time with him

I do think that things happen for a reason

I woke up today and I was singin a song

I haven’t sung in oh so long

I’m bout to sing a bit 

If you know it then you can sing along

It goes

Sha-la-la-la-la-la live for today

Sha-la-la-la-la-la live for today

And don’t worry bout tomorrow


And I needed that

I see the key to that is to get in front of the beat and rap

I need to rap to feel better I’m the key to rap

I trash a beat in fact in my Adidas pants

I’m beatin back producers

And I’ve been doin it since a youth

Like I am Peter Pan

Ha yeah

Ain’t nothin new sweetie

Don’t get it twisted as if you were Houdini

Yeah you’ll never understand the true meaning 

Bout to stay on top your head just like a new beanie


And I’m cold I’m so cold

I’m hot I’m so hot at the same time

You don’t know

No Doze pimp

Liquor store breezie

Walk into the door 

Bout to postpone

Everything you’re dreaming of


It’s never really that easy cause

It couldn’t be

If it was then everybody would do it

They would do it just like me 

Cause this is the best thing 

That has ever been out

And if you ever wanna hear it

You can listen to Ben Shout


I don’t really know what else to say

But I hope that everyone’s havin a great day


When I rap my ass off

They make a face like I’m passin gas dog

I promise this won’t last long

Shout out to Emily 

For a hundred percent passin her class y’all


Shoutout to Metro Local

Quit keepin up with us and set your own goals

Yeah that worked out

That was like spur of the moment shit


Super spontaneous

I gotta go back to work


93. Anti Coat Drive prod by TenToes Beats

I don’t really know who produced this 

But this beat’s so hot

I just want to thank them for 

Their whole contribution to the movement


She say I got that dicks clean taste

Smokin weed

Smokin chicken 

In my Big Green Egg

I got a pristine brain

I got a kiss me face

She want that PDA

This is nothin new

I would never lie to you

Rappin on a pint of brew

Wearin nothin but my underwear

And a pair of Merrell hiking boots

And a viking suit

That’s a bit outside the truth

I’ll tell you what I’ma do

Find the groove

Rhyme till two

Then I hang it up

Because when I love you

There’s a lot that we need to discuss

And if you tried to do 

Half of what I do off of the cuff

You would be tied into

A life where you have to give a fuck

And I understand 

That you have always been too cool for that

They went produced the track

And then you ruined it

Why’d ya do it to em 

Like he goin diggin through the trash

We hear you talkin 

But we don’t have the mood for that

Champagne taste stays way past last days

Last eight days taste ashtray pancakes

Can’t save that plan based on hand breaks

Can’t stay

Wanna dip your hand into the mayonnaise

Google sex bruises with the question mark

Next loser gets the best depart

Then we’re gonna tear the rest apart

Shred the bark

Start the fire

They all say that Ben is barred

Whole lotta bullshit 

And the rest is art

Send a car


Our life is like a Lexus commercial

Back in my battlin days I had the bestest reversals

They had the questions to serve him

I had the vest with the turtleneck

And it wasn’t even fair

When I would bless em in person

I made a mess of their ego 

I made em question their worth

And I made em mess with them needles

Their whole reflection was cursive


I’m gifted

They say Ben Holmes is crazy

I’m a big fuckin deal

Like a cell phone in the eighties

Hey we gotta give a shout out to anyone givin me presents

Or anybody who’s ever taught me a lesson

The second isn’t a long list

But the first one is

Cause I’m a social butterfly up in this 



Feedin all them birds right

They listen to me and say yer nice

For sure tight


Fuck the club in Madison Heights

That’s named after the third reich 

Yer white trash

I don’t care how many coat drives you have

You’re terrible and it’s bad

It isn’t good 

It isn’t nice

It isn’t charity

Fuck you

Your existence is embarassing

If there was a-

If there was a building in a city around where you lived

And it had an SS painted on the side of the building 

That’s not cool

That’s trashy as fuck

Who’s in support of that

So they have coat drives in the winter

I just drove by one of the coat drives the other day

You know who else has coat drives

Organizations without an SS painted on the side of their building

So what it is is really

Fuck them

But fuck you if you donate a coat to their coat drive

That’s some kind of racist charity blurred line

That should have never been blurred in the first place

Cause they shouldn’t even be around



94. Holiday Jeer Prod by Mothbox

I was tellin Nicky Spacebum

Last week

That I just sometimes pick the most recent beat

That came out

Just so I can flex on it 

And release it really quick



I walk in on a Friday

Everybodies like what’s new

I just bought me and my wife


Matchin jumpsuits

Charly won the sweep steaks

Comin through with round two

Drivin down main street

They’re yellin out fuck you

Ben is a menace

So fuck a christmas 

I’d rather go to the dentist

Than the spend it with Donna or Dennis 

And it isn’t a diss

But if it was 

It would be because

They never supported my presence here

And I already got my presents

I’ve been preachin like a reverend

And breathin on and then blessin

Every beat I’m on 

In every single session
I’ve been teachin all my lessons 

And my reach has been extended

And my speech has been accepted

And my sequel is indebted to me forever

I’m gettin so irreverent

Off of the sedatives

Never been negligent 

And forever benevolent

The delegate is never what they said it is

You show me all the evidence

And we’re about to push the pedal

Down to where the medal lives



They won’t even know what hit em

They won’t even know how I split em

They won’t even know how I did em

Check it


I’m bout to go back in

Y’all better close that casket

Every time I start rappin they say hold up

Like a bracket


Don’t ask if 

I put the brisket in your basket

Your record has an asterisk

And your ass bout to get it’s ass kicked

Your existence is so passive

Like an elastic tennis racket

It never had to exist

And won’t be missed if it was absent

You ask a question now 

I answer it with some fantastic

News about how I’m better than you

And have already been established

The fact is that we bring ninety six back to kids

And your rappin is flaccid theatrics

Antacid tablets

And cat shit mixed with a bag of piss

For the position of rapper

You’re the worst candidate

But hey

I know that I’ve got a lot to say

Look everybody love each other

On this special holiday

Because I love all of you 

And I know you love me too

And everybody could get together

And tell each other that we’re cool 


It’s so cool dude


And that’s so cool dude


And that’s so cool dude

Now I’m through through

Now I’m really through with you

We do what

What do we do 

We go out and hit the lake

On some Ski-Doos


We go downhill wearin ski boots

But we will never 

Ever never see you



That was rough

Big up to the homie Mothbox production


95. Meandering Interlude prod by CalvinL27

When I first started this “Sweep Steaks”

I had no idea what it would turn into eventually 

And the kind of journey we would all go on together

As the Queens

Just three lonely peop-

Well, two lonely people from Michigan

Chasing a dream

Chasing a common dream

To listen to my music as much as possible


They said it wouldn’t happen

They said it cant be done

It can’t be done 

No no

You stuck it out and now look at you

You’re a champion 

A champion 

Yeah yeah



When this all started they said 

“How are you not getting this

The odds are not in your favor

What are you an idiot”

Why would you wanna pursue 

Something that is impossible

Why not set your goals a little closer to home 

On something accomplishable

We could spend time building up the resume

And pretty soon we’ll be on the doorstep of better days

You don’t wanna shoot for the stars

Really do you

They’re so far

Why not stick close to me

And we can hang out at the bar

Its sounds like fun and everything what you’re doin

Why don’t you keep that as a hobby 

And not really actually you know pursue it

Because chasing your dreams is pretty selfish and crazy

You don’t wanna be seen as a pariah

And somebody who needs saving

Why can’t we stay the course 

And wait between these lines 

They painted on the ground for us

Hey see it could all be so easily attainable 

Why take these precious minutes

Chasing something unavailable

Yeah everythings within reach

If you squint really hard 

Put blinders on the side of your head

And only look within six feet

It’s great

Let me tell you

We went out to the lake

Well we went out to the cottage that my parents own on a lake

Semantics hey 

Anyways it was so cool

We were talkin about how I would ace every test I would take back in the day

You know old school

Great straight A’s everyday

And now I work everyday

Kinda like how you work everyday

And there’s never anyway

To get out of this race that we’re in 

Because it’s all for the rats and 

Give me a bat I wanna swing at your chin

Because I’m so jealous 

I’m so jealous and enveloped with nothing but jealousy

I don’t ever think you could be better than me but 

It will never be equal it will never be said that we’re people

That are cut from the same cloth

Because really my mind is evil

And it keeps me constricted

It keeps thoughts restricted from me 

And I’m unable to dream

And that’s the thing

I wanna tear you down

I wanna tear you down to the ground

I wanna put you under the ground

So you can never make another sound 

And remind me how I found

Myself and then neglected it 

I never wanna have that in my head and remember it

So honestly I think everything that you’re doin is stupid

But I respect you for doin

C’mmon give me a hug 

Go make your music


They said it wouldn’t happen

They said it can’t be done 

Can’t be done

Stuck with it and now look it

You’re a champion


No no


96. Pickle Fork New Years prod by Tare


I find a beat and rap to it

Never subtract just add to it

Never listenin back to it

For all of those who can’t do it

Hit it with that stupid flow

Just to get straight to it though

Tonight me and my wife

Are gonna make Pupusa dough

That’s the cutest food item that I had ever heard of

Mic murderer might muder a mic tonight

I’m so assertive

My brain used to scare teachers

On my Scarlett interface I just enabled the AIR feature

And now I’m peakin all over the place and it’s a disgrace

And everybody wants to debate

But it isn’t safe it isn’t the way

To make an incredible play at the plate

I’m not kickin ass 

I’m not taking names

I’m not doing anything that would deface

Anyones contribution to the music 

Because everyone that I know is so great


Been kind of a fucky week

Still my life is lovely

And my mind stays sharper 

Sharper than some puppy teeth

Yeah we gettin gettin money

Then we gettin more money

Motherfucker yeah we got that

Pick a pickle fork money

I just got the lyric and the picture

I kill two birds with one stone

Then go fuck your sister

That’s my afternoon

Sorry I’m all booked up

I can’t take a call

But if you wanna see me

Look up

Into the sky

You wanna say that Benny’s sweet and Benny’s nice

Watch Benny fly

Yeah rest in peace to Betty White

I’m on a roll 

Send me dice

I’ve never pinched a penny twice

I am so amazing I would never be resenting life

Rest in peace to John Madden

I’m in the game like EA

This beats  hot like ceramic on a Green Egg

They wanna be B’s bae

Can’t blame em either way

But there can only be one

I do whatever she say

Sheet cake ice cream crepes green grapes

I’m sweet great

We create what we say

They replay what we say

Then Charles won that “sweep steaks”

Come on let’s be real frank

I’m mailin this one in

Like a card up on your Bday

I can’t win em all 

Some of y’all can’t win at all

Still they wait around for me

Like Santa Clause up in a mall

Yeah go and kick a ball

It’s best if you don’t get involved

Tried so hard to earn heart

You fucked around and hit a wall

I wish I could kiss em all

As soon as the ball was droppin

I’m callin shots and you baller blockin

I’m on the clock and everytime I do it

I do it to piss you off and 

Every time you do it they say 

That was stupid and obnoxious




Making Hip Hop I’m always here

Happy new year

We do two and then we bounce

We do two and then we out

We do two and that’s a true account


Freestyle gibberish


January 2022

97. Hollywood Mkt Prod by Fatir

I walk through the door

Grab what kind of cart I want

Take a left and go to pick up some parmesan

We’re gonna have a pizza with pesto on it 

They eat peanuts like we eat pine nuts

We’re ballin

Stop at the basil throw it into the cart quick

While I’m over there grab a couple tomatoes

And garlic

Then I hit up the oranges

Because Jackson and I 

Are plannin on makin mimosas in the morning

When we’re yawnin

Grab the breakfast sausage

Completing the whole package

Probably havin pecan waffles

So I saw the Bisquick and grabbed it

Added a bag of tortilla chips

So we’re able to make botana

Anytime we wanna or we’re feelin it

Went up to the butchers counter

My butchers name is Steve

He’s the B-E–S-T

I go here cuz they see the best meats

I grabbed a couple Prime cuts New York strip 

And said peace

He said he’ll see me next week


Turned around and went down 

The international foods isle for some mayonnaise

Kewpies the only one I like to put inside this fat face

Some we ride with Duke’s sometimes Helmans

But I never mess with Miracle Whip

And if you do you can go to hell man

(Gun sounds)

