Artwork & Eps


Throughout this exercise, I ended up working with certain producers more than once. These EP’s showcase the music I made with some of those producers. The songs on these EP’s can also be found throughout the full Second Kitchen Sessions playlist.

I found winebelly_’s business card on the bulletin board at a bagel shop.  When I checked out her Instagram I loved everything she was doing. I approached her about doing some album artwork for this project and I was super stoked she was available. I knew she would be able to bring the personality and vibe to the covers that I was looking for.

Click on the artwork for EP playlists.

Produced by ESTEPAX | Artwork by Winebelly

Produced by Nicky Space Bum | Artwork by Winebelly

Produced by wildeebeats | Artwork by Winebelly

Produced by Julien | Artwork by Winebelly

Produced by Werking Dad | Artwork by Winebelly

Artwork by Benny Holmes