While we’re back at 7

I’ve got a ranch confession

I don’t really mess with salad dressin

I eat my salads naked


Butt naked

Just a buncha cherry tomatoes and fake bacon

Top shelf croutons with no coupons

I buy champagne vinegar and Grey Poupon 

I do what I do want to do and make food porn

Instagram hashtaggin this is what you want

It is for sure

Now I gotta go pick up charcoal

To fill the Big Green Egg it takes about a car load

It’s been our goal 

To make enough money to support the hobby

Of barbequing under the stars glow

About this time I realize I forgot the avocado

I gotta go back and get that 

Plus cherry coke by the bottle

How the hell would I know

I don’t wanna mess with anybodies lotto

I don’t wanna wait for anybodies cigarettes

If you’re in line in front of me and tryin to buy em

And it’s a mess

I’m gonna heavy sigh at you

Because I just completed my mission

And there’s a lot of cooking I have to do

And if you’re holdin me back from that

On a Sunday afternoon

Then there’s nothing worse than that 

And I’m probly mad at you

You asshole

Let’s all grocery shop in peace

Can we pick up our things

Then go home and just cook them now

I don’t see

Why it takes so long to be

In the middle of the isle

Takes you awhile

Turn around and smile

I just wanna punch you in the face

Because you’re in my way

This is this great day

I don’t really wanna be 

That angry 

Cause we’re all havin fun



98. Coffee prod by Templeaes

Get it
Now let’s start
Let’s get to partyin
I’ve been sippin cough syrup all week
Dayquil bottles mamma I’m not on lean
My rehabilitation is complete
Watch me run up the stairs like I’m Rocky
Feelin like Covid 19 the way that they got me
Shakin they head like capeesh
Uh huh we copy
Yeah all they’re sayin is golly
The pinnacle of a dyin breed I wanna see
You all compete
What’s it gonna be I’m Ali
You think you fuckin the game up
Bitch I’ve been balls deep
I’ve been in bed all week
I’ve been livin our dreams
While all you motherfuckers be salty like some sardines
Killin em softly while peelin em off me
They don’t know anything about this here like I’m John B
Now watch it get wonky
I’ma do all me
Until I get a condo on a beach with the palm trees
Pass me the ball please
I be what I want be
I eat the best foods and I rap over bomb beats
I’m what they want B sharper than shark teeth
And when the drums are stoppin I’ma rap to my heartbeat
Welcome to the party
Hand me your car keys
When we show up you watch em all fall out like some false teeth
“Oh my god that was crazy! Oh my god that was nuts!”
Cough Cough Cough
Were back though
We’re back on the mic
I’ll get back
I’ve been slippin in my pimpin
I’ve haven’t been pimpin actually
Back at it
Like a bad habit dag nabit
Wanna get it but you can’t grab it
You can’t have it cuz it’s mine
That bats rabid
Come to bite you right behind
Where your back fat is
That’s sad as fuck
Because you’re gonna die
They say that’s average
Who was dad dammit?
They don’t really cry they just laugh at it
99. Freestyle prod by SickVisionz


Oh shit SickVisionz who’s this 

If you’ve been rocking since the beginning you knew this

This is that true shit

Since the anniversary came through with that hardness

I’m pretty sure it’s the same producer if it’s not then I beg your pardon

I gotta keep it goin like I’m weeding the garden

I’m pluckin out all of the sounds

I wanna make it make it sound amazin

Take a second to say

I picked this beat cuz it had boobs in the pic

I’ve always been a fan of nude women

They love how I’m doin it

They always tell me yo keep doin it

Well I keep doin this

Music shit

If I ever get stuck I can remember it’s fluid this

My own music biz

I need to ignore everything your doin this

This my own fusion

Live life how I need to

I don’t see you like you was see through

They think I’m playin 

I’m takin

No vacations

Stayin in the house 

Every day’n remain patient

I’m just pacin and takin my chance

To make all of my accusations

My raps amazin

I basically blast a page ’n

Everytime I rap 

My vocab passes away

It’s DOA’n

Come on over I wanna see yo basement

That’s what they say to me

But I play for keeps

So when they wanna come down they gotta stay for weeks

It’s like I’m Hannibal Lecter

I’m teaching the animals lectures

With my planned investments

I don’t know what I’m invested in

But it’s not the mortgage company in Pontiac Michigan

Yeah yeah yeah little jaded

I could take it how wherever I wanna make it

And play it

This is where I skate kids

It’s thin ice Ben’s nice

Everytime I cook this rice

In the cooker

I go and turn into Pusha T 

Or Booker T 

You don’t wanna look at me

Because I am gunna sneeze on you probly


100. Calichigan ft Bonafide prod by Verdù

She was the craziest lady laughing at Stacey’s party
Hardly even noticed me standing there waiting for the barbeque to be starting
Hardly hungry but already invited came all the way from Albany
And this is my last night in town
So I wanna make the best of it
The rest of the trip was awful
I gotta admit if I had to do it all again
I prolly woulda just stayed home
With all my friends in college
When I got admitted
Now I’m talkin witty and she’s kinda with it
Plus she’s pretty so I’m tryin to cop the digits
Maybe find a spot to hit it in an unoccupied bedroom
I could stick it in she told me that she’d dig it
And I could get it
So we made love
And it was beautiful
Then she told me she’s gotta go
She put her number right into my phone
The next day I flew back to the East Coast
I never called and that’s all that she wrote
The last time we saw each other was in California
Then I must have lost her number somewhere along the way
I still think about her often and wonder where she’s been
I hope she loses her mind and moves to Michigan

101. Save Every Queen prod by mthi

I never thought Friday would have turned out like this
I thought we were friends I thought we were cool
She canceled our friendship when she canceled our zoom
I thought we were really
Just bein silly
She told me and Charly that we made her feel shitty
I thought we were friends
I really really did
We go way back
Back to the begin-
In and it was somethin
Back when we were runnin
The whole sales floor in Troy above Duhnams
That’s the corporate office where lawyers are employed
We saw em get their bonus and were jealous of them toys
We left with a ham it wasn’t that bad
But management was damagin the supply and demand
Demandin a lot
Supplyin a little
Even when the leads were slowin down to a trickle
Tut was flyin out
Brian’s flyin out
They sent em from the California office cryin bout
Recordin all the calls askin for the credit
Bought the equity from homeowners and left em guessin
I’ve got some complaints
I could fill a journal full
Ronnie in the bathroom talkin while we’re at the urinal
Plus the work was bull
It wasn’t worth it all
Davis got in Roberts face
And Robert took it personal
Swing zone
I bring home
The bacon like a ringtone
In 05 oh my
Wait yo is this thing on
Back to her back to work
Oh yeah it was that absurd
Had to quit
Couldn’t do it anymore
And that’s the word
Davis left then I left
Then she left
Charly left
Joey left
At this point in time
There’s hardly any left
All that’s there is office chairs
Computers with the screen savers
If you want to murder your business
Follow their behavior
But now we’re all out
And life couldn’t be greater
It was Friday night we tryin to party
Like we three ravers
Everybody’s joking
And nobody could see anger
Until she hit the stop button
And put all of the Queens in danger
Didn’t ever know that it could ever grow
To this when it had
The meetings ended by the host
I was so surprised
As long as we’ve been pretendin
To be friends this is so unprecedented
It sends me into a bad depression
It’s mad depressin
Never tell jokes with your friends
I guess that’s the lesson

102. Roasted Chicken Recipe Prod by Felsona

We call it second kitchen sounds for a special reason

That’s because we’re cooking everything in any season

Plenty seasonin on the food when we’re preparin it

And when it’s finished we’re all sittin down and sharin it

Yeah, we’re about to make some basic bitch seasonin

If you have a date or wanna spend the evenin in

With a loved one you could put this together

It’s pretty easy I’m guaranteeing you’ve never had better

First things first you gotta buy a chicken

Second things second gotta take it to the kitchen

Third things spices I’ma tell ya what you’re missin

Listen, this is what you gotta put on your list when you’re listin

Sugar, salt, onion and garlic powder

Paprika, regular and smoked up on the counter

Cheyenne, black pepper and that’s it

How can it be that easy?
Trust me it’s fantastic

What we’re gonna do when you grab yourself a bowl

Is we’re gonna be using something called bakers ratios

It’s a bit to explain and I don’t have all day

If you want to google the topic you can and that is ok

100% salt

100% sugar

I almost forgot

You gotta preheat your cooker of choice

Me? I’m usin the oven today

You can grill it you can boil it put it in the microwave

But that isn’t these instructions

So if that’s your prerogative 

Knock yourself out 

I’m not gonna be tellin ya how to live

I preheated the oven to 410

Then proceeded to get back to the spices from before then

75% onion powder gets us started

Equal amount of powdered garlic

20% cheyenne 

35% each paprika

70% Black pepper

Put that on the bird to be rubbed

Throw it in the oven for about 40 minutes

Then read the temperature it’s gonna be in triple digits

Once it’s 162 you know that it’s finished

Let it rise outside the oven to 165 and then you get it


103. Sweet Virginia Prod by Julien

I don’t know where she went
I don’t know where she’s been
I don’t know where she is
I don’t know where she’s gone
I don’t know why she left
I don’t know what’s goin on
I just want her back

Once upon a time
You were a love of mine
We would hug and fight
I was a love of yours
You’d give me some advice
We were lovin life
Up in the summertime
When it gets hard we’d cry together
Get in the car spend miles together
Road trips I remember
You would go just to be there with me
When all else was hopeless
We were both young and dumb
Looking for something fun
We found that in each other
Then found more than that in each other
Then it came time to settle down
You said uh-uh no not now
I looked on
You looked down
And that’s about when you walked out

Hook x2
Where’d ya go sweet Virginia
Ya know that we all miss ya
It’s gettin cold
Out on the road
And startin to snow

Texted back and forth a bit
Awhile back that stopped it’s unfortunate
Heard you got into an accident
Hope it’s all good now and you’re managin
When I look back on it
Back on us
Back on you
Back on me
The way it was
The way I was
I hate the drugs
Wish I would have said it then
But I was no better than
To say yes
Wish I was a better man
I loved you
Wish I was a better fan
But I just watched you float away
Always thought you’d come home ok
I was so absorbed in my solo tape
I couldn’t see that maybe you didn’t know the way
Now here we are
A thousand miles apart
I heard your family’s hangin in
Mom still sends me a birthday card
Please take care
Be safe
Hope you found a way to handle the pain
Hit me up if you’re ever in town
We can talk about back in the day

Hook x2
Where’d ya go sweet Virginia
Ya know that we all miss ya
It’s gettin cold
Out on the road
And startin to snow

104. Magic Hops prod by Estepax

Estepax and we back in the buildin
Benny Holmes comin to make a killin
Listen to me children
Listen to me adults
If you wanna mess with me
You’re gonna hit the asphalt
Pass the salt you salty boy
That’s all we’re yellin at them
We could take a shit and sell it to them
It doesn’t matter
It’s been irrelevant ever since
Ben was the celabate elephant in the room
Settlin scores and turnin them into a set of events
I rap a lot
Don’t listen to classic rock unless it’s Janis Jop
I’m not a fan of cops
Unless I’ve been harassed or shot
Stabbed or robbed on an abandoned block
If it’s something I can’t handle on my own I’m like
Tell me about that badge ya got
Sippin on some magic hops straight from Bell Aire
Michigan not California the fresh prince is Ben there
Is Ben there, is what I said
And that is my name
What a coincidence we’re back on freestyle Friday
I walk in the room they stand still like they stared Medusa
And then take their beat down like a scared producer
I’ma put it on the side of their medulla oblongata
I’m hotter than Muffalata
You done got a lotta problems with the product
If you wanna see if I’m really about it
You can come up over here and I’ma add a lotta drama to your life
So many negatives for you we’re usin commas
You don’t wanna see anything from me
Except it’s my genre
Ooochi walla walla
Oochi bang bang
Why do they wanna wanna
Spit the same thing
It’s all a lotta nada
With some named gangs
Till we pop up pop up
With the bang bang
I’m feelin aggressive for some reason
I don’t know why
It might be the season or the lack of sun
I haven’t been outside this evenin
Even if I was I couldn’t do anything dope shit
Because of covid
I’m sick of coughin and blowin my nose it’s atrocious
I want this to be over with
Feelin as if there’s a bolder on my shoulder holdin it
Growin up I was the dopest kid
I’ve been rappin since I’ve been a child
Then I grew up and I’m better now
They ask me when’s the last time I had writers block
It’s been awhile
Sorry for the interruption
That was a gimmick
Ben has been in production for a minute
Meaning more than half a year
A hundred plus songs
Everybody in here is just trying to get along
And then I step in and throw wrenches into your fuckin plans
Sittin you on the benches because Ben has been the man
All you need to do is understand that
We do two then we out

105. Wild Birds prod by Riley Ulven

This beat’s really loud

Yo, there’s a place that you can go
At 4570 Huron River Pkwy
In Milford Michigan that’ll change your life
I’ma tell you about it today
I was taken there by my wife
And a couple friends
Had no idea how this story would end
So let’s start at the beginnin
We had to pay to get in
If you have a Metro Park Pass
This would be a free event
Two lane road on which you drive
Let me paint a picture there are trees on either side
With a walking path people dressed in winter gear
Because it’s chilly here Michigan December yeah
That’s about how it goes but it’s worth it
We pulled into the lot and parked the Focus
We got out the ride and I put on my Stormy Kromer
Totally warmer a cup of coffee to hold me over
I started talking with our friends
Smiles on all our faces
Ready for a nature walk I already know the basics
We got trees we got deer we got squirrels
Kickin it with my favorite people in the world
So we headed out and started walkin along the path
I was probly tellin em about one of the songs I rapped
We walked across a wood boardwalk
Over a frozen marsh
I was thinking that this would be dope in March
As we came to a clearing by a lake
Jackson turned around then looked at me and said hey
What’s goin on back there with Curt and Carri
I turned around I didn’t know what they were carrying
They had their arms stretched out something in their palms
At this point I don’t know what is going on
Then the wild birds landed on their fingertips
And started to eat out of their hands
How amazing is this?!

106. Cryptic Synergy Prod by Perja Beats

Tryin to find it
I don’t know where it’s gone
I can’t see where it’s hiding
And it’s taken too long

Gotta say my piece and get the hell outta dodge
Got a busy ass wife and a tired ass dog
Got a smooth ass flow and a big ass brain
Let me finish this shit and get along with my day
This is more than a hustle
This is deeper than rap
This is as real as it gets
It doesn’t get any realer than that
They hit me with the
“Please give it a listen
And if you got a minute give me some feedback”
Then constructive criticism
Has them feelin defeated and attacked
Because they’re weak willed
And their souls are sloppy
You know what’s really real
You’re not supposed to copy
You’re the poster child
For picking low hanging fruit
Out the ocean proby
Only going where your homies
Told you I’ll be
So now we’re both here
Staring at each other face to face
From two feet away like we don’t care
But we both really do
I think you’re silly
And you should look up to me
Like I was 6 feet 2 inches tall
On stilts holding a basketball
Standin on the back of an airplane
That’s doing a barrel roll
It gets so uncomfortable when I start pullin the dramatics out
No one thinks I’m doper than me
Like jokes out of Jimmy Fallon’s mouth
I’m grimier than Bob Saggets crack at the aristocrats
Rhyming for everybody that’s workin in back of house
By the time it’s yours it’s time for you to give it back
I bet they find a verse minutes after they lower the casket down
Ben’s mind moves faster than the free way
That’s not a rap bar
That’s the first sentence in my EPK
To keep up with me
They gonna need three brains
All my enemies keep saying is
Geesh he’s great
It’s Been Awhile over Toroweins sweet beat tapes
It’s Been Awhile let the MP3s play
It’s Been Awhile you already missed the release date
Of It’s Been Awhile Torroweins and B create
We cremate every beat scape that we see replayed
Wondering if we’d be frayed but it’s straight
We don’t delete these takes
We’ll never be gone it’s just BRB
Rest in peace to Gift Of Gab and B Markie
You can catch me at the party
In the sky with all the hip hop artists we wanted to be

I wanted to be them
Be them not me
I wanted to be them
Them not me
I wanted to be them
Be not me

107. If We're Doin Ok We're Doin Alright prod by GoldenBare Productions

Hook x4
It’s a wonderful day
Hope you’re feeling the same
If we’re doin ok we’re doin alright

I’m feelin colder than a Minnesota interstate
Driven naked in a Winnebago
With the windows open on a winter’s day
Chillier than a Tommy Hillfiger
Jacket that would be worn to mall in the 90’s
Or the cold sore on your sisters face
With a mind sharper than a long ginsu
I’m the fresh prince who
The kissed frog turned into
I’m a bear like Yogi
Quotable like Yogi Bera
Still hotter than calabrian peppers up in the marinara
You don’t wanna share a stage with us
Because our flair will tear up
Any credibility you got
Until it’s barely there bre
Now that’s embarrassing
I’m here for therapy
Watch their whole existence diminish to a baron era
All I’m sayin is that I feel amazin
Charly thanks for prayin
And to think I put this all together
With English being my second language
It’s not
I’m just playin

Hook x4

Now I spit bars
You better get back
Take feel good songs
And turn em into diss tracks
In my spare time I like to search Tik Tok
For tic tac sized nipple tit grabs
More of a boobie than an ass man
But I’m not tryin to throw that booty in a trash can
We can make it work
Let’s ask the women in the fan club
Which one they prefer
To be played with
Which ones they favorite
I talk bout philandering and Jackson fuckin hates it
But no she does not
She understands the creativity
And this is art
Plus I’m in the basement
Home is where I’m stayin
She has my heart
And she knows I would never take her for granted
Fuck any kisses from other bitches
Because I know that my wife is amazin

Hook x4

108. Muckbang Prod by Beanie Gang

Get it
Never stop
Keep going with it
Until one day your idol calls you prolific
Ever since I slid out of the ovaries
She owes to me at least an ode to me
I know just how it is supposed to be
And noted the other idiosyncrasies
To flow the free
I’m known to teach with no degree
And everybodies holdin me
Up to a higher standard
As if there’s nobody close to me
Or below degrees as cold as me
Shoulders holdin boulders with ease
As if they’re just only leaves
Strong as tree trunks in the middle of the forest
It takes a village to create a bangin rap song
If you’re tryin to do it yourself it isn’t gonna last long
I would produce it, mix it, master it to boost it
Write the lyrics and record the verses that my crew did
At the end of the day it turned out to be stupid
Because I had no time to go find other people to listen to it
This time around I gave up power for collaboration
Now I’m travelin the world while locked in the basement
I love you
Lookin like a Mustang hit him though
Must have been Benny Holmes
Every day of my lifes a fuckin muckbang video
Save yourself the hassle and go play the song
He didn’t want to play along
Now he lookin like he ate a bomb
Every time your on stage in front of the party
To master the ceremony
It feels like you’re about to break the bong
How they been doin it
Is counterintuitive
To everything we’ve learned about the inside of the music biz
Studying the game for the money and the fame
Is only half the battle because it’s sunny then it rains
It’s a two sided coin and when you try to point out
Is the one you placed your bet on earlier to take
With you set on going out
Everyday’s a celebration
Nobodies climbed the side of Everest in a day
Take time to chill out
You’ve made rhymes since Big Mouth
Setting in the middle school
You know you were the greatest poet ever?
Now it’s time to set some new goals
Not everyone’s growth is gonna to be like Minute Bowls

I want praise I want praise i want it
I get it and I don’t know what to do with it
I want praise I want praise I want it
I get it and I don’t know what to do with it

109. Wordle Prod by Julien

Wordle first word “steak” every single time
I’ve never lost a whirl at Wordle word up it’s my mind
Designed to Ninja Turtle words until I can define
All the spaces for the letters are like hurdles in my mind
I’m perfect when the words I’m workin with prefer to rhyme
And seem to come together like a Beatles song and bind
Or the Ohio Players back in 1959
You’re either gonna skip this shit or go and hit rewind
No middle ground for the shit that I bounce though
Everybody want know kinda shit that I’m on though
Long as Julien keep all the beats for the download
We gon keep ballin at number 1 like we’re Rondo
And I’m sweeter than Mondos
All I needs some mother fuckin weed and a condo
Better yet I’ll settle on a beach with some tacos
Catch me on the stage tamborine with some bongos
Now what the fuck I know
I know that I’m cold
As cold as apollo
I flow and they follow
The dopest apostle
No one can stop those
Livin large like the nose on Picassos
Now I’m rappin with Julien
And they clappin and dappin us up
And askin us to do it again
And when we do it again it’s stupid
Because we don’t usually do this
But when we do they say were the coolest
Cause we’re groovin with our friends
And that’s all you gotta do though
Julien ‘ll take a sample chop it like some judo
Benny get up on the beat and eat it like some crudo
Put em both together and they’re fatter than a sumo
What the fuck do you know
We deserve some kudos
Hotter than the sun but still be out there on some Pluto
They’re a bunch of poodles goin up against some Kujos
Caught ya like Zapruter cause we’re aimin at your noodle
Isn’t that fun
This isn’t rap
This is that gun
This isn’t fast
This is mad dumb
This isn’t that
This is that one
Gotta say Ben is bad
Lookin at him what a guy
Prolly play the type
To go and prison tat a butterfly
Right under his eye
Try to emulate the Game
Couple minutes in the game
And then now he’s in the paint
And they passin him the ball
Cause they know he’s got the height advantage
Wanna win a championship because it’s a right of passage
I looked in their face and I could tell they be slightly panicked
You could see just by the the way they played
that their whole psyche damaged
Time to get real
Only three seconds left
He fakes to the right and he fakes to the left
Turn around jump shot fade away bet
Nothin but net

110. Lazy River Prod by Katrah-Quey

Hook x2

I got a vision of me floatin down a lazy river
I got a vision of me never getting any realer
I got a vision of the one that everyone is missin
I got a vision of them cooking something in the kitchen

Sockeye salmon for the lox I cop at Holiday not Whole Foods
Get back in the ride I’m bumpin Goodie Mob that Soul Food
I know I’ve said a lot can’t say I haven’t told you
You’ll only catch me sippin Short’s, Bubbly or cold brew
Never told the whole truth
Why would I? I don’t know you.
I’d like to but haven’t had the time since when I broke through
I’m different from ‘02 I’m winnin I don’t lose
My dinner at sunset in winter with boat shoes
Sunglasses that I’m able to see the coast through
It’s cold they measure how far we’ve come by how the crow flew
Chillin at the Crowfoot drinkin on a Strongbow
Rest in peace to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones
You can call when I’m not home
Out explorin the cosmos
It doesn’t always have to be a long road
Y’all know
One for the ambition two for the tragedies
Three for the ammunition four for the battle scene
One for the money and two for the show
Three for the bandages four to leave it alone
I always wanted to be interviewed about my unique style
Then they started asking things and it just freaked me out
I’m done with smoking bongs and bowls and joints in moldy basements
I’m listenin to my high school experience on an oldies station
Promise when I put the card in the mail it was on time
If it got lost in transit it’s out of sight out of mind
In no way do I feel as if I’m out of line
By saying the way you feel is not a problem of mine
All I can do is get the booster and pick a grind
Life is just a marathon that’s sad up at the finish line
Underappreciated hustles of different kinds
We celebrate the struggle never talk about fishin line
Hold strong for me until I get back ok?
That diagnosis made us feel bad for the whole day.
Nothin has been different we just missed out on your old age
I envisioned a lazy river on which we floated away

Hook x2

111. Guns and Money prod by Skelly Man Beats

Three two one let’s go
It’s Saturday and I’m Ben Holmes
Catch me cheffin somethin up in the kitchen
Like I’m Mike Colameco
So powerful I could be controllin petrol
You Mufasa?
I’m bout to let go
You don’t wanna get in the way of my
Guns and money
Ha check
The date at the bottom
I get em I got em
I hit em I shot em
Get em a Klonopin
A helicopter in
To the nearest emergency room
I’ma bet
He isn’t long for this world
With the size of the hole in his chest
And the blood coming out of it
Better be callin his mom and his dad
And his uncles and sons
And then all of his daughters kids
Tellin em they gon’ wanna sit
Before you go talk on it
And then explain what the problem is
Gotta be honest
It’s not something I would miss
There’s no excuses
Cause I told you I’m a threat
Bang Bang Bang
Dit Dit Dit
Du Du Du
Dang my maine
That’s a big boo boo boo
Tell me just what are you gonna do
Up against guns
If you runnin we run and shoot
Leave all the evidence every casing there
They know that Ben did it
Even my face is there
Now that they have a confession on tape
And they play it back to me
But no I’m not playing fair
Laugh at the Jakes
As they takin me into the station
And sayin they’re placin
Me under the basement
They paintin me in the worst of all the lights
But murder’s only half the equation
Guns and money
I am so loaded
I got so much money
Every fucking joke I hear is funny
Every day out here
They wanna lay out here
Because it seems like it’s nothing but sunny
In line at the bank and I’m laughing
I’m glad and I’m happy
That I’m leaving all you with nothing
If you’re not as rich as me I think you’re dummies
Yo I am the shit we got different plumbing
Honestly I’ma be better than you
Till the day that I die or you take something from me
They so mad they wanna kill
Eat the rich
Bet I taste like hundred dollar bills
You buy the pepper I own the farm
You buy her drink I own the bar
Bet that it don’t get much realer kid
Buy the car I buy the dealership
What you eat I wont feed my animals
You want a union I know that you can’t at all
I am the mix of a cannon ball and a boss
I don’t know how much a goddamn banana costs
I’m talkin capital gains
Everything you’ve ever done has been at a loss
Trust me that we know you’re coming
That’s why we’re funding the military
To protect our
Guns and money
The game is rigged
It’s the same shit
Over and over again
New calendar
New faces
Don’t play kid
Don’t play kid
You’re gonna get wasted
And thrown away quick
Face it

112. The Feeling Of Wanting To Set Myself On Fire prod by Riddoch

I knew long before you knew
I just had to be patient
And wait for you to realize
What I was offering

They said they can sense it
They can see it
They can feel it
They said they can make or break a situation
They givin their input
Unsolicited or needed
They said they can diagnose the patient

Come and get a dose
Runnin into those
Sudden intervals
Lock the door
When they ask around
Who they ask about
Keepin track of who’s got the score
They hear voices
And they’ve been paranoid
Since before they got back to it
They can’t fall asleep
And it’s hard to stay awake
When all they have is that itch

They done ran so far away it’s hard to see the meadow
They can’t tell the forest from the trees or when they let go
Started with the metal and now everythings been settled
They can’t hear anyone else talkin but the devil

My child, welcome
I invite you to stay with me forever
Why would you leave
When we could be everything together
I need you
Don’t act like you didn’t see this coming
I’ve been here for you
This whole time
I’ve been waiting for you
You finally decided to show up

They said they can sense it
They can see it
They can feel it
They said they can make or break a situation
They givin their input
Unsolicited or needed
They said they can diagnose the patient

I don’t know where it comes from
But it starts down in my toes
And it slowly works it way up through my bones
Washes over me completely
Now the goal is to escape it’s grasp
But I’ve never been successful at that
It feels like it’s behind me
But it’s faster than me
So I keep runnin
And I keep runnin
And I keep runnin for my life
Then it’s gainin on me
And it’s off in the distance far enough to where
I’m just scared
It isn’t here yet
But I know that it’s on it’s way
And when it gets here it’s gonna bring me down
Deep deep deep deep deep deep
Deeper than I ever wanna go
And when I get there
And when it’s almost over
I’m forced to beg for it to release me
I lose a piece of myself everytime this happens
And I don’t know where they go
But I feel as if I could find them
Again I would be whole
I don’t know
Here’s to hopin

They said they can sense it
They can see it
They can feel it
They said they can make or break a situation
They givin their input
Unsolicited or needed
They said they can diagnose the patient

February 2022

113. Pam The Spam Pan prod by Estepax

Freestyle Friday
Motherfucker what
Motherfucker what
What up Bonafide
Estepax on the beat

I Pam the pan to put the Spam in damnit
Hand to hand to hand to mouth I’m handin
Hand em out I’m standin out outstandin
Damnit yeah
Watch me dance around the damage
I Pam the pan to put the Spam in damnit
Hand to hand to hand to mouth I’m handin
Hand to mouth the man is so outstandin
Watch me dance around the damage

I’ve worked from home for the past six months
And I no longer own pants dude
I went out to dinner the past few weeks
Guess what I wore
Track suit
Thats right
Only own one though
Workin on a second now
If you want to meet me at Lao Pot you know Ben is down
Headin out now
I’ma be there in a couple minutes
Grab a chubby lobster out the tank and we can split it
If it doesn’t matter to you
I’ma raise the bill forever high
Never die
Like my apple crisp with extra pesticides
Step aside
Set the psilocybin fest to best of times
I’m on my pepper grind
I’ve never been behind
I’ve been a prize
Ever since I’ve been alive
I’m the one they use to incentivize other people
To take control of the whole enterprise
Hotter than a jalapeno bacon mac and cheese
Hotter than a habanero and the seeds
And a beach capish my speech reach
And breech I preach peace
Repeat just retreat
We beast then eat feasts
I’ma stand by everything I do
They don’t know shit bout fuck
Just like Ruth
Comin in hotter than a wasabi root
I’ma kill everyone ya know and their mommies too
I’m confident in my skills you better pray to god
Catch me settin fires in the basement of the Mariott
It’s very hot
I know you know the deal
I don’t care if you’re there or not
I tie ya fuckin hair in knots
Until you’re scared of us
I’m the best to flaunt
I’m the one the rest’ll want
Ask me how long I’ve been sober
My flows so fuckin impossible
Like orderin the right amount of food
From a hot pot restaurant with no leftovers
I’m tryin to hollar for the check
Cause she wants to have Ben over
I bet the evenings ending with her bent over

I don’t usually talk like that
But sometimes I have to get on my shit
Over a Estepax beat

114. Ruth prod by Vrdnyn

It’s chilly in the mitten man
Show me summer
Today is 2/4 like Kobe’s number
Temperature two four it’s cold we hunker
Down inside the bunker
And just flow these numbers
There’s no stoppin the momentum
When the rhythm gets em
Twists em into positions
In which their forced to listen
Contorts the victim forcibly
Until they morph the vision
And abort their mission
Like a figure four submission
Holdin back no more open that gate wide
Let me off the leash a minute bout to say hi
Shake the hands of all the fans who manage they lives
Honestly I’m not surprised that y’all came by
I’ve been sittin at the kitchen table for a minute
Now it’s way past curfew
I’m like where the fuck were you
Is that perfume
Who you been with
You know how possessive Ben gets

Now that you’re listenin to me
You can’t listen to anybody else though
Nobody else
Now that you’re listenin to Ben
You can’t listen to anybody else stuff
Nobody else
Now that you’re playin my song
You can’t listen to anybody else
Never never never never never never
Now you’re listenin to me
You can’t listen to anybody else though
Nobody else

I’m the first to admit
I’m a bit of a lunatic
When it comes to doin
This music shit
I was hangin with a newish chick
She chose to change the playlist
From Benny’s Greatest Hits to Ludacris
I looked at her like
Who the fuck approved of this
And I kicked her out my car
Get your jacket and your shoes cuz you’re walkin
Only listen in when Ben’s talkin
Anybody else speak
Whoop pull out the earmuffs
Hey you hear that new Tyga joint
Hear what
Rollin up to my posse’s spot with pop quizzes
Yo what’s that Kendrick lyric
It’s not what this is
Mainstream or underground
Doesn’t make a difference
If you play their record it’s a front to what I’ve gifted
Us in this relationship dont take me for granted
I can go out and find another fan tomorrow goddammit
That goes double for listenin to local Detroit labels
I’ll show up at your job and roid rage you


115. Combos Every Road Trip prod by Kah

Playa we on again
Spent the evenin at a comedy show
Watchin Taylor Tomlinson
Royal Oak Music Theater
It was a packed house
We ate dinner at Ima
And then we laughed loud
Date night took me back to Cliff Bells
Front row jazz music pomme frites steak bites
Real ballers don’t die
They get chubby and buy flannel
Move to Florida in the winter and wear nice sandals
Yeah gettin off a plane on the tarmac
Pina Coladas and palm trees who wouldn’t want that
When the chill is in my bones I get real up in my zone
We didn’t prepare a speech we just build it as we go
I get texts that say come home fast
Everybody misses you and we all love your brand
We gon’ bump your raps until they unload bands
30 years ago I would have spent it at FuncoLand
Searchin for the kind of feelin that escapes me now
And the lane of memories it seems to take me down
Chillin dog I just feel the breeze
Let the good times roll like a wheel of cheese
It goes downhill fast we built a field of dreams
Then they all showed up just to be in the scene
We’ve been searchin for something
Some are searchin for fundin
Some are searchin for fun
Some are searchin for love
Some are searchin for all the above in abundance
I’m not searchin for nothin
Because I found it already
I’m grounded I’m steady
I’m sound and I’m ready
To take on anything that comes to get me
We’re always on top like the dust on a box
We’re goin in like a bucket and mop
Rollin down Lincoln bumpin Suck It Or Not
I talk to grown women you’re in love with a thot
Bout to buy a pistol
Load it with designer missiles
So when I’m behind you
You know I’m grindin to try and hit you
Hmmm that’s not entirely true
I’m not about to buy a gun
But man what I wouldn’t do
To solve all of the problems in my world
By takin you out my life
All I really wanted was a roll of the dice
I got it I got it I got it now I want to be the best
Even if that involves watching you bleed to death
I’m entirely indifferent about your existence
Doesn’t really matter either way you’re out of vision
Outta position
Hot outta the kitchen
Everything I’m servin for you is droppin the opposition
As a rapper my longevities incredible
As a chef my credibility is edible
As a man my sensitivity is sensible
With the plan my positivities inevitable
Bigger the task the bigger the bull
My personalities inimitable
Yeah give it a go
If you ever wanna see me
You can hit me at show

116. Do It prod by WAVmage

Ya’ll act like you’ve never seen a copy this great
Jaws all on the floor like Seth Rogan just broke into Tommy’s Estate
Tommy held a shotgun up to his face and said
I’m stealin your tools if you don’t turn around I’ma spray
I’m sippin mint tea out my I said yes mug
This is for all the haters that have told me Ben sucks
Honestly there was more in two thousand ten but
Now we seem to be moving forward like “down set hut”
Threw a pass it went into the endzone and they caught it
But everyone already saw that coming to be honest
Now we’re champions in every regulated sport
The best on the field, track, pitch, rink, course, and court
You could catch us hangin like the dad of Uday Hussein
Pockets celebrating fat Tuesday
They were sippin Kool Aid
I told em cut it out like David Coulier
But now our communications on some goose egg

And I do gotta go back to work for a minute
For a minute (x2)
I’m up in it

We’re taking a rap break
From the rat race

My rhyming raises heart rates
Cause I grind and play the hard way
You’re not finding Jay’s Beyonce on some 90 Day Fiance
I wish I could reiterate all the bad names that their calling you
It would make you jump back like Cam Newton when the ball is lose
Yeah don’t get too dirty it’s only two thirty
I hope that Charly gets a pretty sturdy working hurdy gurdy
In the mail around April
He ordered it six months ago
It’s about time
I just wanna flow
Over it I go and get hold of it as soon as I do that
You know it’s over with so legit holy shit
Only fuckin with home ownership
Cause I’m dope and rich I know this is
Not very fair to you
I kick ya in ya derriere to move ya
Six feet away from me because
I don’t want no covid shit
I noted it that I told ya
To go and sit over there when I told you it
So if you’re not doin it and I come back to review it
And you’re not movin
I’m gonna tell you to just go and do it

Do it
Do it
Do it
Do it
Do it
Do it
Do it

117. This Ones For Mine prod by MAG

Happy Valentines day to you
This ones for mine
But you can take it too
Look we made it through another year
We’re still here
And you’re still beautiful
Happy Valentines day to you
This ones for mine
But you can take it too
Look we made it through another year
We’re still here
And our love is still beautiful

I always knew you were the perfect one for me though
Even before we met and we were stuck with other people
Let’s go get some sandwiches and hang out in a gazebo
Post it up on Instagram and tell everyone we know
For real though
I never thought I’d feel so lovey dovey
I just wanna go and hold your hand like I’m one of the Beatles
I see those other couples strugglin in public
For them it takes a lot of work and for us it’s just a free throw


When I wrap ya up in blankets
Then come downstairs to rap to ya
Our love will never break
We’ll never have to plaster cast it up
I love you
Every move you make
I’m like that’s the one
Smart gifted
Whether we’re nearby or long distance
Doesn’t really matter man
I’ll use up my whole data plan
Either talkin to her
Or takin pics while we galavant
We could go to the park
We could go to the bar
We could go and take art classes
We could stare up at the stars
We could do nothing at all
Do nothing at all
We could do nothing at all
We could make love
Until we fall asleep
Wake up the next day
And do the same stuff
You’re my favorite
I’m the same one
You’ve loved since day one
But now you’re famous

118. Emergency Room pt 2 Prod by Perja Beats

We don’t have to try anymore (x4)

Around here I’m the biggest fry
Everyone else is looking minimized in comparison
I’m the one they epitomize because I share the win
Popeye on some spinach pie
Flows on some Brad Leone show, you know
It’s Alive
Skatin on the thinnest ice
My persona needs to be winterized
(That’s how I feel)
Kiss the vibe
Not talkin weight gain when I tell you that I mysticize
If you’re waiting on a verse from me get in line
Guests walk in the house and start to salivate again
I plate the creme brulee the dogs are chewin on alligator skin
Gotta cop that from a pet bistro
We only put stock in the stock stocked with the best misos
Behold B. Holmes just as we know
The host of the evening crackin all the cheap jokes
Drinkin all the expensive beer
Ahh it feels so good that all of my friends are here

We don’t have to try anymore (x4)

We’ve been in this game we never settle we will love her
Their veil is thinner than a Weber kettle grill cover
Lookin outta place like a Nigerian white dude
Ben Holmes is colder than a Siberian ice cube
Try carrying my shoes for a change
Let me know if you wanna keep em
After a couple days
How can this even be the life
Jesus Christ B. is nice
On the M-I-C Device
Old head in the buildin like does anybody need advice
Slicker than a sheet of ice
Quicker than the speed of light
Most of em never get to see the prize
Others of us never get to beat the vice
Some are smothered by the love of others
And succumb to meet the needs of life
At times I feel as if it’s not fair that I got here
After all those locked doors
After all those blocked roads
After all that hot air
They were talkin about how I’m not this
I’m not that and I never listened
But some of em did
And I really miss em

We don’t have to try anymore (x4)

119. Crispelli's prod by Dylan


Uh oh

Yeah we back again

Freestyle Friday

Little bit about me

Growin up 

I had a crush on Aniston


Now I’m grown

And my wife goes to Crispelli’s

And eats dinner with senators

I’ve been immersed 

Since before Bettman invented the Predators

From here to the metaverse

I’m one of many competitors

As soon as I get a verse

I gotta record it before I forget it first

The directors also the editor

I feel like kind of an emperor

They do whatever it is Ben prefers

I’ve already been into heavens purse

So in the wintertime

I get blowjobs by the space heater

Since beginnin my rhymes don’t stop

I’m the main feature

We still live a regular life

Outside of the folklore

I bet the dogs upstairs right now

Chewin on my phone chord

We hold court 

At Imaginate 

On a Saturday

Orderin bottles of champagne

To celebrate whatever we can today

Probably a lot

Probably a new job

Probably a few blogs

Writin about the lyrics 

And how they always stay too hot


Not everyone agrees with me

But you can’t ignore this seems to be 

Done easily 

And it’s feasibly somethin

You need to see

In order to believe it 

Leave it 

And that’ll be a grievance

Against you

Ben who

That was a year ago

Now they’re like Ben Holmes


I’ma need a mausoleum

I done rapped myself out of a head stone


Put all my pretty pictures and quotes on the wall

Just know when I fall

I always thought I was doper than y’all

No ones stopping me

Or watching me drop

I’m the Socrates of this hip hop regime

Come to the top with me where the lobster is free

I’ve gotten to be 

One of the most egotistical people 

I never wanted to see

But hey I’ma be me

You just be you

To whom could we lose

I used to rap my ass off

And produce the beats too

I’m gettin lazy in my old age

I’ve settled into my brilliance

Rollin down John R 

Bumpin Continuance

Track three

Yeah that Boldy joint

Benny Holmes be so Detroit

Benny Holmes be growing coins

My money tree is so on point

And I spit that holy noise

That has he staring down

Right at my glowing loins


I’m like “C’mon! Eyes up here”

120. Work So Hard prod by Nicky Spacebum

You know it’s never bad weather
When we’re rollin cause it’s shinin
Every day is bright and sunny
Everybodies smilin
Yeah I couldn’t be happier
My shoulders taller than a pachyderms
I manifested this and know how it happened
Companies throwin 105 at me like Aroldis Chapman
If you go back in
And listen to the discography
I promise a year ago
This is just where I wanted to be
You can hear it
Hear it in the lyrics that I said
I wanna work from home
They said come sit here at your desk
But I ain’t bout that office life
Specially since ya sent us home
Back in August right
I got a taste like
Awe that’s nice
I’m not a youngster
I need work and life balance man
You silly suckers
Mother fuck another traffic jam
You need to micromanage
So middle management can advance
That’s not a tactic
That has worked to my advantage
We’re rollin hand in hand
To form a union
Deformin the kind of cruelness
You’re usin abusin employees
And showin the foosball table off
To new recruits when
You know damn well
Nobody has a chance to use it

I’ma keep it movin
Doin what I’m doin
I’ma work so hard
I’ma keep pursuin it (x3)

I’ma keep it movin
Doin what I’m doin
I’ma work so hard
And I’m never gonna stop

Third job in six months
I’m excited to do me
Bank account lookin like
It ate a bunch of punchkees
Work from home
I’ve manifested some outstanding options
Companies throwin 102 at me
Like they Randy Johnson
I’m the one that’s doin things
Drivin to the bank
Bumpin Hoobastank
Gettin deeper than a scuba tank
Who ya think
Run at you
Comin through
What it is
What it do
Sucka Free
Sucka what
What are you
Ya boy grew a back bone
I’m comin back home Jackson
I guess we got what we asked for
Buncha assholes
Throwin out they lassos
Tryin to rope me in
As if I was they last hope
I shopped my skills around
Like I was a one man show
Until I found a hybrid option
And said that’s dope
I filled the cup half way
Then filled it half more
Now I got a full ass glass
And I’m so glad though

Haha that’s the realness
Esidarap I know that’s real
Nicky Spacebum I know that’s real
I know that’s real
I got mad skills

121. A Rap To Nap To prod by ProdYear3000

Benny Holmes
Check it
Check the levels
These are the levels
We’re so level headed
Check it yo

I keep doin more and more
I got the kind of prolific style
I have to pay for storage for
Sharper than a fork tine
I do four times
More rhymes
Than your mind
Pork rind crispy
I’m on a coarse grind
Ya followin the wrong process
You don’t want drama
Because you’re not all this
I’m done with dot com comments
F a bomb threat
I’m callin in a bomb promise
Out at your moms office
And there’s no stop on this
I wish I could tell you I get loose on a city scene
But I’m more about that reclusivity
I live in a younger mes fantasy
I’m a rapper that tries to say no to producers
And they just keep askin me
Passin me the fattest beats I’ve ever heard
Dappin my up
Hangin on every word
I stay with that Berkey water
What their sippins murky
And they only brought a Hershey bar to barter
Mercury’s in retrograde
They don’t even bother cauterizing the wounds
Until I’m brought up and leave the scene
Without being caught up
In any kind of trouble
Legally or mentally
Spiritually I let the artist stencil me
Art has been one of the bestest friends of me
Back when Benny B was seventeen
Setting me
Up for a life of pain and anguish
I’m so vain it’s
Probably what it’s like to be famous
Without the accolades
Or the cars that go fast vroom
You can catch me probly vapin in the bathroom
Spent my early twenties tryin to get a backstage
Baddest rhyme I wrote is probly scribbled on the last page
Of a notebook I’ve never read or looked at again
Those who want to be the best at it
Also have to be the baddest friends
It just comes with the territory
I’m very sorry
That we couldn’t make amends
To this very poorly written scary story
That we’ve been written into
If I knew better I never would have met up at the venue
From bein a sales engineer
To designin the menus
This year I promise
There’s no way that we can lose
I spent my early twenties
Searching for some nerdy honey
Working till the earlies coming
Laundering this dirty money
I spent my early thirties
Denying every urge we see
Coming down the way
Except for when I’m always thirsty
I’ll spend my early forties
Mourning those dead before me
Soaring high above the competition
Never boring
I’ll spend my early fifties dreading my sixties
I’ll spend my early sixties
Reminiscing about this beat

And here we are
Let’s live in the moment
Let’s live in the moment
Yeah I also watched the superbowl mic’d up
Let’s live in the moment yo
Just do you just do you
For who you are right now
And I’ma do me for who I am right now
And we’re gonna do both of us
We’ll both do each other
I love you

122. Fish Sauce and Kewpie prod by Cowardly Beatz

I’m on the payroll
So when the banks closed
The next day I stay up so late
And watch Bang Bros
And game shows
Puttin marijuanna in my face hole
Today I chose the gummy route
Walk around the house with my tummy out
And my boxers on
On the corner of my four post bed
You can be there’s a halo
Now they lay low
Like where the bass goes
Because they know
That my aims so ok
So so
Wait don’t go throwin shade
Cuz they don’t know
Who’ll catch that cold case
Toe tag
No place is safe though
OK Holmes they say
Till we leave em laid out
Like we’re bout to paint Rose
But this ain’t no Titanic show
This is that gigantic flow
This is this humongous
Teranisaurus tyrannical
Animal since the Danibles
Man’ll handle his mandible
Managed to brandish malice
Way faster than passes Stafford throws
I’m so rapalicious
And I’m so delicious
Some of these women love me
And they wanna give me kisses
I’m all about my business
I’m on the top of wishlists
I’m bout to fry they fishes
Light a candle do the dishes
This is what they call the man
Couple chubby office hands
In the peachy suburbs
Bumpin Stevie Wonder
I’ma dance
No need for a small advance
You’re about as tall as ants
And you think you keepin up with me
Oh brother not a chance
Everybody stop and freeze when I’m talkin
They wanna see the manager capish
Then I walk in
I’m on top
Better believe that I call shots
Puttin all the crosshairs
Right onto they bald spots
I buy a case of bordeaux
No more Four Loko
I’m bakin a Digorno
Watchin homemade porno
This is such a raunchy track
But I bet she call me back
Cause she’s lookin for a real one
And she knows I’ll be that
Miss me with the drama
Only kiss me and your mamma baby
I’m the greatest
Underappreciated accommodating
Premadonna crazy
Lead em on a lazy island with me
With no time for waiting
Tell me now
What are you contemplating
Hotter than some gas on fire
As a toddler my pacifier was a plastic lighter
I mean this mans a liar
Sometimes it’s hard to be balancing
Got these appointments with A&Rs
Scattered across my Calendly
Zoom meetings with publicists
New greetings and what is this
The true meaning of abundance
And I’m still in love with it

Benny Holmes
Hit Or Miss
Allowed Noise
2nd Kitchen Sounds
We do two then we out
Happy bank holiday tomorrow
I’ll be napping
And rapping

March 2022

123. Olivia prod by Bobby Conny

Mirrored view
Lookin nervous like a job interview
Dressed to kill
Just to chill
Gotta impress the next eyes on her
May the best dye job rest at the top of that hill
And she lives in a replay
She say she’s so sick of the sweet taste
Everybody want a piece to take
And she ain’t got the time
Moves in a way like she know what you’re lookin at
But not like she’s comfortable or good with that
Can’t have it both ways
If she could it would all be OK
Youth and wisdom
Age and carelessness
Feigns embarrassment
And changes the narrative
Where’s the camera
Where’s my manager
Call em and they’ll take care of it
Oblivious Olivia, It’s obvious they won’t live with ya
So sorry cos they’e not givin ya
Anything like before
When you were young and stupid fun was not so dumb
Now you long for some, but it’s all been done
You can’t call the one, cos he denies your thoughts
Hunting for her ever after happily
Never bothered to put anything inside of the packaging
Might just up and Botox the whole box
whoa boy
Now at everything she looks so shocked
How are they mad at me?
uh the audacity
Isn’t it sad to see
This is a tragedy
How am I managing?
How am I handling all of this?
Where is my publicist?
Oblivious Olivia, It’s obvious they won’t live with ya
So sorry cos they’e not givin ya
Anything like before
When you were young and stupid fun was not so dumb
Now you long for some, but it’s all been done
You can’t call the one, cos he denies your thoughts
She wants to get ahead but she can’t even get equal
She spends her time googling “podcast for rich people”
Now that’s not something rich people do
But she never knew
Because she’s never been rich
Only rocks designer
20 grand in debt
Lookin for a provider
Not livin check to check
When she’s in the club hey, don’t let no scrubs in there
Not one person has offered to love her in years.
Oblivious Olivia, It’s obvious they won’t live with ya
So sorry cos they’e not givin ya
Anything like before
When you were young and stupid fun was not so dumb
Now you long for some, but it’s all been done
You can’t call the one, cos he denies your thoughts

124. Voices Of Children prod by Jack

I’m not the most geopolitical person
But I can see the situation in Ukraine is getting worse
And I’m not the most religious out of people
But I hope they’re able to defend their homeland against that evil
Now that’s all were gonna hear about that
Back to my yes pun intended bomb raps
I’ve been on track to wrap this year up on 4/16
That’s the first time I’ve mentioned it
I’m working
I’m serving the sure thing up
For the purse strings
I burn things
From the first string
Into the dirt please
I used to rep my set everytime that I bounce songs
But now the Queens and I don’t speak
Like a No Doubt song
When I’m roamin the streets
They know that Holmes is a beast
Except on Submit Hub
Where I’m rated like I wrote It’s So Cold In The D
Comments in these modern day live streams
Have me contemplating on giving up my dreams

Here’s the deal we’re wrappin up
I’ve been on a mission to rap
And haven’t been absent once
I’ve rattled off classics
And masochistically decimated my Fridays
That’s why every rhyme I make
Tastes like you’re passin blunts
I’m gonna bet this is the one
Where Captain America dies at the end
From a violent event
Tryin to befriend all the wrong villains
Barkin up the wrong tree
Brain splattered on that brown ceilin
No more war peace
More floorboards please
So we can house the people
That are sleepin in the streets
It’s a masquerade to rap and just play over the bass
When people are gettin blasted away passin away
And no one is safe
So I’ma make my art
And I’ma speak my mind
And I’ma shut the fuck up
If they don’t need my lines
I hope for all the best
For you and yours and mind
Whatever battle you’re up against
I hope it works out fine

I love you

125. You Just Got Here prod by Mothbox

They say you gotta go
But you just got here
And you don’t wanna leave
This shit is not fair (x4)

Waitin on a summer
I’m bumpin Drum Work
Off God Don’t Make Mistakes
Tell that to my birth mother
I’m probly the worst hustler
I gave it all away for free
Just to have a thumb to work under
Look how they made the beats
While you’re in intro to math I’m sittin in AP
Finishin the New York Times crossword
Chillin at age three
I was takin the SATs
For the second time when I was 18
First time was when I was 12
They knew I was bound for greatness
Because of the way I could spell
And how I commanded the language
Now I’m demandin my payment
We could just stand here and wait it
Out a minute and then take it
I don’t wanna be famous
Which is great because no one has offered
So far it isn’t an option
But I can feel it so hard
That everybody is watchin
I know you’ve been seein a lot of me
Listenin into my autobiography
My dads blind
My second mom died
And I never wanna leave

They say you gotta go
But you just got here
And you don’t wanna leave
This shit is not fair (x4)

Hazel eats food off of the ground hers like a flounder
I round third and there’s three other guys at home plate
Waitin to smack my ass
Damn Adam you rappin fast
Bumpin Black Flag rollin down Gratiot
Askin the passenger to assess the damage
As we pass the crash
The life I’m livin is nice and silent
Without lights and sirens in it
When it gets a little too loud I like to dim it
Might just mimic the slight of hand
To defy the limits
Define the business
Since I first typed it in
My life’s infinite
Even if they’re not into me the Ladies say they want Holme’s babies
The day I lost my virginity was like the scene in Almost Famous
Now we shop at Westborn Market where the pickles are 50 a bushel
20 dollar gallon of milk
I’m liftin with plenty muscle
She puckers like a whistle
Then sucks it like a Bissel
It’s so fuckin black and white
The fact that I’m official
Never count your ducks before they hatch
Is bad advice but civil
You ever attack I’m firin back with all the baddest missiles

126. Hurt The Team By Beating Yourself prod by Ladd Platt

I gotta say I can’t complain
Todays been pretty great of a day
I got another bad ass job
Went in and dropped off my laptop
At the old one
No one but Holmes could go so dumb
Poke holes through the boasts of the no one
No coat in the cold but I’m so warm
No Doz and I hope that it shows up
Like it did before
I commend you for
Writin everything down in your notebook
Like I did before
But that doesn’t work anymore for me
I hope that this slows up
Only setting goals that are overwhelming
So when I’m at the finish line
Everybody holds their breath
Hoping the ending meets up
With what’s been in their head
Goin to Frankenmuth for a vacation
Greta Van Fleet scattered over the playlist
Gonna be eatin some chicken and weed
Drinkin some bourbon and beer
That’s my favorite
Goin with Dan that’s a brother in law
When he wants plants I’m the one that he calls
When I picked out this beat I thought it’d be dope
But it’s been nothing but a gun to my balls
Can’t turn back now
That’s one of those guidelines I set
Can’t lose on the sidelines I bet
Why did I get nine lives like this
Yeah here’s to myopathy
Here’s every single thing that I’ve tried to be
Here’s what I wanna be
Here’s what I used to be
Here’s all the things that I assumed you would be
It’s about time to order the pizza now
Eat my frown
I treat the beat just like I treat the ground
I Walk all over it
Beat the sound
The speakers pound
I beat the beat until it’s bleedin out
I need it now
V is for vendetta
And to me that’s how I see this now
I won’t retreat or leave or drown
Speechless I just feel it out
I’m preachin like a weekend deacon
With every speech I bounce
I creep and sneak around the beach
Until they least expect it
When the evenin’s out
I leap and pounce leathally
For their weakest clown
Didn’t even scream a sound
I wasn’t even dreamin of a grievance
Until they breached the mound
I don’t need a reason
I don’t need a pound
I don’t really believe in
Who I be leavin out
I don’t see another way
To beat around the bush
So I’ma let em peter out
We can be friends
Or we can be Emilys
Either way I’ma be around

I think we can take a bit of a break after this one
I think we can take a bit of a break after this one

127. Don't Worry I Need You prod by DRK

Got a feelin that I’m done and I’m bout to hit the road
Only problem is I don’t know where I know I’m gonna go
All bags are packed the fact is that I gotta show
Anyone that asks that I can make it on my own

I can make it on my own
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
Without you here it’s spoken word
And people love spoken word

We participate at Articipate
They hand us our brushes
And then we are given paint
Life is smooth smooth
Walkin around this afternoon
Sippin a zoo brew
Waitin to go out to eat
At the new cool place
The amuse-bouche
Was a fattoush salad for two
Main course on top of couscous
It was lamb
She had the duck
Cool cool
Served raw
On burnt straw
Real avant garde like
I only eat with artists
And chefs that plant their own gardens
Hi I’m Ben Holmes
Bumpin Ben Folds
Higher than the rent goes
By ten fold
Mr. Never Known To Hold A Pencil
I get old and set goals
Then Diet Coke and Mentos them


I spent this whole last week typin up my lyrics like I’m sadistic
Sad misses I never come to sleep
That fact that this whole release is the statistics
It’s a pretty big gamble but
I know this’ll rope in the kind of people
Who think every time I rap I suck
I know there hasn’t been many
But there’s been a vocal few
Outside of the local feuds
Who think I’m some hopeful dude
Trying to take over the news
Nah that’s cool
You can have your space
And your famousness
I’m already old school

128. Unsolicited Wingman prod by WerkingDad

Walkin round a tourist trap
Pastel shorts on
Fanny pack
And we’re bumpin your song
That would be ridiculous
Come and get a pic of this
German hat
Hiking boots
Fashion sense unlimited
Fill the growler at the hotel bar
Passin out glasses
Of the most expensive molasses
These parts have ever seen
They bout to remember me
When I leave
Probly sayin things like
“Where’d that guy go that was giving out all the free drinks? He was pretty sweet.”
I’m slicker than the roads tomorrow
When I gotta go back to the office
Tonight is supposed to rain
But it’s still snowy so we got this
Kinda peculiar situation
Where it’s rainin
And then overnight it gets cold
So the rain turns into snow
And the roads turn into ice
And I’m wakin up
20 minutes before I woulda had to
Gettin mad at you
For hittin the brakes
And I’m way too impatient to take this
White knuckles grippin the steerin wheel
Hopin my life is in somebody’s hands
That knows the deal for real
Lederhosen on the car hop hostess
Baseballs chosen on that far hop throw tip
Crow hop no slip
Y’all up in the mall all the time
Like Paul Blart posted
That’s why your lyrics are lacking substance
All farts
No shit
Got a new buddy to drop
Presents up off at his doorstep
One half of Spice Droppers
Is looking for a woman with nice knockers
Who likes opera
Also is intellectual nice proper
Someone who he can take home to his father
And eat a meal of nice pasta
Someone who isn’t too argumentative
And would never come back with
This is exactly how you said it is
Someone who wears nylons
And rhymes all night long
Subscribes to our Youtube channel
Spice Droppers
If you think you know somebody like that
Have em reach out to
Tall Can
Wondo the Fourteenth
The man the myth
The tall can
I’m his wingman
And I get paid for this
Everytime that somebody reaches out to him
In an email I get fifteen dollars
If they reach out to him in a Youtube message I get ten dollars
If they reach out to him on Bumble I get five dollars
We’re tryin to raise some money
This is my go fund me
Holla at cha boy doe

129. Cadieux Cafe prod by samyyy

Benny Holmes
And this is how we feel

I know I’m a little bit late to spray
I spent most of my Friday out at the Cadieux Cafe
Shovin mussels into my fat face
Drinkin all the Belgian beer
Ben is here
Feather bowlin
Watch the sunny weather roll in
Bumpin Kelly Roland
On the way home
94 West
And I’m steady rollin
Benny holdin all the keys to the city
Got a job downtown
And they all wish they could be in it with me
Stuck in traffic
They’re like you know how much a mile of the gas costs
I’m like nah I don’t really look
I’m just smilin my ass off
There’s no bargain I shop for
Park in a lot for
Ten dollars a day
To be close to my spots door
Don’t wanna walk more than 88 feet
ADA please
88 keys
Makes me
Radiate heat
Gravy train teet
Baby play me
On a crazy train beat
B just
Stepped on a bees nest
He just
Wanna get through it
With all the pieces
It’s that
How long have you been back in town
Shoulda never introduced me to the syntax
They used to wanna be hard
With a gun in the car
Now we’re gettin drunk at the bar
On the company card
Look at how I’ve changed
That’s how time works
I was so full of shit
Till the spine hurt
My thirst to find work
With rhymes of defined words
Caused them to buy merch
In the middle of my verse
Hand up out the window just to feel the breeze
Put some dirt up on the floor
Give me a wheel of cheese
I’ma roll it
I’ma bowl it
I’ma be the closest to the feather
You could try to beat me
Compete with me or whatever
Id doesn’t matter
The fact that I have chosen that this endeavor
Is what I needed to be on
Is proof to me I’m the cleverest
I could sell sand in the Sahara
Snow on top of Everest
After all this time
And no ones got a better kiss
Than me
Benny Holmes on the penny
Bearded dragon action
Understand they wanna send me
Get well soon cards
They think I’m FUBAR
Life is bout the journey
Like I’m Harold or Kumar
Just as good as you are
And you are the best
Yeah you are the best
I bet you are kiddo
I bet you are kiddo
I’m outta control
Like I’m Escobar’s hippos
Ooo what

We do two then we out
We do two then we out

130. Empathy prod by bærfrens

Just got to the stoodi
Haven’t even peed yet
B yes
He just
Flyer than an egret
We get a little carried away
But mean it
Peep this
We have a great show tonight
And the guest
Is that Hit Or Miss
Mix and master engineer
Who is never here
And doesn’t have any ears
Battlin his fears
Hasn’t had em in years
Challengin everyone
To a battle of the beards
Sippin on a bottle
Of some Colorado water
Eatin an avocado
Bout to borrow your boat
And have it back to you by tomorrow
Takin out the daughter on the lake
We don’t have jobs
But we’re about to get a place
I’ll settle in your basement
And taste everything that your makin
And if it isn’t great
I’ll tell ya straight to the face
So real
It’s one of my many personality traits
I don’t know why everywhere I’m staying
Doesn’t work out
Every living arrangement
They place me in the basement
Even though I have the payments for the top floor
Nothins ever changin
Could it be somethin I’m sayin
I’m Not sure
Could it be me
Probably not
Could it be you
It probably is
You probably suck
Not a whole lot
You could do about it
If you wanna change up
I’ll be right behind you like


I have no self awareness
I don’t know what’s going on around me
I drive so slow in the fast lane
Yup yup
That’s me
I have no self awareness
I don’t know what’s going on around me
I probly congregate in the doorway
I have no empathy

None of it none of it none of it
My parents only gave birth to one of this
Never saw the point
Everybody else has got a mouth and it’s makin noise
Really none of that matters though
This is just the Benny and the Adam show
Charly and The Tall
Holla back
If you want it
I’ll be in the back
Sippin on a black label yep

We do two then we out
We do two then where do we go
We probly go to do another song
As long as it’s not too late
Cause we got a art class in the morning
We doin it with Virginia
In the mornin
No relation to the song I made about a month ago
I said
We do two then we out


We do two then we out yeah
We do two then we out yeah
We do two then we out yeah
We do two we do two we do (x6)

We do two then we out yeah

131. The Number One One prod by Billy Brown 36

Benny Holmes
They call me seven take Benny
Nobody calls me that
Billy Brown made the beat
It’s like this

Sniffin all the flowers
Sippin out the growler
Flows on dope times to the tenth power
Smokin on the sour
Not really but could be
It was so illegal when I was trying to find good weed
Back in the day
I rap and then fade
Into the background
Cause that is the place
I feel comfortable in
I go until I **** up
And then I run it again
Fill it up to the brim
I haven’t had enough of it when
I do I’ll tell you
Until then keep em comin
I’m the number one one
That wanna keep the weekend bumpin
We can summon any kind of angel or demon you wanna
If you wanna get outta the way then we can wander
Since the beginnin I set this up as my challenge
Order a dinner salad
The sides a side salad
My balance
Equilibrium or the bank
Is a slight advantage
We can sit with em in the rain
Got nothin but time here
I’m here for you
No reason you gotta grind gears
We can work to make it better together
Or if you want we’ll sit and complain about the weather
I’m down with whatever
Really just a button pusher
Middle management couldn’t handle the wonder cooker
Meetin Curt and Carri out at Coriander Farm
I’m not the first to bury when it’s gory and it’s hard
Ignoring and then soaring past the waring in the yard
Touring and exploring all the warnings in the heart
Pouring out a 40 in the morning for the dark
The sun has stole the show again
We’re going to the park
Or maybe to the zoo
Baby what it do
Tell me what you need
I’ma cater to your truth
Hard to beat the business
Start to see the litmus
Call it what you want
We’re calling it kismet
This is just the test here
Give us just a sec dear
When we’re in the future
You just gotta know the best years
Happened and they’re cataloged
We’re smilin and we’re laughin
No ones mad at y’all
I signed up for the cattle call
Now I’m stuck up in the back and forth
Like paddleball
The ego it can take a lot of damage y’all
How much paint could you throw at a wall

132. Imagine A Handful Of Wet Candy prod by Perja Beats

She trots in the spot lookin valiant

Clop clop clop yeah on top of a stallion

All in her hair gold and copper medallions

Ordered the whole Bronzini at Pops For Italian

We’ve done this before

And tonight we’re companions

If looks could kill

We lookin like some assassins

All that they know I’m a boss and a champion

They skatin with Zdeno face all in the stanchion

They give me the skinny on the sitch

Like a scallion

And I’m flyer than a falcon battalion

Lookin out the window of the train

Over the canyon

Finally zeroin in on what I have been plannin

Snake River Falls steak

The duck’s from D’artagnan

Hunter went and got it out the sky

With a javelin

Looks like a lot of work

But if it’s your passion

You don’t need a mansion expansion to cash in

Never learned subtraction

I’ve only been addin

Onto everything since the beginning like Adam

My mind is so salient

When I first lost my mother

I lived with some fosters like Australians

When the chips are down

They bring me into rally them

Because I lie to everyone 

About how bad he is 

They’re throwing lollygagging fits

No gracias

They never learned my love language

I kill em with my happiness

It’s been a long flight

Not even close to landing yet

I can do this all night

It’s sort of a standing bet

I promise to live the kind of life I can’t regret

Your persona is kind of like if the candy’s wet

As far as hope I’m a bastian

You’re welcome under this light 

That we’ve been basking in

Everytime I try to dunk I jump and go up past the rim

Went from trading baseball cards to Atlassian

Tryin to find some fish to stick my talons in

I can’t see a thing tell me where my glasses went

My fears the only thing stronger than my fashion sense

Hi my names Ben and I’m glad we met


133. A Lot Of Hats prod by Morti Viventear

I’m in love with today
I go out of my way
Just to say so
Just to say so
I’m in love with the way
I’m in love with the way
It’s the same goal
It’s the same goal
Give me drum and the bass
Over drum and the bass
Let my brain flow
Let my brain flow
There is nothin to say
There is nothin as safe
As the Kangol
I got my Kangol

I look bad in this hat with a passion
Standin in the back while errones dancin
Fast and loose
That stereo blastin
Damn Adam’s tryin to look like Samuel L Jackson
Last chance
Flashdance comin on the screen now
Damn that dance is everything I’ve dreamed bout
Back with a gram from the tree house
Back when the numbers on the speed dial
Don’t act like you didn’t know what we bout
Had ta put on the hat just to freestyle
Tilt the brim
I think I look like shit
But at least I fit in

It’s a wonderful day
I go out of my way
Just to say so
Just to say so
I’m in love with the way
I’m in love with the way
It’s the same goal
It’s the same goal
Give me drum and the bass
Over drum and the bass
Let my brain flow
Let my brain flow
There is nothin to say
There is nothin as safe
As the Kangol
I got my Kangol

I wear a lot of hats that goes without sayin
But you just said it
Man I’m just playin
I wear a chef hat everytime I must plate it
And I gotta look official for the lunch lady
I’ma ugly son of a gun in a trucker
Everytime I wear one I look like Darius Rucker
But not that
Just another dad bod in the mall fat
Tryin to rock a top hat like T-Pain
And it fits
They want the Gettysberg address from me
Or me to start performin the magic tricks
Geez mane
These days I’ve been pulled aside by my advisors
And have been told to never rock a visor
No matter the occasion
When the sun is peakin out
You can catch me in my sun hat
On the beach now
If it’s snowy
See me in my Stormy
Best believe this song is over

134. Tinned Fish Produced by The Cringe

Benny Holmes
This ones produced by The Cringe Of The Century
Those are their words not mine

Every joke I’ve wrote is hidden in a binder
I know you didn’t know
So this isn’t a reminder
You’re so low
Sittin in the blinders
They love me cause I’m funny
Fortune Fiemster on GRNDR
Sippin on a can of beer
Called Pander Bear
Brew Detroit yeah
I’m a fan of theirs
Elbows on the window pane
Movin at a different pace
I’m up at the Dossin
Learnin bout the shippin lanes
I’m what they celebrate
Everyday I’m given cake
I don’t know what it’s for
But I try it anyway
Midwestern manners
Yours could be that yo
Anywhere you’re stayin
Hey just don’t be an asshole
You met me in a bandana
Stepping on a banana
Now I’m what Gretzky is to Canada
Cant add up
In you’re brain
And you don’t know what to say
Hey I moved past you a long time ago
Welcome to the play
Could have settled at the bank
But I left to entertain
Other options and at times
It still feels like I’m insane
The relationship is strained
With some of them close to me
So this is probly the first time
They’ve heard I left the bank
Hi mom
Took the safety net off the wishlist
Out at Supergeil eatin tinned fish
Talkin business
While you on the Ritz Cracker Bisquick
Fishstick diet
Nothin wrong with that
Just I’ve already tried it
True that move past it
With a boost pack
Smooth cat
Like a little bourbon with my blue grass
Like a little Blue Pabst Ribbon with the boom bap
Here’s lookin at you Ash
Already beat me to that
Comin through fast
Like a news flash
Coverin the nude track
Like a tattoo that you had
Done before
But was too sad
To have so you had
To redo it after the divorce
Who’s that booth rat
Who raps true facts
Ooo that’s Benny my man
And you shoulda knew that
That’s me
As we
Layup like I’m Kareem
They’re clapping
That’s last week in the backseat
I’m cruisin with the homies
Or gettin bougie with the groceries
No in between with me
You gotta take the whole thing
Historically haven’t been a fan of Wagyu
But it was date night at the crib
So I had to

Hustle hustle hustle gonna make me rich
They rockin all night
Like the babies sick (x4)

135. Just For Clicks prod by household lang

Benny Holmes
What up doe
Oh I love this shit
Oh you know I love this shit

I got the Cannon right behind me shootin
Honestly it’s a nuisance
It’ll be a miracle if I make it through this
I talk to members of the press
About my music it boosts my machismo
They keep yellin
The people need to see more B roll
And you know that I’m a sucker for a smilin face
B. Holmes is an artist I can rhyme or go fire the vase
Put the clay in the kiln
When I display what I’ve built
They say it’s amazingly skilled
They wanna play with my kilt
Just because I’m a vet
Doesn’t mean I rhyme the best
Five years time
I’ll be behind the tiny desk
I run it like 20 legs
They eat up what Benny said
Like a bucket of Penny Red’s
Till they need some Jenny Craig
I’m the man they said you can’t to
Now I’m up at the Brakeman
Drinkin a can of brew
Paid for by Bamboo
You don’t understand dude
There’s no way you can do
What I’ve done
Without livin it first hand truth
I step in the booth
Dope and fresh to boot
Still I execute bein extra cute
And have sex with who
Ever I want to on a regular basis
And that’s the truth
And you gotta face it
That it’s never gonna change
It’s only gonna get better from here on out
You want on I want out
Here’s how we ball out
My first day in the office
They said this is where you sit
And just give it a go
I laid hands on my equipment
Like this shit is dope
What is this
I looked it up when I got home
Now I’m buy two hundred dollar mouses
With uninhibited infinite scroll
I’m not a gamer
I don’t need to zoom around the screen
I do it just to flex for myself
So I keep it moving
I do it just to live the dream I wanna live
I do it because I can
I do it just for clicks

136. Fly Private prod by ESTEPAX

ESTEPAX we got another one (x2)

As a rapper you know I’ma flex
This week I got a story involving a private jet
It’s not my story it’s a friend of a friend
My man Sam stands six foot ten
He got a job offer
Real baller status
He knew as soon as he got the call from Manhattan
With this kind of opportunity his life would change
They said they’d fly him to the interview in a private plan
Now that’s nothin to Sam
He’s been up in the air
He’s been makin his moves
Hustlin everywhere
Plenty of room to negotiate the wages
When he gets in the room he knows that he’s gonna ace it
There’s no thought of a failure
He’s thinkin about what apartment he’s gonna buy
In which area
He’s got an education and attributes that set him apart
He’d like to live across from Central Park ideally
Packed his bags
On the way to the airport he needs a meal to eat
So he slides in to the local cantina never been there before
Ordered a gordita and a beer to pour
Finished his meal tipped 40 percent
Cause he’s about to get a raise
And she needs help affording the rent
Gets to the airport plenty of time to spare
Pickin out podcasts for his time in the air
Now he’s on the tarmac with a bunch of suits
About to board the plane he’s like what it do
A bunch of people here I thought this was a private flight
Askin em on the stairs yo have I got this right
Nobody knew
It was anybody’s guess
With everybody dressed up in they Sunday best
They turn the corner there stood the CEO
With a bottle of champagne like here we go
Sam knew what was up he could sense a power move
This hot shots playin games and he’s not amused
All I can do is tell him what I’ve been through
The only one here that recruited major label acts for Bonnaroo
Now they stuck inside of the plane on the tarmac
Sam’s uneasy as he tries to hold a fart back
Takeoff went smooth now they in the air
Sam’s in the corner with his face sweaty and embarrassed
Everyone’s politickin with the CEO to fit in
At this point he’s passin gas just tryin to hold the shit in
Thinkin to himself why’s ya stomach grumblin
Had to be the damn cantina
Yeah that was a bad idea
Now they 30,000 feet in the sky
Sam stares down at his feet
Feelin like hes gonna die
Stinkin up the fuselage
On him everyone can blame the stench
Hopefully he’s saved and the plane ‘ll crash
That’s the only way the situations easier
Gotta hit the toilet and deliver out this meteor
He found the woman that was handin out the peanuts
Said I need a bathroom
She said is it an emergency
Ugh yep
Mmm sorry sir but I’ve got some bad news
This is a small plane we don’t have a bathroom
Oh no oh my god this can’t be
She said if you really need it there’s a toilet under your seat
Are you really sure you wanna do it
It’s gonna be putrid for everyone else on the plane
Probably stupid
When he dropped trou everybody gasped
The CEO gagged twice
The plane landed and he never looked back
Word to my man Sam
And that’s life

137. 9 Crimes prod by viewtifulday

I’m cryin 

Bumpin 9 Crimes

I’m lyin

I’m aight

Probly out fine dinin

Drivin tryin to find a 5 Guys with a drive in

Slidin in behind the storms eyelid

Where it’s most violent

Silent is golden

Holdin on to the reprises


Need not be found around the quiet

Now the way that it goes is just what I said 

I’ve been survivin off only a rappers diet

We can rewind it and falsify all the milage

Or we can grind and try to make it off this island

I don’t wanna try it participate in your pilot

How many times are you gonna ask me if I am high yet

The difference between us is nothing but the sirens

Step into the sequence and set up all of your side bets

Not ready to leave it we got a whole lotta life left

You still think you’re keepin up with us huh

Haha I bet


Ba da da daugh 

Ba da da daugh duh duh duh

Ba da da daugh

Ba da da daugh duh duh duh dah


I’ve been paid and blown off my laid back flow

Can write that letter and take it home

You know it’ll be worth it to pay for the postage on

140 plus of em neither of us know the song

You remember where you were when you heard it

That’s important kid

Cause I remember where I recorded it 

I don’t remember the lyrics

I don’t remember the words

I don’t remember the hook

I don’t remember the verse

I’ve never known a lot to lose it 

Still trying to quote the constitution

Wanna be like Tupac to the prosecution

When I beat a beat I wanna feel like it’s a murder case

Rhyme a word a day from birth to the pearly gates

I’m for sure ok with everything you’ve heard I say

If I wasn’t you wouldn’t have heard it anyway

I got the full lockdown on the full lockdown

The deadlines comin we’re workin round the clock now


We do two then we out 

We do two then we out

139. Venmo prod by sjøv

I went to college for a little bit
Holmes like Elizabeth
They know I’m legitimate
Known to post dividends
In the group chat
With all the investors
Never rescindin it
All of my businesses
Esidarap and Hit Or Miss
I go by Ben Holmes
Send me a Venmo
If you’ve got a couple spare duckets
You could let go
If not that’s fine
I understand the struggle
I don’t got money to give to you either
But I love you
You can tell that I slide in under my curling weight
You can tell she likes it that’s her yeah I’m purring face
You can keep praying to keep me moving at a hurried pace
Tryin to quick and finish up the curry paste
Eatin shrimp while the baths warmin
Black flannel Ralph Lauren
In the reboot I play Al Borland
Takin a Ski-Doo from Norcal to North Portland
Just to see you
Cause I love you

Your love it feels so good
That’s what takes me high
Higher than I’ve been before
Your love it keeps me alive
Thought I should let you know
And your touch it means so much
When I’m alone at night
It’s you that I’ve been thinkin of

No surprise really it was bound to happen
Used to bump Big Willie Style all the time
Now my songs are slappin
The beat was cold and the fruit was low hanging
In highschool Aquemini track 10 was my training
Born in the 80’s
Child of the 90’s
Call me don’t text me
Bump me don’t grind me
I’m married now
And very loudly
Run to put it behind me
Never had they cohabitated with
Something so grimey
Where you fall flat I’m all class
At Rocco’s Italian Deli out on Cass
Drop about 90
After I drop this tape
I’m bout to have to drop 90
Come find me

Take me out to eat or somethin
Take me to the gym

April 2022

139. Nothin But A Game prod by bluewolf II

Benny Holmes
I’m feelin this one
This is right on time
Bluewolf produced this one
Bluewolf Two

Check it
Springtime vibes
Sometimes I wanna rap
Sometimes I sing my lines
And that’s not somethin I know how to do
But neither do you
So what are we tryin to prove
Let’s just relax and get silly
Scooterin all through the city
Who’s with me
Chillin like some nude hippies
Till we hit the party
Bounce around like two titties
Woo hit me

I don’t know about you
It’s nothin but a game
I don’t know about you
It’s nothin but a game

Beach type vibes
Sometimes I wanna sing
Sometimes my speech I ride
In a rhythmic pattern rapping things
Before I happily go back the the family
I’ve been balancing
The whole galaxy is my gallery
Challenging your dancing feet
Nobodies mad at me
Nobodies counting any calories
Opening day grab a seat
Grab an Oberon
That you can pass to me
Up under the canopy
This planned retreat
Took over the entire sandy beach
We got a tire swing
And a tree
And a breeze
Idyllic scenery in the day
Then we catch some Z’s
To fall asleep
We all just count the horses galloping
So majestic
So impressive
So unrealistic

I don’t know about you
It’s nothing but a game
I don’t know about you
It’s nothing but a game

140. First Day Out prod by SaynseBeats

Errbody wanna dance
To enhance all their chances
I stand on the stage
And we gonna do work
You know we gonna do work
It’s ok cause
I be feelin so fresh
So clean
So yes
So well dressed
I just bought myself a new shirt
I bought myself a new shirt
Everybody wanna dance
To enhance all their chances
I stand on the stage
And we gonna do work
I said we gonna do work
It’s ok cause
I be feelin so fresh
So clean
So yes
So well dressed
Just got myself a new shirt
I got myself a new shirt

Feelin like I’ve never felt before
When the bands up on the stage they hit the floor

Clap clap they bout lose it
Rap rap they ask me to do it (x3)
Clap clap they bout lose it
Rap rap I’m actin stupid

They put their hands in the air but not because I told them to do it
They go up by their own volition don’t treat em like they’re stupid
We connectin our emotion through the motion of the music
It’s a beautiful thing If you let it happen dancin to it

Don’t wanna follow me there
They don’t wanna follow me there
They wanna follow me there
They wanna follow me there
They wanna follow me there
They wanna follow me there
They wanna follow me there
They should probly be scared

First day out
Just bought myself a new shirt

141. Feel Better Soon prod by FrankVapor

Benny Holmes
Wavelinks produced this one

They’re all like Benny who?
I’m about to set the mood
Hopin that you feel better soon
I never knew
Anyone that ever flew
Better than what Ben’ll do
When set in the booth
The consequences are minimal
As a competitor I’m invincible
Like Federer with the syllables
The fence is impenetrable
When the sense is that it set the goals
I’m dope from California
To the Lincoln memorial
Or we could go to the game
Of a Baltimore Oriole
I’m more of a Cal Ripken Jr.
My main advantage is my stamina
In the land of the grief
Has me
Able to pat tricks like Danica
Man it was just yesterday
When the cameras
Were pointed at a bunch of amateurs
Me and my mans would just complain
The days away we didn’t understand it was
The way the road was paved
And the plan for us
Now we score hat tricks
Got hats and tricks
Bags kicks
Take mad trips
And this
Is hip hop
Like flip flops with socks
That switched
Esidarap and Hit Or Miss
They consider it now in the lexicon
Peace to the history books
Ben is on

I know we didn’t talk much
Whenever we did
It meant a lot to me
I never let you know
We didn’t talk much
Whenever we did
It meant a lot to me
I wanted you to know

Guns and money like Alex Murdaugh you let it go
I get all my bars from 20/20 episodes
Nothin that I’ve ever said is set in stone
Benny Holmes
From when I clocked in till when they send me home
Throwin my hat in the ring as a rapper that sings
They dappin me up then big uppin the beat
Then back to me to dap me up for the beat selection
It has to be a fantasy
The income is coming in passively
Adam sees everything out the back window
When they look inside they only see Ben Holmes
And he’s dope too
You owe me
And I don’t even know you

Hit Or Miss
We do two then we out
Second Kitchen Sessions
Second Kitchen Sounds
And we out
We’re almost done folks
You’re only gonna be hearin from me
For a couple more weeks

142. Opening Day prod by Five Hands Music

Benny Holmes
Five Hands Music
Second Kitchen Sessions
Second Kitchen Sounds
And we back

Stop at the Royce
Go to the game
Today is the Tigers opening day
Charcuterie I can throw in my face
And then we dress for the snow
While hoping it’s only rain
Freestyle Friday is bad for your health
I’ve been sick twice this year already
Like what the hell
It hurts it hurts
I’m sore yes I am
They said they thought I couldn’t do it
I said yes I can
When I’m on the beat of course I rock like a Flintstone
Cough till the meat gets torn up off my rib bones
A lot of people do hate
This poor man’s Brian Posehn
Still I show up to play like MJ at the flu game
Still lookin fresher than some new paint
Flyer than the mascot out at Tulane
Today everybody want me with the suitcase
Boudin or boudain tell me how you do things
So authentically
All they gotta say is come on Benny please
Goin to bed at ten never made em better friends
They just happy they can say that they have heard from Ben again
Not on that Bennigans
We be on that straight sushi
She tryin to make movies
That show off her fake boobies
She wants a kale smoothie
I want a plate of uni
We just got money and we fat
So we play foodies
Kept the rack thing on the back of the car without movin it
Early spring now we look like bike enthusiasts
Ha couldn’t be further than the truth
We’re not ridin bikes
We’re committin murder in the booth
That’s a throwback
To your bars
And his bars
And her bars
I love them
There hard
Everybody wanna copy me
Like they tryin to be some goddamn xerox machines
Get ya own shit
Benny Holmes is
Comin through with all the artists that he knows
It’s lookin pretty familiar
Everybody wanna message him up but he gettin busier
We’re some card counters
You’re some hard downers
I’m just playin I love everyone that’s all around us
We’re some art gifters
You’re some fart sniffers
And I’m bout to dip

143. Michigan prod by MiszigenMusic

My names Benny Holmes I’m from (Michigan)
That’s right
Second Kitchen Sounds
Second Kitchen Sessions
Hit Or Miss
Jump off the party boat with Scotty Bowman
Onto the beach
Searchin for Petoskey stones
‘N probly holdin somethin that got me zonin
At a private party
This is somewhere you can not be goin
Al Kaline was there breakin the space time continuum
Stevie Wonder playin all his hits and um
I think I saw Serena Williams
Couldn’t believe she was in the buildin
Everybody here is so amazing to chill with
And very paid
Iggy Pop Terry Crews Larry Page David Spade
This is everyday when we’re up in
Where we’re all about the C-notes
Autographs with Tom Brady at Big Ten Burrito
Or with Marvwon and Big Sean at Greektown Casino
Those are my kind of people
My kind of people are slight loners
I like Doner Kebabs at Balkan House with Mike Posner
Best believe we reppin
Madonna from Evita
Dela Reese and Alliyah
With Diana Ross eatin at a Bdubs
Hopin that they see us
Takin us to every party with Barry Gordy
Or maybe just Red Foo
Oh this again
Will Smith smackin Chris Rock
Tryin to be Juan Howard
Post game cochin
Oh you new here
Like Jack White with blue hair
Bumpin Lizzo
Blame it on the juice yeah
Doesn’t matter where they’re from
They can relate to these lakes
And all the art that’s been created
An international industrial capital
That’s what you’ll find around here
We’re talkin
Sonny Bono Burt Reynolds Tom Selleck
We’re not playin fair when it comes to facial hair
Benny Holmes is the chairman of the club
Glenn Frey went to my high school
Oh I meant I went to Glenn Frey’s high school
I got a little ahead of myself
We’re filled with laughter
By Keegan Michael Key and Gilda Radner
Smokey Robinson’s jersey is hung up in the rafters
I know Night Moves Bob Seger
We got Taylor Lautner if you’re into actors
And you can find Jackson and I kissin by the wishin well
Like Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell
We’re all reppin

144. Got Me On In Five prod by Estepax

And we back in the buildin
That’s what we’re buildin

They got me on in five
I don’t wanna go higher
They locked in on the ride
I know I’ve been on fire
They coppin on the side
I don’t wanna retire
They shocked and all surprised
By the rise of the buyers

Benny Holmes
I was like hold me down
Gotta couple people out of town that know me now
And they all wanna roll
And they all wanna show
And they all wanna know
What it’s like to be Holmes
So I got alotta B roll
For people
Wanna see me at Heathrow
Keep goin
They’re cheerin
We know
One thing about us is we never stoppin
Stay above you on the ramp as if we never dropped in
I don’t need your love cause I’ve already been adopted
Ask em how long have they heard it and have been about it
Prolly a long time
My name ringin like a called line
Surfin the beat like I’m online
We can share it but it’s all mine
I’ma power line under cloud nine
Fastest 40 highest jump at the combine
On me all eyes
At all time
All I
Know how to do is freestyle every and all rhyme
Till I blow up like a shot fly
In her mouth like a pot pie
I stay above you like a pop fly
I’m not high
The top five
Stay under your skin like a bot fly
Yeah that was a hot dance
But your crop died
I’m Popeye
On a lot of spinach
Get with it
The witnesses have given it
An average score of god like
I’m like
You and dope’s kinda hot ice
Ya career’s at a stop sign
And I’m not lyin
Your resumes thinner than a hot fry
How have you gotten by
It doesn’t make sense to anyone who would compare
You’re smaller than a sun bear
Nothins fair
We do two then we out
Benny Holmes
Hit Or Miss
Second Kitchen Sounds
We got six days left

145. WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prod by mettaworldpeace

Benny Holmes
Let me tell you how I’m feelin right now
It’s been a journey
It has
I wanna thank you for participating in this with me
I’m a huge Lil Wayne fan
When Lil Wayne he came up he was always a huge Jay Z fan
And he finally got to get on the song with Jay Z
Uh Mr. Carter Song
And they
At the beginnin he’s saying
Ugh I feel big
I feel big right now
I don’t feel big like weight or nothin
But I feel colossal
Colossal that’s how I feel
I also feel
I also feel big like weight though too so
Now that we’re done
Now that we’re done
I get to go back to cookin for myself
And not bein a lazy asshole anymore

Let me tell you how I’m feelin
I’m reelin
I’m needin to get everything out of my head
It’s the last evenin
That I’ll be here
I don’t mean I’m dyin or nothin
But I’m tryin to get back upstairs in the oven
With the chicken
Kickin more of that grease out
Instead of spendin Friday’s with the freestyle
Meanwhile I got a lot to say
Gotta get it off my chest
It was god awful today
The weather it was rain
Like mother nature’s cryin for me
This is the end of a year long goal that I set
You get to listen to me accomplish it
Right here
Live in effect as I talk my shit
Back at an early age
Ben is working straight through the whole night
Until he’s thirty pages deep
Into his autobiography at thirty eight years old
I’ve lived a couple life times
Since that’s still in the future
I guess we’re talkin futuristically
I give it two weeks
You’re gonna be missin me
I’ll be upstairs
Probably somewhere tropical
And my mouth is full
With dungeness crab
That’s wild
I’m in love with the rap
But I’m also in love with the fact
That I’ve got love outside of the rap
It wasn’t always like that I used to live for the music
Only could feel the way it would make me feel
When it was movin
Now I got friends that are true behind me
Whole life in front of me
Everything is new and shiny
A beautiful wife
So when I’m through rhyming
The new grind is food
We’re shooting soon
You can find me
On a channel called Spice Droppers
Might find me writin with my nice posture
Over by the bike lockers
I’m feelin real proper
I’m feelin like I wanna go make fresh pasta
This fat boys singin
Movin on to the next opera
Yes gotcha
Tamagatchi growin
The other one died but I keep it flowin
I keep it knowin what it is
Benny Holmes is comin through
And he knowin he the shit
And that’s how I be feelin
I look like shit
I smell like shit
I sound like shit
And that’s the realest
And that’s how it goes
That’s how it is
This is Benny Holmes

Year long
Year long
That was it
That was it
That was it
That was it
That was it
That was it
That was anticlimactic
That was it

146. The Getaway (from me) prod by FRANKVAPORUPINTHIS

Benny Holmes
Who’s this one
Frank Vapor!
What’s up
Welcome back

Is that what you call a getaway
Tell me what you got away with
Cause I’ve seen more spine in a jellyfish
I’ve seen more guts in eleven year old kids
Have another drink and drive yourself home
I hope there’s ice on all the roads
And you can think of me
When you forget your seatbelt
Again when your head goes through the windshield

Benny Holmes
They say damn man how bad news are you
I say well I’m funkier than casu marzu
Don’t wanna try a bite
I just might be the only big
In the sweat lodge
Chewing on some bony fish
It’s a lifestyle
This isn’t easy to have quantified
We’re gonna have to ease into a compromise
If you want the last of your life back
Might have to swim behind the life raft
Spice rack fully stocked
Buy five bags of saffron
It comes with the dye pack
Take it out before you make the paella
With fried mackerel
Actual size may vary
Make sure the joint stays cherry
Lamb with boysenberry jam
Ham and the side is a choice of any plant
You can pick out of the ground
And eat with your hand
I’m on a beach in Japan
With a band and a feast on our hands
I’m a beast I’m a man I’m outstanding
I feel great
I can’t complain
But you know if I could I’d say
Is that what you call
Easing into a compromise
Everything looks like a feast
From the piranhas eyes
Growin like a tamagotchi
Hopefully they sell it in a larger size
If not I apologize
Hope the wound is cauterized
And when the paramedics get there
That they’re not as high
And down to ride

Is that what you call tact
You’re as subtle as a brick in the small of my back
So let’s end this call end this conversation
Is that what you call a getaway
Tell me what you got away with
Cause I’ve seen more spine in a jellyfish
I’ve seen more guts in eleven year old kids
Have another drink and drive yourself home
I hope there’s ice on all the roads
And you can think of me
When you forget your seatbelt
And again when your head goes through the windshield

147. Bon Voyage prod by Butcha

Benny Holmes
What up doe
Freestyle Friday completed tonight
This is the night
We got the camera out
B roll B roll B roll

What up

I’m a social butterfly
So gregarious
Got a bond with the music
That’s word to Barry kid
If you got a skeleton
Benjamin will help you bury it
In the backyard
Or however far away you wanna carry it
Pull up in a chariot
There he is
There he was
There he went
Takin with him on the road to hold
Are goals and their regrets
Spittin cherry pits up out at their event
Him and his merry friends
Only wanna send to you they very best
Don’t know how to shoot a gun
Or barely carry it
Even without the skill of it
They know that he’s so serious
Caravan from California to Maryland
Slower than a terrapin
There is Ben
Knowin everything that he shares with them
And it’s all for more seasonin
I show you a flow for all four seasons
I voted for your song everytime you would request
Still you opened the door and ushered me out
Aight I’ma leave then
Got muy buzz
But I gotta keep it under wraps
Admiant Adam isn’t what that hot boy does
Flattered whenever the comments are scattered in
I’m like alright I’m really leavin this time
They’re all like bon voyage
Still I’m skatin
I’ve been amazin at renovations
Been out chasin it
While you all just have been complacent
I’m in the buildin I’m in the basement
I’m vindicated
I set myself a goal
And then I go and dinner plate it
I got a job today that knows that I’m so innovative
I’m not about to stay alone to only get the basics
I work from home and zone out on the automation
Posted with a different code to go and show the face lift
Gotta say I’ve been a lot more positive
Since my desk is where the top floor office is
Common sense as long as I’ma live
Never had a pot to piss in
And still I talk a lot of shit
Got em miffed
Rappin as a college kid
Lotta this got em pissed
Gotta admit
That I do not regret
Anything I’ve done
Anything I’ve said
Anything that’s wrong
Everything is Ben’s
Now the years over
Next week we’re sober
But since we’re here
Yo bartender hit me with a heavy poor
Benny Holmes
Here’s cheers to many more

Hit Or Miss
2nd Kitchen Sounds
2nd Kitchen Sessions
We do two then we out
We do two then we out
We do two then we out denotes a period of time
Not a quantity of music
Just to be clear
Set that one straight right here
Before we’re done
Before we leave
Just wanna let you know
What that really really really really means

148. Peace prod by XenoBox

I like this one

Plant the footing wide
In my mammoth hoodie size
And the studio is now a kitchen
Sam the Cooking Guy
Is who I’m watchin
With a Daddy Jack apron on
Remember back in the day
I would make the song
Take the long way around the lake
I’m on the scenic route
Put the beat on immediately
And Ben will beat it down
Don’t beat around the bush
Everytime that I be around
Now no one wants to read aloud
I see a lot of feet in mouths
Quick to peter out
As if you freeze a mouse
And feed it to a snake
And it eats it
As soon as they
See it in the cage
Can read it on your face
You’ve been seekin an escape
I’m like Paul Murdaugh
Leave a body bleedin in the lake
I’m the sweetest of the grapes
It’s not even a debate
Put the honey in the butter
Ice cream up in the cake
And I beat em on the play
I don’t even need the brakes
I’m a pro
Trent Dilfer probly screamin in my face
Back away
Back away
So hard to back away
Freestyle Friday’s done
This is Saturday
Welcome to the ladder race
Eat ya throw the bag away
That was great
Then I add your name into the database
Damn it man
Damn it man they adamant
Damn it man they adamant like Adam
Damn it man they adamant like Adam man
Dammit man they adamant like Adam man ya planned
Dammit man they adamant like Adam man ya planned to win
Dammit man they adamant like Adam man ya planned to win

Damn it man they adamant
Like Adam man ya planned to win
Imagine that at bat again
Prey on them like the vatican (x5)

We refuse to represent the nerdy lonely white men
Jackie Bill and Mary out at Kirby’s Coney Island
Play the game as a jerk and I’m gung ho
Drag your name through the dirt like a jump rope
They tell me I’m so fresh and the songs dope
Like yeah I don’t remember hows that one go
I stay composed when everyone runs home
Flyer than Dumbo
Hotter than some gumbo
Quiet and I’m humble
I come in to drum rolls
I would never fumble
I would never crumble
I would never stumble
I would never mumble

What we’re doin is I have myself until Sunday
To finish this out
And then I’m cuttin you off officially
Call them a cab please
It’s over for them
They’re eatin leftovers
For the rest of the year

149. Goodbye prod by Kaptain Kush

I unplug the mic
Take the headphones off
And punch the card
Tryin to get Winebelly to hook me up with some cover art
We’ve come so far
I’m wunderbar
So far ahead we’re throwin underarm
Shouts to my lumbar
Crooked like a lightning strike
Push a book of my advice
Ya look it took ya by surprise
Colavita olive oil
Califia black coffee
I write the hook
Or I could cook
Man ask a homie
I’ve got some lost bars
This songs my junk drawer
It’s a lost art to zero in on it with one dart
Got to play the keyboard
But I only know three chords
Great my phones ringin
What they callin me for
Take a shower when I’m OMG bored
Now it’s only 3:43 lord
I thought today would be more
It was always so exciting
In my memories
The best of me is probly close behind me
I’m cappin
I’m all caps
So loud
All that
Sittin in the wrong bleachers
Home teams ball cap
Reread the minutes I count the seconds for takeaways
The stage like a break away
And they say I should break a leg
Then how can I make the play like Hamilton
To break the bank
Or be all she’s ever wanted
Like I’m Ace Of Bass
Half gritty competitor
Half video editor
Mad Benny Holmes been immersed
Back when he was seven or eight
Doesn’t matter what day
From the school of hard knocks
Wrote the first bars on top of a baseball card box na’mean
Ambitious at an early age
First rap dissin the whole Colorado Avalanche hockey team
Honestly I’ma be wherever I wanna be
Follow me or not this is still my own odyssey
I’ma leave everyone alone after I bounce this beat

All that she wants is another baby
She’ll be gone tomorrow boy
All that she wants is another baby


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